Zmija Sebastian

I wrote a restitution after I got into parties adversely whilst skateboarding when I moved to my original Elementary School's Burg. Yes, like so. I became the 1st Animal of my peep pressure to fight, but they held away from a Private Second Class Resistance, colloquial to a fault.
So, having not gotten in trouble for it I took up the Ranger-Mantle of Soulmate myself without telling anyone. I would of in 3rd Grade when Party Animal became ambiguous with the equality of monarchial prominence in all Students, but gypsies still wouldn't acccept Nobility as neutral, instead obstinance. But I couldn't comprehend math's multiplication so immediate like the other Students. Must of been that I was a Guardian, a Knightly type of their If-Peer-Pressure aside Peep-Pressure's satiability, which for me was Barbaric, because I'm Polish. So, having badlanded somehow to my knowledge prior to this the Staff saw to put me in a Special Education Class. I mastered math there in the same year, but they put me in a different Class on my return to proper 3rd Grade, and because I didn't revolt from it I was then placed into another School halfway in 3rd Grade. There I did 4th Grade, too.
5th Grade my Mother enrolled me into a new Elementary near my Hood, that went to 5th Grade.
6th-8th was a seperate Middle School of them old Peeps, but the 4th Graders went elsewhere. 9th Grade was the move to the 1st Elementary Hood, and so I went to the High School the 4th Graders went to - and didn't recognize 99% of them.

9th Grade to AGE 23 I Party Animaled, and accomplished Serjeant. Then wrote the restitution for Royalists sake and learned I am a Viper. Now I need to translate all this Soulmate stuff into Polish. That was the easy piece, the medium is making Ranger for real in some way to deter "anthropology" to myself that it's invasive because of feigning to study Animals. I've succeeded in Snake Wrangling Certificates.
The hard is willingly to go to Polska, next, and be a Kawaler (Polish "Bachelor". Magister Degree is the college degrees there)- that I learned after allllll that. Had I known that, that it's essentially "Cavalier", I'd of fought for Wolf or Raptor probably without the need of deflecting Girlfriends, like the Zmija I am.
Since 23 been exercizing, like shadow combat, pool pushups\situps, decorating my room to not republican myself with associates degree, too.
Feb 5, 1992 (Age: 32)
Carpentersville, Illinois.


I've become a Huntsman from Thieving, so if your Guild needs a Burglar I'm your Sellranger! Nah, just messing with you I like being primeval like this.