April Donations

Hey Guys-

As always we get a lot of requests wanting to know what we need. I'l try to start posting a list of stuff every couple of weeks and update the list when we get donations

Red Glow sticks
Camp lights ( so we can use the backfield at night)
Red Crepe Paper/Tape/Ribbon
Red Makeup
Black Makeup
White Makeup
3 sets elf ears
Tavern Food Donations ( Please let us know ahead of time)
1 Gray/Black/Red or combination Tabard/Tunic ( contact me, I'll explain)
3 green and yellow or green and gold tabards/tunics ( or 3 green and 3 yellow)
Armor or cool costuming always welcome ( contact me ahead of time)
Prosthetics ( 2 dwarfbeards, some feathers for biata, friendly plastic for tusks, any other cool things)
and of course if we could...
... a Hottub?