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    March Dish Shifts

    I will help with Saturday breakfast if Glendon wants help. I will also take Saturday Lunch and dinner.
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    January Dish Shifts

    Also, don't mean to keep spamming lol, I will try to do my own dishes with my espresso cafe when the kitchen isn't busy.
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    January Dish Shifts

    I will be playing evelyn this event. Not serraby lol
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    January Dish Shifts

    I will do Saturday Lunch and dinner shifts!
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    September Event - 27th - 29th 2019

    I would like to sign up for all three shifts on Saturday, please! That's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. -Rachelle Erickson
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    August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

    "The arcane intoxicicles / popsicates were fun. It was hilarious to watch" -KIRA/Marky
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    August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

    Seschiok was fun! The sword looks amazing and great rp! All the new players. Excited to see us expanding. Oh! My favorite was the 7 traps in the treehouse I disarmed successfully to receive the key. The food was amazing!
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    2019 August Fall OPENER

    Count me in for Dish Duty! I will take Friday Lunch and Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner! Total of 4 shifts.
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    2018-19 Season Closer Favorite Moments

    Such a great closer to the season! I really enjoyed the Saturday night fire thing. I love the roleplay involved and how a pc was actually responsible. It was great! I'm looking forward to next season, especially since it will be warmer season!
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    MARCH CLOSER!!!! March 8-10th

    I'll take any that are not taken! Put me at the bottom of the list so others have opportunity first. Thanks!
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    November 2018 Favorite Moments!!

    Definitely Gabe Mitchel! Game Master is so much fun and I enjoy traps and games! The food was great! Thanks to all thise who volunteered and cooked! It was great! Nikille the Sarr is also one of my faves!
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    Join Us On Discord~

    If you'd like an invite, send us an email or message! We had to keep updating it because of trolls.
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    Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

    Much fun was had! I didn't fight much, but I did enjoy the Destined mod. That was fun for us "low levels." NPCs: Thanks so much! You guys are awesome, as always! It is so nice to meet everyone. My fave characters were Otterkin, Bones, Peat (Of course), and many other PCs. Interacting is my...
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    Lost and Found

    We found a book and a red water bottle in one of the Yurts this last December game. If they are yours, please let us know! DM Shell or email her at
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    December Event Feedback/Best Moments

    Thank you so much for the feedback, positive or negative! We really appreciate it! It helps us improve the game!