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    What we learned at the June Gathering.

    While I am currently occupied, I will be available to assist in the examination of the unusual magical situations/events/entities on the next Market Day(s).
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    Removing the Planar lock

    I don't believe any of my interactions with the elemental planes have granted me a significant enough connection to establish a planar gate, given the current circumstances. I may be able to help and/or amplify someone else's connection, however.
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    Season closer Pre-reg for October 16th 2015 Up Dated 10/14/14

    I will be there, and I'm almost certain that Tory and Summer will be too.
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    I'm happy with wherever we go; however, buffets are my preference since I can actually get enough food without spending way more money than I should. (I do have a job finally, but I'm still on funds.) if someone wants to help out with the monetary issue, I'd be more than...
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    Movie + Larp = fun

    I am planning on watching Avengers 2: Age of Ultron with a group of friends this Friday, and I would like to extend an invitation to anyone else coming to the event to join us. The showtime I'm aiming for is 6:15 pm, in the Grand Traverse Mall Cinema (3200 W South Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI...
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    Sword Auction

    I am very interested in (at least) examining the blade. I have no need for it after that, however, as two swords is one too many for me.
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    Early Morning Wakeup

    Has anyone investigated the process of creating a wardstone? If so, please contact me.
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    Per-reg for May 1st-3rd 2015 updated 4/29/15

    Both Summer and I will definitely be there; we did already pay and all. :D Also, if anyone is interested in joining us (and some other friends) in going to see Avengers 2 earlier on Friday, let me know; I'm in the process of working out specifics.
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    If you end up going to the Forests of Luminon (the Magisterium plane of dreams), I can provide some information. Perhaps assistance traveling there as well. ...Of course, this issue may be unrelated to the plane. But you never know, I suppose.
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    Pre-reg for November Closer Updated 11/6/14

    I'm getting Summer to send hers in as I type. Just to make sure; a little build spending at first Logistics is acceptable, correct?
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    Hallows Info

    Is this an in-game gift exchange? Or oog? Herp-Derp. Would be good to actually read the IG forums before commenting. That said, I'm looking forward to this.
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    Coming to the Closer?

    Shar will not let his brother go without supervision. (and because he'd get bored otherwise.)
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    Pre-Reg for October 10th Event updated 10/8/14

    As of this point, both Summer and I will be NPCing.
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    Tavern Needs Your Donation for November event

    Would some pancake mix be helpful? (I realize it's unrelated to drinks, but I didn't want to make a new thread that was basically the same.)
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    a flavor of favor.

    Sure, I/we can bring some extra blankets/pillows etc.