((A dream message seeking Tieran))


New Hampshire Staff
((Just a couple days after the first spring gathering in the lands around Cinderfel, the dream realm suddenly brightens, feeling hot and dry. A Chee Klax Gorbe emerges onto a sandy landscape, prowling around and sniffing. If you have met her, you recognize Nikhujo.))

Tieran. I know you left through the mist. I'm not done talking to you. I know we've not committed anything to each other, and we can keep it that way, but I have more questions. Your mist trail was obscured by the heavy rain, and this is my only other idea for hunting you down.

If you can hear me, I want to talk.

I'm sure you know where to find me.

((She paces back and forth a bit more, rolls her shoulders, the runs off. The desert atmosphere fades to black just as suddenly.))

((Justin, if you decide this attempt to contact him is successful, you can feel free to private message me or text me on whatever social media you like! :) Thanks!))