August event favorites!


Let us know what really stood out for you this past weekend! If you liked it, we want to hear about it: mods, encounters, and the basic PC-to-PC/PC-to-NPC RP that make the world feel just a little more real. Your positive responses influence how our game evolves just as much as the constructive feedback.

Thank you to our PCs, NPCs, and assorted staff members for your continued support. Without you, there is no us.


Welp. Every event brings poor, innocent Ama'rali closer and closer to her inevitable downfall. This one didn't disappoint.

1. Having to roleplay my hands being flayed the entire weekend. It was AWESOME, and difficult, and made playing a character who relies on her ability to crawl and climb and scramble around places really challenging. It prompted a lot of internal conflict, which we ALL know I eat like delicious chocolate cake. Also – GROSS. Loved it. Even if V used it as her own personal "Shut up, Rali" button.

Also trepanned Tvard. You're hilarious, bro.

2. Charlais in all his magnificence, but in particular while under the effects of euphoria. I especially enjoyed V and Rali messing with him and making him recite the names of various food items in his wonderfully-unique Charlais accent. Also – whoops? Did we just inadvertently rob a family of honest peasants? Well, points for good intentions, yes? Glad that nasty Asp never got you. Basically I just really enjoyed playing with you all weekend :)

Also please stop reciprocating Rali's advances. That's not supposed to happen and UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS WHAT ARE THESE.

3. "Ohh myyy, Kit Kat! Ohh myyy, Reese's Pieces!"

4. Durian. I loathe you. You are a wretch.

5. Saradys, you are a right jerk, and I loved all of your angry jabs at Rali's diet/activities, etc. I will miss having you around to be the one person who has no problem openly accusing her of all the things everyone else seems to believe she hasn't done :)

6. Zara referring to V as Rali's "master." You know, that may have been an off-the-cuff offhanded comment, but it REALLY affected Rali. A lot. And caused Leona and Saradys to give her an enslavement antidote. Well played, Donna.

7. Being useful in fights?? This always shocks me. I felt so ballin' dealing out poison shields and opossom-healing and FINALLY getting to stab V in the stomach with her own knife in order to save her life. Also, bindomancy and alchemy apparently make a FANTASTIC combination.

8. Not throwing V into the lake after our "heated" argument (read: way too many words in way too few sentences). I am pretty sure that I get massive amounts of OOG girlfriend points for not succumbing to gravity, falling over and accidentally phys-repping it.

9. T'zel's death. I cried IRL. Emily D., your description of his spirit's passing ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY SLAYED ME and you can consider it entirely your fault that Rali has officially become a sociopath because she can't handle feeling feelings for non-kergani. Everyone she has ever cared about has either died or deserted her. So I mean. Thanks for that. And also well done. And also thanks for that :)

10. Finally, nearly committing suicide twice, and eventually giving up on her identity and reforming a TRIBE OF ORPHANS with everyone's favorite Red Back. Stay tuned for a lot more red and black pointy-teethed creeps around town.

This event basically performed a double-mobius reacharound for my character, turning her back into what I initially conceived her to be two years ago. I am very much looking forward to embracing her darker, hedonistic, sociopathic side.

Air Raksa

First-time at Gettysburg and I'm hooked. Great Job Staff, NPCs and PCs for making the very interesting setting come to life.

Some Faves:
-Noldrik, OMG Tyson you look great I really feel like I am in the presence of my Elder, I love the way you play Noldrik.
-Getting to fight Wik in the circle and stupid Stun Limb games, getting point of shame assassinated twice by my own thrown daggers. It was really great to see Tab, I miss you bro, can't wait to roll with you again soon.
-The entire North Carolina crew, you guys and gals are awesome, cracked me up all weekend. Hope you all got home safe!
-Fighting Captain Feodor and getting my *** kicked in, can't wait for the rematch.
-All thing Misfits and kitchen crew, you are my heroes, great fighting with you all and partaking in your tasty food. Thank you so much!
-Releasing two griffins from slavery and then making them flip sides, Santet isn't used to leaving things nicer than he found them :)
-Quarterback sacking with the Hunt. Good fun thank you NPCs!
-Rupert Pike the man without a race; watching in horror as he is like soloing a Griffin, being 100% sure he was going to rez and being 100% wrong.
-Seeing the New Jersey crew, god i miss you folks, I had a blast rping with you all.
-CHARLIE!!! Getting comfortable at the new local bar.
-All the things Leona and the Wild Elf sniper crew, amazing accuracy during Dead Walk, I love seeing bows being put to proper use IG.

