ADL Local Chapter Only & Restricted Item Policy (Updated)

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Local Chapter Only (LCO)

Local Chapter Only (“LCO”) items are generally only usable in the originating Chapter however any Chapter may choose to let LCO items transfer in.

ALD will allow LCO magic items that have standard effects that can be made using the Alliance LARP Ritual System (after being given ample time to review said item) with the caveat that we can't deny one Player transfer of an item when another Player is allowed to transfer the same item in.

Items may only be transferred in their entirety. ADL will not eliminate one or more Effects on an Item as part of their Transfer Policy.

LCO scrolls and Reagents do not transfer between games.

ADL may deny a Player the ability to benefit from this policy if we feel that the Player is abusing the system.

No more than 20 LCO rituals per character brought into ADL. (Updated 9.29 - 2:30pm MST - SMB)

Items marked Artifact are not covered by this policy and must follow the Alliance Bylaws. LCO items may not have additional rituals added to them while in ADL.

ADL reserves the right to deny any Magic Item that it does not wish to transfer in.

Restricted Item Policy

All In-Game items, other than items that may be made with Production Points will be marked "Restricted." ADL has the right to determine which, if any, Restricted items will be allowed to transfer in.
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