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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Wrathborne is capable of moving between many bodies. Even if we kill one of these bodies, he himself is not slain and can return in a new body. The number of bodies he he has in his possession and the manner in which he possesses them is largely unknown. McNulty is a powerful vampire capable of...
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    Searching for Permenancy Catalyst

    Regarding a permanancy catalyst, I know one was found recently but it was decided to not put it up for auction under the concern that It may have been cursed. I'm not entirely sure what happened of it but I know it was legitimate that the condition of the catalyst beared more investigation. I'll...
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    November 1-3 Favorites!

    I've been super invested in this plot line for a while now and it has come to such an excellent conclusion! Favorites in no particular order -Getting a Regen! Been working on that for something like 3 or 4 years now. -On my way to the Troll which has the Regen catalyst, running into literally...
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    Turtle Island

    Her army likely contains a great number of undead. There are also enslaved Unsworn among them as well. Even more despicable are the Unsworn that follow her willingly. -Squire Raganrok
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    Turtle Island

    Lennox is the leader of the Crow tribe. She is a necromancer and has been working to destroy the totem cycle by destroying other totems. The totems are a part of the natural worlds balance. Their absence is what is causing many to not resurrect. We plan to make our final stand against her in a...
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    Turtle Island

    Rituals of WOE can only be cast after dusk correct? If we are to travel to turtle island at 3 bells then we would not be able to cast such a ritual. -Squire Raganrok
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    Rituals and their Catalysts within the Lands of Evodia

    Tears of a tragic love are suitable to serve as a catalyst. Since this is a new land however we are likely to find new catalysts for the racial transformation ritual. -Beryl
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    Rituals and their Catalysts within the Lands of Evodia

    In the past, a comprehensive list was created listing all the known catalysts and their corresponding rituals. Let us begin this task anew within these lands of Evodia. Known Scrolls and their Catalysts Conjure Artifact --------------- Shard of a Broken Artifact Copy Formal Scroll ----------...
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    October Celestial Services

    Only one Ward has been claimed so far, but that means only 2 guaranteed Wards are left. Get yours before they're gone! -Beryl
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    Last day to pre reg!
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    Of gambison and armour values

    I typically rate a gambison as 1pt per location as heavy cloth. Remember though that you can layer armor locations to stack points so if you throw a layer of leather over the gambison you'll find your armor value going up pretty fast!
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    October Celestial Services

    I will be happy to cast this ritual. I will contact you both privately shortly to discuss pricing. -Beryl
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    October Celestial Services

    Greetings to the adventurers of Evodia, and potentially beyond! For those of you who may not know me, I am Beryl, a celestial formalist of some skill. I make my living casting celestial rituals for the discerning customer and am ready to cast rituals for you! My rates are quite reasonable, I...
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    Ritual Casting Rules

    The terminology is in the book somewhere, though I don't remember where specifically. Defining focus on the ritual can also be interpreted quite differently from place to place. For example, you've seen me cast rituals and for example when I looked up at the sky to call forth lightning to fuel...
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    Resolute vs Massive

    Would you mind providing the link to that resolution? I remember it but I would like to read it as I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this case.