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    An accounting of Professionals

    Are you also looking for an accounting of craftsman other abilities? Lady FallingStar
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    Work kept me away and leaving early. But, thanks to the battle in the early evening it felt way later. Here are a few of my favorites. Amazing elven tower role play with elves and a dwarf. Remember Franz, I said we would go to interesting places and meet interesting people. Elven meeting...
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    Names & Faces

    I am Amanda (she/her) I have a few characters. Sadly I have no pictures of Quex as her Oathsworn horns aren't complete. I play Matron FallingStar. An only slightly insane Vornae.
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    Viktor Hook

    Will Duke Bracken be granting us aid? If so having the Leaf Crowne's and Whistel Tree's assistance is greatly appreciated. Lady FallingStar
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    Viktor Hook

    It has been my reading of the situation hat certain details are still being worked out. It is not my intention to cut anyone out of the plan. There are many moving parts and spreading information before things are finalized would only cause confusion. Lady FallingStar
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    Rathfall Update?

    Master Mistweaver Jonas, Weaver Bizzyfang, Vindicators Judas and Constantine, and Aruchduke Rumill, Please forgive the directness of this missive. I hope that this dreaming passes safely through the mysts. Archduke Rumill, I understand that your Grace is extremely busy and I will attempt to...
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    Viktor Hook

    Master Firebrand, As I do not currently have the scroll on my person, I do not know which reagents will be required to cast the ritual. Lady FallingStar
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    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    Lore Tokens can be valuable. I agree with Binar. They should be split as other treasure is. Matron FallingStar
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    The Lucky Coin

    I will be in attendance and am curious about this coin. Matron FallingStar
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    Ritual of WOE

    Thank you for your assistance Druid Oakheart. Lady FallingStar
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    Viktor Hook

    Greetings All, I will be obtaining a Ritual of Woe. I do not have the reagents required to cast it at full capacity. . I do need to know the plan so that I can allocate my high magics to best serve our goals. Without a plan we won't be able to work effectively and thus resources may be...
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    Ritual of WOE

    Master Harsboon, Madrona Adlao and Master Firebrand, I should be able to obtain a Ritual of Woe. I do not have the resources to obtain the reagents to power the dragon script. Lady FallingStar
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    Viktor Hook

    As we quickly approach the culmination of many years of planning and struggle, can we go over the order of operations and who needs to assist with what; one last time? I need to ensure that I have my high magic available to do what need be done. And that my mind and spirit are ready. Regards...
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    Halloween Weekend Favorites

    Thank you to the Chicago Plot Team and all Chicago Player's for giving us the opportunity to run an event that I babbled about while sleep deprived in the car with Daphne and Sam. It was so much fun for me to be recovered enough to be active and NPC for you all. This isn't a full list of my...
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    First-round BGA deadline extension

    Can you please let me know what the parameters of the BGA are? I presume that I cannot send a letter as the shard just opened from the mysts as a character that isn't housed in Wisconsin. But, if I want to create a character to be housed in Wisconsin I could send a letter. If you could clarify...