An Open Letter


To all the adventurers, warriors, nobles, and others present at the celebrations in Two Towers this past gathering:

Thank you.

Thank you for lifting the darkness from my people's eyes.

Thank you for vanquishing the suffocating grasp of death from our throats.

Thank you for doing the impossible: for giving Falkirk its first breath of life at long, long last.

Though the Marwolaeth still pose a scattered threat, this will not be forgotten. The people present at the fall of Tranquis will not be forgotten. This day has reignited hope in the eyes of my people; for the first time, we may allow ourselves to believe we still have a home. We may even be able to return to it.

And so I thank you. May you all be forever welcomed into Falkirk when we finally reclaim it.

Even with death dead, remain vigilant. Always.

Dame Vacht Silverfang
Knight of Falkirk
Blade of Dawn


Dame Vacht,

Thank you for being a beacon of strength and persistence in your lands. Castle Stirling has held strong under your leadership. Thanks to you and yours there is a Falkirk left to save.

We have endured patiently waiting for an opportunity, we will not let it go to waste.

- Squire Dorian


Lady Knight Dame Vacht,

I am loathe to seem a braggart and claim credit for deeds performed, however I will do so in this matter for a reason that shall shortly become utterly transparent. Note that my words are not meant in any way to diminish the efforts of and blood spilled by all present on the field that fateful day.

My housemate Joshua Prisoned Tranquis and (with the aid of Life Elementals) took him to the Plane of Death to end him.The closing of Tranquis' gate (and I believe destruction of his realm on the Plane of Death) came at the cost of my life.

I was more than willing to sacrifice myself to this end, as he was a threat to all life and had caused the death of one of the best and purest people to ever walk Fortannis just the day before. However, if you and the clan leaders of Falkirk truely hold any gratitude for this deed I beg you to repay it thus: Rejoin with Icenia. I have no desire to see this kingdom fracture and die.

This is my humble request openly and publicly made to the rulers of your realm.

-Cedric Fruvous
Order of the Scarlet Dawn: House Nemesis
Guildmaster, Ashbury Sage's Guild

Lanna Rose

Dame Vacht Silverfang,

Please know that all of us in Blythdale are trying to fix the mistakes that were made in our absence. We want you and your people to know that we are trying to make their lives in our lands as comfortable as possible. We know things were not done well and that their lives thus far have not been very pleasant. For this you have our most sincerer apologizes.

I have sent men and food to Two Towers for aid in this problem. In order for this all to work we do need your help also. Please if you are sending people to us for their safety please tell them that they should not stay in Two Towers and expect the things we have promised. They need to continue south towards Greystone or west into Norden. There will be more food and shelter there for them.

Thank you for your aid.

Squire Readella Taurasan