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    Fistful of components for sale

    I've got a half-dozen components that are starting to look a little dodgy. I wouldn't want to use the oldest looking one after mid-March, but most of them are probably fine half or more of the year. It's a truesilver, a feyander, a nightshade, a wand, and a couple of fangteeth (fangtooths? Who...
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    True Empowerment Local Chapter Policy

    BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE CURIOUS, THEY'RE: * Resist * Heal * Harm * Sit Down * **** Off * Deal With It * **** You In Particular
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    True Empowerment Local Chapter Policy

    IT'S TOO LATE! You've invoked me as the new Head of Rules until the mods ban me again! Level cap is now 9! There are now only 7 calls in the game! All packets are whatever ******* color you want! MUWAHAHAHA!
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    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    I mean, you just got back from Maui, so you know you're gonna have a ridiculous inverted beard tan if you shave it :P
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    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    Nobody wants to see Rick's weirdass chin. Save that beard!
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    Welcome to the Alliance CMA

    I appreciate that there's a "Gobbie to Dollar ratio" field that appears to be standard for chapters for the CMA. It would be great if that was immediately followed by some sort of a "how to give us that money" field. Some chapters have it stuffed in the Staff Contact field, but I'm finding that...