A petition for combination

I am petitioning for the leatherworkers to combine with the clothiers. This has been a bee in my bonnet for quite some time and I believe I have other who feel the same.

With the rules being any person cannot join more than two guilds at one time and the lack of those joining the leatherworkers and (with the exception of myself) joining the clothiers, it would be beneficial for the two to join.

I have dabbled in the past with leather and I can make small items to support my experience. As well as I am trying my paw in tanning as well. However, I feel leather can be sewn, mended, and go together well with clothing. I love accenting wares with leather and fur, so why should it be separate?

Also I feel this can motivate members into this guild and become a guild where members can internally share in learning different methods of this type of crafting and expand their skills.

I have made several rabbit pouches and leather accented dolls as well as leather patches. I have even stamped leather bracelets and burned markings into hides. As my clothier skills increase, my leather working has paired.

It just makes sense.




Your request has been noted. Please seek me out at the upcoming gather to discuss this potential combination of Guilds.

--Collector Azraq


Gettysburg Staff
Will do


Your petition for combination of the leather workers and clothiers guilds has been approved.

There will be new information on the guilds after the Time Event at the closer of the spring shortly.