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    AWY Consolidated 2.1 Questions/Concerns List

    The difference between "Can be blocked by shields" and "Can't be blocked by shields" is not minor. The balancing factors to shields are spells, gases and strikes. You have just removed one of those balancing factors and paywalled it behind 60xp in a skill that someone was only paying 9xp for...
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    Fantasy Fantasy Football 2022 edition!

    I'm down to sit in last place as is Jets fan tradition.
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    Alliance Wyoming GoFundMe and Amazon Wishlist

    As part of our ramp up to our opening in 2022 we have launched a GoFundMe and Amazon Wishlist. We will be running this fundraiser through 2021, and will update as reward tiers are unlocked. Our Amazon Wishlist Can be found here:
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    Alliance Wyoming Website And Social Media Links

    Good evening Alliance Wyoming! Today we launched our website ! This will be our hub for our Players Guide, event information, and a place to find local and national crafters to supply your Alliance needs. In addition we have: Our Discord...
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    Favorite Moments: Singed Desert Phylactery

    “It wasn’t the first time I had followed Lagarde through one of Acarthia’s magical transport mirrors, but I knew that it would be among the last. The mirror transported us some miles south and west in the blink of an eye to an abandoned city swarmed with the living dead and lizardman scavengers...
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    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    This was an amazing event for me as a player and character and there’s a lot to unpack so I’d like to start with a couple of shout outs. Trace- Even before the event started you decided to do Lola’s Chicken Shack and weren’t upset with me when I decided to ride your coattails and serve waffles...
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    Elwin's House of Waffles and Alcohol!

    A waffle house? Elwin, you run a bakery, a jewelry shop AND New Acarthia's foremost law firm (opened in the last month) why in the name of all the Icons are you opening a waffle house? Well, the answer might surprise you! You see everyone who works at my bakery aside from myself has taken off...
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    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    This event was my first back since April and boy was it worth the trip! Let’s start at the top. So many new players! I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and giving our game a try, if you have any questions now that you’ve gotten a taste of what we’re about please reach out...
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    Open Call for Potential Battlefield Squad Leaders

    *Scrawled with the practiced flourish of one who signs their own name far too often* Elwin D. H. Hilltopple
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    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    So many good things this weekend, honestly the best game of 2.0 I’ve played so far. I’m really starting to understand what my new role in the system is and what sort of rituals I’ll need to support it. (As many Quicken Meditations as humanly possible). The Captain’s Log mod. When you have a...
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    Who is the proprietor of The Captain's Log?

    The Captain's Log is currently under the management of Gwen Harper, who is more distressed than any to hear of the troubles there. Unfortunately the situation is more delicate than one might expect from the outside. We would be glad to host you at the Sweet Spot or to meet at the tavern this...
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    New to ,well, everything

    Good morning! My name is Jon, and I'm the New Player Rep for Alliance Denver. As Ken mentioned we are working with both the current 1.3 rulebook and the 2.0 pre-release packet that makes changes to it. I would be glad to help you navigate the books and answer any questions you have. You can...
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    Item Conversion Questions

    I understand that the guidance on the item conversion tool is that one can leave off extender rituals when calculating ritual points, but must we? If you have a situation where you are converting a preserved five ritual item into a preserved four ritual item there would be a surplus of 100...
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    A Flyer Posted Outside the Merchant's Guild and Tavern.

    Craftspeople Needed! I am in need of skilled craftspeople for two small projects. The first requires a trapsmith with at least as much skill such as to understand the proper use of trap globes. I require a set of intricate tools be made and can provide access to the plans, materials, and the...
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    [.11] Denver | November 16-18 | Thoughts and musings

    I saw (and safely ate) quite a few "Poison Dooms" I don't recall hearing one with a damage call attached, but please keep in mind we had some newer NPC's and they might have just merged calls through human error. I also don't recall any "Weapon charms" I did see a ton of shuns delivered that way...