I had a great weekend, I can't wait to come back, Great job Alliance Gettysburg. I have a thousand faves, but no time to write a book here. If you haven't tried Gettysburg, I recommend coming out and giving it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


P.S. Chris M, get better, thank you for all your hard work!


I was super late in getting there (silly real life interfering with my fake life) but I'm glad I made the drive down. I can't wait to hear more about what I missed. On to the faves:

- Getting rifted into game paralyzed and in excruciating pain. Oh why do we love to torture our characters so? Stellar RP with Ciara, Rayna, Tvard and Elowyn as I recovered. "What do you mean it's late summer???"

- Having V not be there for said rift and finally seeing her about an hour later. That reunion started off with "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Commence an hour-long roleplay session in which the screaming and people hitting the walls lead to those listening outside the door taking bets on whether or not it would end in make-up nookie or with one of us in the circle. But, because it's Barran, it ended with Deadwalk LOL.

- All things Kris Kitts. Somehow playing such a vile character with JUST enough redeeming qualities that Kamryn can't stay mad. You've got some serious acting chops, and playing opposite you is always a pleasure.

- Showing up in the deadwalk fight and confusing the crap out of people. For those who didn't know me it was "who the heck are you?" for those who do it was "where the heck did you come from?"

- Breaking Wik's fear. I don't get to use that skill too often, and to get to do so in spectacularly hilarious fashion with a guy who is very much missed was wonderful.

- All the jingly ladies (/beyonce). Oh, Samara and Tammy, I missed you!

- Post deadwalk silliness with said Jingly Ladies and Tvard and Charlais. Too many visuals.

- V's hours d' oeuvres, and people realizing what it was... and eating them anyway. Oh, the things you can do when you put OOG delicious food on a plate.

- Starting off my involvement in the MWE plot of the weekend by proclaiming "f*** Brander." Not that he didn't already hate me anyway. Later having him come out and throw bread at Kam, V, and Rali. Nope, not offended OOG at all Darkan (though thanks for that heads up) but things between your crew and ours certainly aren't any better for it. LOL

- Deep discussions with Charlais about what is going to become of our people and our home. Izer you are so much fun to play adharchroi with, I can't even articulate it.

- OMGWTFBBQ racial plot. Sooooo many questions on what is going to happen now. Expect a writeup from me and Izer on this. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Frank, you were awesome as the Bright-Hearted/Light Bringer.

- Kamryn's new "cousin." Welcome home, indeed.


Speaking as a player and not as staff: thank you NPCs! Thank you food staff! Thank you medical staff! Thank you plot staff! Thank you, GM! Thank you, chapter owner! And, of course, thank you to my fellow PCs for being so fun and engaging.

-Reuniting with Kamryn/Michelle. Between the exchange of racial/personal history, finally getting to say "I love you ardently, Kamryn nic Fallon" (I HAVE WAITED SO LONG), and the oh-so-flippant question of "do you know where they sleep?", you were the cherry on the sundae that was this weekend.

-Seeing the way V's actions are affecting the people around her via Cadeis and having to approach the growing unease that is "caring about people who I don't think are people". Huge props to plot staff and huge thanks to Tvard/Frisco, Rali/Emily, and Kamryn/Mich. Your pain is my pain and sometimes also my gain.

-Speaking of running with the **** your PC's do: looking outside my window at 1 AM and seeing Rich and Cole's long ears and adorable faces. "V! Come play with us!" Thank you for enabling my desire to truly have way too many irons in the fire.

