Are we having a meeting?

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey Enan!
Or Liddia!
Or Foss!
Or Jehan!
Or Eric!
Or Sam!
Or other people on the important list that usually have things to mention at a meeting!

Are we gonna be having a meeting on Friday night about important stuff that's been happening or will be happening like we've done before? I always like to have the meetings, 'cause then other people like me get to be in-the-know rather than out-the-know and know how they can help.

I always like to know how I can help!

~ Silp

I'm willing to help facilitate a meeting. Obviously, not mandatory. I'm not a noble. I am the Circle Master for the Earth Guild, though, and can help get information out. If anyone has a topic they need to bring up, let me know, so I can make a list on people that want to speak, or might need help getting their issues taken care of.

Circle Master Eric Marsters
Circle Master of Fairfax
Greater Earth Guild of Terna
Well Silp,

It is funny you ask. I would love to have a town meeting.

So yes, This friday evening, there will be a town meeting. Any and all adventurers are encourage to attend.

We will be discussing issues plaguing the town and the surrounding areas. If you have issues, bring them. I'd like to get all the information out to the community so that we are all prepared for the dangers ahead. This will happen at the very beginning of the gathering friday night.

If anyone has any questions, contact me privately.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Squire Foss Siril of Wayside.
I would like to help in any way but I might be late arriving. If I miss this meeting, that is OK, just make sure you assign the correct activities for someone who cant read but uses a polearm.

I will let you know when I think I will be arriving, Foss.

Me and my employees will be there we want to help anyway possible

Wild Rose
Owner of the Wild Rose Adventuring and Trading Company
I am glad that this was mentioned, there are a few key things that need to be accomplished this market. I will not be back in Wayside for a day as rushing through the mist is very difficult but, I will work on a list and such. If you have any questions please send me a private dream or pigeon.

Lady FallingStar

I vill be there, and have a few zings I could use help vith. I'll explain more in details at zee meeting.

Durk/Link...I could use your help vith the polearm slapping and sword sticking activities. I believe zee squire vill agree vith me on zis. See you in a few days.

Jehan T Wyldweaver.
Please be sure to find me when you go to have this meeting, I feel like I am missing some stuff.

I am sure you will notice Fredrick, we usually don't stand around ALL together unless we're talking.

I will be sure to bring the noisemakers for the after meeting party though. If anyone wants to come.

With love and laughter,
I will be sure to pass word onto Sam. I too have some things that need discussing.

May your hearth fire burn eternal and your tankard endless,
~Draco Ardel
Master Blacksmith, Head of Merchant's Guild Blacksmith Division, Wielder of Aegis, Reforger of Karkadon's Tooth