A message of import from her ladyship, Baroness Volkov


In the distance a wild storm with flashes of blue lightning thunders above a small town. The storm is moving closer.

The figure of the Baroness Volkov appears, her hair whipping about her shoulders in the wind generated from the storm.

"White Tenebrous Walkers and citizens of Brimm's Watch and of other locales of the Kingdom of Tharros hear my words now. I must, with great haste, away to the Principalities of Tarjis. I have been delayed far too long as it is. To that end I have charged Squire dea'Saryn to ride ahead and clear my path. I shall likely require his services once I have arrived at my destination. As such, he may be away for sometime.

In my absence, until you return to Brimm's Watch, please heed the council and wisdom of Dame Ashlyn and Good Merchant Namric. I will have further information waiting for you at Brimm's Watch of who will take the mantel in my absence.

Before you leave the Domain of Caius I ask you all to take action that time does my permit me to. In the town of Last Light, nestled in the mountains just above the Onyx Curtain, hides the villainous folk who originally detained me and sold me into slavery. I speak of a pack of Gnolls known as the Tear Bringers. They are not citizens of the Domain so there should be no political ramifications in meting out justice to these foul canines. I suspect they wished to weaken the alliance between the Principalities of Tarjis and the Kingdom of Tharros if not outright begin a conflict between our Tharros and the Domain of Caius. Either way you are charged with bringing an end to their ploy and no doubt their terrorizing of the locals of Last Light.

Lastly, should any one of you have knowledge of this queer storm, please speak now. "

She stands, arms crossed over her chest waiting for any to chime in.

**OOG NOTE: The storm is a plot controlled effect in the dream lands. It does not prevent normal communication. If you wish to explore or interact in some way with this effect, please email brimmswatch at alliancesf.net.**


A silver for each left gnoll ear from these Tear Bringers brought back to Brimm's Watch.



Kart comes in from the direction of the storm and says, "The storm is....odd. It seems to be composed of other planar energies. I've read somewhere, don't remember where now, that sometimes catastrophic events are preceded by an omen or echo in the dream realm. I wasn't able to get very close but I was able to see the town people and they seemed to be under the effects of paralysis/prison or something else that would cause a similar effect."
Ther also comes from the direction of the storm, crouched low to the ground and moving slowly, as if to avoid being seen by something above. She bows to the Baroness.
"Squire Letterdancer at your service. I got as close to the storm as I could- the winds were too strong for me to get much closer. I saw what Guildmaster Kart saw- people paralyzed or prisoned. There is a creature, large, flying over the town in the clouds. I didn't get a good look at it though it seemed to have wings. Are there any local flying creatures that we may not know of? The lightning also doesn't act like regular lighting. I usually can feel it-" She touches the fur on one shoulder, indicating static "-but this didn't create any reaction." She turns to Kart "It could also be a metaphorical omen rather than a literal one, an approaching or rising storm, though the paralyzed people discredit that theory."


Shin walks slowly from the periphery of the storm, taking his time to reach the others. His pace is slow, his gate halted and he is obviously taxed and exhausted. He presents himself before the Baroness Volkov and goes to a Knee; waiting for her to release him before he rises. As he does so he smiles and nods at the others gathered; listening through the dream's echo to their passing thoughts and observations. Shin considers a moment before turning back to look at the Coming Storm and frowning.

He considers each of their words in turns before turning to the Baroness and the others. "Excellency, this Storm - and it is as much a Real Storm here as it is going to be elsewhere; as it is elsewhere - is Temporal in its nature. It is a Time Storm for lack of a better term. That is why the lightning did not triboelectrically charge our fur" Shin said, nodding to Ther.

"Though I know little of its origins or its cause, this I am rather sure of, even still. I will speak to others who will, I hope, be better able to perceive its nature in a definite way. Perhaps more answers can be found. Though I do know that it has translated through the Dreaming across multiple Realms. From the Realm of Enerret here, even into The Maelstrom. Where the mysts touch, this storm spreads, it would seem. Even to realms long since lost or sealed by the Mysts, for us here in the Now."

He takes a moment to steady himself, taking a deep breath and shuddering slightly "Where the Myst touches, so too does the storm it seems. It reaches across distant realms; places long lost to the Mysts. To past events - some have seen their homes under attack. Both past and future. I heard and felt the chanting of an old foe, long dead many times - Tagorakahn - from the Dragonlands perhaps. Something that echoes and reverberates through time. Other moments, elsewhere. From a Realm called Gineria.

Some of these visions are of the past, many pasts. Others, of things yet to come. But this storm grows closer still. And we are no closer to truly understanding its source.

"Some of those in the adventuring community have had dreams of storms. Each of the dreams have differed slightly. Some have been old memories of long fought battles in their home towns. Others, have been less specific; a town consumed by the Storm. While we've been aware of their existence and the connection with multiple dreamers; we've not yet had time to understand their significance. Though it would seem, we're running out of time. It would seem." despite the ironic tone, there is no smile on Shin's face.

Shin take a moment, rubbing his eyes. "Excellency, Akemi also felt the light of a Celestine being, a being of the Stars, from within the Storm. That both a great Hope and Despair lie in the balance of the coming Conflux of the Storm." he said softly.

"I would suggest great care and caution be taken, looking into this temporal storm further. But we have to seek answers or we will be totally unprepared for whatever is to come. I..." Shin pauses for a moment, breath caught in his throat. "I am being pulled I feel... the War in Caliphestous is coming to a breaking point." he says, worry written into his voice. "I'll return as soon as I am able, with more answers, I hope."

With that he bows to the Baroness, and to the others as he turns and runs into the mysts, swallowed by a bank of rolling fog.