-Noldrick's very first words to V: "YOU HAVE BAD IDEAS!"

-Emily/Rali. I may not be your master, but I'm the closest thing to a mother and a family you've got. You are a wretch, I loathe you, you are worse than durian, and I am sincerely looking forward to remaking you in my glorious and perfect visage. Thank you, sweet pea.
P.s. - "Oh, my! Whatchamacallit! Oh, my! Snickers!"/"Do not throw me in the water. Do not throw me in the water. DO NOT THROW ME IN THE WATER."

-Tvard/Frisco, thank you for your roleplay and for telling V to piss off/sod off/**** off and bringing her a drink every time she started to have a tantrum. I am looking forward to being the shadow to your light and to totally being way more sage-y than you.

-Awesome conversations with Kiara about transparency, redemption, and cultural mores. Your conversations were a delight and you gave my character a LOT to think about. The elf moot was a brilliant idea and I wish it hadn't been interrupted. I hope you come back so we can continue our RP; it was sincerely delightful and one of the most interesting and organic parts of my weekend.

-I wish I could have seen my own face when Jeyu gave me the GIANT BOX OF COIN AND POTIONS. Our subsequent roleplay about self-worth and selflessness was also great.

-"Charlais!" "Yes?" "Charlais!" "Yessssss?" "Charlais!" "Yessssssssssssss?"

-Feeling like a bindomancy pimp during the last wave battle. It's not often this particular character gets involved directly in combat; doing so and being able to really help out (and nail a ton of spells) was very fun and rewarding. Well-statted and well-fought by everyone on all sides and I'm also glad Emily's dream of stabbing V back to life finally came true.
had such an awesome time NPC'ing! Okay there are in no order at all they are just swirling around my brain (also sorry for the mistypes still not all with it.)

-Clean fighting! Yes beleive it or not i Love to see good clean fights. Not too many hold for fighting injuries.

-Brewmaster's mod, i dont know what but it made me smile seeing Charley get excited.

-Stupid o'clock 18+ talk with everyone. Scotty and I just bouncing back and forth.

-Disney sing alongs with Collin always a great time!

-Amazing food! omg like the misfits!

- Getting ganked as my NPC with the gambling problem. Thanks guys! loved it!

- SEEING SEAN!!! (Zeph) OMFG I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN 10 YEARS IT WAS AMAZING! See Brian F-ing bender!(thanks for checking on my sunday AM) and the No Code crew, you may see Cuar in NJ ;)

-(not to be cheesey or mushy but) All things Angel! as much as she was running around she was there for me for the entire event when I wasn't normal.

-The entire of the G-burg Staff! I love you guys! i always get super excited when I get to play your game!

-Playing a panthergast with Collin!!!!! Sorry to Mike, alex, and Sarah...but i couldnt resist that!

-My breakfast RP as my hallucinating farmer! I had some Pc's rilled up over chickens that fart fire and lay golden eggs!

On a more serious note. Thank you to all of you who aided me after my accident. I am doing better but Im keeping an eye on myself. If anything changes I will let you all know thanks guys cant wait to see ya'll in November.

To all the new people I met feel free to find me on Facebook!


It was a surprisingly difficult weekend without my elf or my gorbe around, but it provided a perfect opportunity to hang with some really cool people. Major thanks to all the tavern people for keeping us all well fed -- and for keeping me caffeinated all weekend. Holy crap, was that a huge help. <3 Thanks to all the NPCs for kicking their own butts all weekend as well! You're all amazing.

- That really generous gift from Aalok. Wow. That was pretty freaking nice to have up my sleeve all weekend, just in case.

- Being robbed of any shred of honor in that honor combat. Zara said it's over afterwards, but then she realized no, it's really just the beginning for that entire group.

- The dirty looks and scowls all weekend, too. That was a good time. Haters gonna hate real hard.

