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    Thanks for the clarification Joe Siegel
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    Staff Announcement

    I respect the forthrightness, but all plans and judgements have to wait until clarity can be provided. Joe S
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    Staff Announcement

    Just one lonely person here, but I cannot donate to a chapter until I see transfer policies and a projected calendar of events. I say this with extreme history of being burned. Joe Siegel
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    Discussion Thread Alliance Las Vegas

    I would urge people to consider how this thread looks to someone who has no idea why there are concerns about a new chapter opening up. Joseph Siegel
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    Members of Alliance

    Just a perspective chapter owner, plot writer, general manager, or fellow player at any game has ever represented me, nor had any fiduciary responsibility to me. I have been a player in a game run mostly by volunteers (there might have been more paid staff somewhere so I will not say...
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    Members of Alliance

    If you are going to make statement like that you are going to have to show me how anyone is being forced to do anything. Joe Siegel
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    Summons from Sir Jonothan

    My apologies, but I have not been able to get out of the extreme Northeast in time to make it there. Sir Neville
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    October event pre-reg

    Mike, I believe I had previously pre-registered for this event and reserved the Private Room Earth. Joe Siegel
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    [.11] Riposting Strike

    One of my mantras for game design, is you have to assume people can do a thing even if you think it is hard. You will face the person who can do it, then you will face the team of them. This reality should be designed for as if everyone can do a thing, or else you write the rule so no one can do...
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    [.11] Riposte XP

    Norman, While yes, I am buring two skills for one Doom, I am buring three for two, four for three etc. At some point it becomes worth it, especially when you realize you are mitigating the need to work or risk yourself by overcoming the positioning limiter otherwise inherant with Doom...
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    [.11] Riposting Strike

    There will be a rain of 500 body and dooms all over alliance....I did a build and got 4-5 eviscerates for one buy of the skill. Joe Siegel
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    [.11] Channeling language confusion

    I was confused as well. My reading is that a) Channeling buys you more damage total (25, 50, 75, 100) each at 5 or 10 points per shot. b) Improved Channeling allows you bigger shots per purchase (at one purchase you can do 5, 10, 15, two 5,10...25,30 etc) Joe Siegel
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    [.11] Riposte XP

    If Riposte counts for Martial Skills why does it say: a) ), 30 XP in either Martial Skills or Rogue Skills (calculated separately) b) immediately use any offensive per-day Martial or Stealth skill known and available It sounds like you buy Riposte limited per silo bought from by the build...
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    Looking for foamsmiths

    Just to clarify, you are looking for a 1 handed edge spear, not a polearm correct?
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    How is LARP different here?

    If you are interested in the discussion still it would be helpful if you could tell us what systems you have played with in Germany so some one with the time or knowledge could give you a practical comparison. Otherwise feel free to describe your experiences. For the most part I can tell you...