As always...


You were a superb host, Tadron. I am happy and proud that I could dole out a good boot-party to those who needed said festivities. As always, when you are in need, simply ask.

To my beautiful Duchess, I hope you don't have buyer's remorse; you wouldn't be the first lady to regret her previous night-time decision the following morning. Worry not, though, only pride and smiles will come with my actions from that point forward, though I doubt they elicited anything else prior.

And to the rest of you at this past gathering, it was a pleasure annoying the piss out of you all. Most of you were a real pleasure to bleed beside. A few special individuals were even fun to converse with, as well.

You all stay alive long enough for another visit.

Ashnar Runebeard
Ordo Tempestus
I think you forgot your new Title, Vassal Knight Ashnar.

It was a pleasure to fight beside you and the rest of your crew. You were an inspiring group to be around and I hope we may join forces in battle again, hopefully not against each other; fighting Ashnar alone was scary I'd hate to see what fighting the rest of you would be like.

Good day and quick travels to you.

In fact, I did not. I prefer not to throw around titles like a cudgel; I have my artifact mace for that purpose.

A. Runebeard
Vassel Knight Ashnar, as your bard I throw the title round for you eh. Hey Tad peanutbutter is super good yea?

To his Highness and Her Grace I have never met a noble I have liked and now I know two eh. If ever you have need I will come to your call if I can ya. Also your Grace I am sorry for not entertaining you in the dragon poker circle, alas I was over come by poison ivy and it was off to bed like a wee sissy.

Roses are red and vilots are blue I hate death knights so piss off

Alabaster the Terrible
Ordo Tempestus

Like always it was superb to fight along side you. I am still laughing about your teaching lesson to the Barrow Wight. I have been talking to Durk and it sounds like I might need your help again soon. There is a gigantic boot party that needs to be had and I think you would enjoy it quite a bit! I can also tell you that Duchess Barclay has indeed NOT changed her mind and I doubt she will. You are a great ally and it was a pleasure to see you be initiated into our kingdom. Congrats on your title! I hope to see you again soon my friend.

Alabaster, Durk, and T-Nasty,

Thank you all for coming up. I had an extreme amount of fun and I hope we can make it a regular occurrence no matter what land it happens in. I appreciate all four of you helping take down a threat that has been around for far too long in our lands. I was not worried for a minute when I had you all by my side. No threat seemed too big with you all at my side. If there is ever anything that me or my guild can do to repay the favors, do not hesitate to ask, I will come running. I can't wait to see you all again, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

To the rest of the town and out of towners,

Thank you all so much as well. I know that the battle was taxing and scary and I appreciate each and every one of you for being there. I am so glad that nobody resurrected! It took help like usual from everybody there and I am thankful for each and every one of you. I will make a better statement when I can think more clear. My mind is still rearing from the events of the marketday, but for now just know that I appreciate everybody.

Lord TadRon of Concordia

P.S. Your going to regret that peanut butter sandwich Alabaster!
I would just like to amend TadRon's statement that
TadRon said:
If there is ever anything that me or my guild can do to repay the favors, do not hesitate to ask, I will come running.

But I know he means ask now while the getting is good.

But seriously, Thank you all! Ashnar, I would love to see you in Horn's End much more regularly, even if you did out knight me in two days.

Many blessings,
Bob the Blacksmith