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    kind of a silly Q, but is there any correlation between race and colors worn?

    Speaking as a Sylvanborn who wears a lot of red if I remember correctly? :)
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    Decisions to be made

    Thank you all for your point of view. Tax for voting has been a part of the imperium as long as I have lived, which isn't nearly as long as others. If voting is important to you, I would recommend finding means of earning coin. From the last gather, I was offered nearly a gold from the town loot...
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    Decisions to be made

    Thank you Senator for the clarification. I was a bit confused at what was shared with me at the last gather, but I figured as New Wagonslist had different culture, I thought it was a change to be flexible with their cultures.
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    2.0 Conversion Information

    Sorry to Necro this thread but just found something during conversion.... What do we do with coatings already applied to arrows? I mean a loooong time ago when attaching tags wasn't a thing? Not a big deal if the answer is "you get nothing!!!!" Totally acceptable :) but found 2 quivers of...
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Also as awareness for everyone, the boards do not let you post anything within 10-15 seconds of your previous post. So bidding on multiple items will cause a delay in bidding for one person. I.e. if you bid on the preserve duration ritual at 6:50:00, you won't be able to bid on the battle...
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    Are bids to be made in character on the post or directly to Dan via PM? :)
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    November 2019 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    Sorry (not sorry...)