Gina from Hofbrau called me to met me know the 21st (Sunday of our event) is Father's Day and they don't reserve tables on holidays. With how big our group is it would take forever to get a table so we should probably go some wear else for afters.


Would a Chinese buffet be out of the question? The portions at BDUBS are really small for the price you pay, and I enjoy loading up on carbs and protein after running around in the woods all weekend. Also, sports bars really aren't my thing.


In general I like B-dubs. However this event, we are heading south early on sunday to try to make Fathers day festivities.



I'm happy with wherever we go; however, buffets are my preference since I can actually get enough food without spending way more money than I should. (I do have a job finally, but I'm still on funds.) if someone wants to help out with the monetary issue, I'd be more than happy to go wherever the majority ends up.


For this next afters, I don't mean to be a downer, but I'm going to Hunan. Bdubs is overpriced and too loud for me. It's hard to engage in post-game conversation when I can't hear what's being said two feet from my face, and between the loudness and not being able to talk to anyone, I got stressed out and waited for Tory and Mark in my car so I could at least have a peaceful environment while I sat around doing nothing. Those who want to join me in going to Hunan are more than welcome. Again, sorry, but Bdubs is just a bad fit for me.


Chicago Staff
I have to agree with Summer here. I can't do the loud bar thing again after an event. It makes for a grumpy and hungry drive home (and I do the driving). When we went to BDUBs i could only talk to the person next to me and i felt ripped off (i also don't drink). I wouldn't mind trying the buffet this time since I miss going to Ponderosa. Not that I like missing out on afters with lots of you guys, I just don't particularly like the type of atmosphere there. :/