A letter from Gedin on the tavern wall and in Bennington's keep


To the adventurers and citizens of Myerston,
As the fall days shorten and the winter prepares for its long night, I will be traveling back to my home at Hearthfires to spend the winter. I will plan on returning in the spring, but would like to extend an invitation to those of you whom I have gotten to know over the past few months as well. If any of you would be interested in seeing one of the other towns here on Khar Durai and would be interested in spending a winter among the Dwarves, let me know. It would please me to be able to introduce you to my kith and kin. I can vouch for the warmth of our hearths, the sumptuous and hearty food, and the mugs of warm mulled mead that make my home a true comfort through the long night of winter. Hearthfires proudly houses the best smiths, craftsfolk and artisans that Khar Durai has to offer. I’ll not be staying here in Myerston long, my bones yearn for home. Seek me out at the tavern in the coming days if I’ve piqued your interest.

(If you are interested in joining this for your winter ibga please contact me at griffonguard@gmail.com or contact the Isle plot team at TheIslePlot@gmail.com)
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