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    Protectives between events

    Hello Cuangol, As per the 2.0 rules, protectives only last 5 days. Your body points is restored to 100% between events.
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    Necromancy and LCO legality

    I agree making illegal does somewhat balance it. When it is not illegal what does balance it? The Calgary chapter has the same thing. We have a field in-game where a lot of necromancy was used. The land is destroyed and nothing can grow there.
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    Necromancy and LCO legality

    I think we can only have one way or the other. If necromancy was in fact legal, it would have to be powered down a bit. As Ryan pointed out some races would have to be modified to accommodate such change.
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    Necromancy and LCO legality

    Thank you for providing this example Tieran Once again necromancy was legal. All the spells are in the necromancy family. There are no spells that are necromancy but not necromancy. If we have chapters that allow necromancy and it remains that way. It should be clear and known to every Alliance...
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    Necromancy and LCO legality

    As stated in the other thread. It was my understanding that necromancy would be illegal everywhere. The rule book says: "The existence of laws against necromancy are an unalterable rule of the game. "
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    This rule change is horrible

    I am surprised there are chapters that are promoting necromancy. As Randy pointed out necromancy is highly illegal in Calgary and the Earth guild will hunt you down if you turn into a necromancer. Also dryads and high ogre are against necromancy. Being a necromancer would mean any NPC or PC of...
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    Within the Ogre Head: A grizzled figure rests (Open Thread)

    Is someone getting married? Anywhere I go there is always Earthweavers business. I considered going away and retire this winter but I wanted to continue my studies. They are taking longer than I am used to.
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    Within the Ogre Head: A grizzled figure rests (Open Thread)

    From within the crowd a figure is walking quickly. The top of what appear to be a tree branch can be seen moving along. He sometimes stops to pick up some leaves falling as he walks. The man turn the corner and walk quickly toward Mobeus. I have not seen you in a long time. How are you?
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    Loot bag dicussion

    For sure and the monsters are not the same anyway from one fight to the other. Unless that specific monster comes back.
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    Loot bag dicussion

    I like the idea. There is a concern that it may make the loot carrying much more of a target.
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    August Playtest- Something Wicked this Fae Comes

    1. Post your favorite moments I think the last fight I had before I left. It was strange to be subdued to work with the enemy. It was a fun fight. Challenging enough but it was possible by working together. I look forward to us working better together. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we...
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    Controlled Spirit Store and Circles

    Hello Spencer, You are right a character with a Controlled Spirit Store must resurrect at the bottle. It does not get a choice on the location of the resurrection unless it controls the location of the bottle. With Regeneration, you can decide to regenerate where you died or at the circle...
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    Wylderkin double dip

    Hello DiscOh, Racial proficiency can only be purchased once. So I would say you cannot have the same racial skill twice on your character. P.63 rulebook : This skill functions exactly like the skill Weapon Proficiency and is considered a Proficiency when determining prerequisites for Slays and...
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    Arcane Armor and Waylay

    Hello Axle, It is written in the text of the ritual. Arcane armour 30 gives you waylay protection 3.
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    EVENT REVIEW: The Lux and the Forest (April 2018)

    But it contains too many H (more than 0 is too many). I was also not supposed to be that character as I was literally just bringing the Marshall the documents that he needed.