Alliance SoMI NPC Food Fund - Updated 10/15/19 - Fund OPEN

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Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff
During our Town Hall meeting a request was made to create a fund to cover the cost of food for Full-time NPCs so that they can help out with the game without any cost to themselves.
Today we set up the necessary structure in our accounting system to track donations for that purpose.

Current Value of the NPC Food Fund: $00
The Fund is OPEN

Note: We will be capping the size of this fund and donations to it at $200
We appreciate people's generosity but want to make sure that your assistance
benefits our NPCs, not just sits in the bank.

If you want to donate to the NPC Food Fund, you can do so through Paypal (or in person at Events). Just make sure to indicate that is the purpose of your payment in the note. The full value of your donation will go to the NPC Food Fund, we'll absorb the Paypal fee.

To track these donations and their use, we'll post a running total in this thread of the Fund's value as it goes up and down.

As a thank you for making a donation to the fund, we will be awarding 5 GS for every $1 donated.

If you have questions, please email Matt ( We'll make sure to update the post with an FAQ if we get a lot of questions.
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