- Noldrik was pretty damn great. Zara finds herself appreciating his constant, gruff presence more and more with every gather.

- The Hunt in general. Between hanging around with you guys and watching you move as an organized unit on the battlefield, Zara's learning a thing or two. You guys are awesome and I can't wait for Santet's dojo.

- Rucklefuff and Korko. Hilarious characters and fun to hang out around, and it's so good to have Maggie and Miles around again.

- One-man pantherghast club. Feels good man.

- IG, Zara didn't care much, but OOG, I was ecstatic to see Leona officially become a Scarab. Congrats!

Zara has some things and some stuff to think on. See you all in October.


Had a great time, and I really really really enjoyed spreading Tvard's social circles out a bit and jsut enjoying the company of the other players. I didn't throw myself out there a ton so I didn't get any mods, but that didn't keep the weekend from being great.

-I enjoyed my trepan and then after that the additional slice up. Both were quite educational!

-Greaaaat crunch this weekend! Good work, desk.

-Hanging with V and Rali was excellent. The wine Kris made tasted pretty much like the real deal. It was good to have friends again!

-Zara finally speaking with Tvard again. He would have done anything to get that back.

-Korko and Rucklefuff! Ohhh, the glasses of wine Tvard will be buying.

-SAGES GUIIILD. Gonna make so much fun. (I will win, V. I WILL BE THE SAGIEST)

-Fighting half decently. I actually managed to be a presence in the fight this time around!

-Speaking of, killing my own (presumably mini) Panthergeist all alone.

-Flustering Rucklefuff with talks of waterfalls and fields and bouquets and the like.

-Best food forever. Good, efficient, high quality work from the kitchen. I know it's a lot of work for you guys,m and I hope you think it's worth it! Love ya'll!

-Charlie. Because Charlie. And booze.

-Watching Santet and the other boys in black and red (YES. RED.) be themselves. I love it and look forward to the dojo.

-Jeyu's Dungeon Diving Game!!! In so many ways, such a great game. Well designed and a great gamble. GOOD WORK.

I look forward to my next game! I hope I can finish out the year, life permitting!

Lanna Rose

THANKS NPC FRIENDS! We try our hardest to put on a good game for you all. Glad we were able to.

~NPC role going benny. I doubt that it was suppose to go that way but all the fun RP as Ala was great. I enjoyed playing a fey that was liked instead of everyone trying to kill her.

~Tavard...Frisco I love him more and more every time I interact with him. Though Lanna's still a little butt hurt about the first time she meet him. Heheheheheee

~Harpies! So much fun! Omg I can't believe I just sat there while Frisco "poked at my insides"....Good times

~Randomness in NPC camp. I have to say if you have not NPCed at all in Gburg you totally should. The roles are fun and the banter that goes on in that camp is so much fun!

~Dead walk! I love that two hours of game time. It's alot of fun on both sides.

~Also Frisco and my Med Staff! Thank you guys for being there for our players. Frisco thank you for taking such good care of Christopher. And everyone else who helped I thank you too. I can't exactly remember who all was there just from the sheer anxiety and adrenalin running through my system during that time. Thanks though!

I'm sure there's so much I'm forgetting but due to a midnight release I'm dead on my feet and this is about all I can remember.

Can't wait till October!!!!!!!!!! Dark siding once more!


First time visiting the Gburg game.. and I must say it left quite an impression on me. The Players and staff were great. The tavern was super amazing!!!! Getting to see people I haven't seen in almost 10+ years again was pretty awesome!!

Kiling Elven PantherG's.. always fun..

Paranoia mod... Loved every sec of it.

Elven Pow-wow

Getting to say my full name twice.. that was fun :)

The dead walk was CRAZY!!! and I loved every minute of it!!!!!

I can't wait to go back again!!


I had a great time at the Gettysburg event.

-The Elven Meet and Greet. I used to play my human as my primary but to see so many different elves together was much more fun.

-The tavern without a doubt was great

-I could not have guessed I knew so many players in the chapter, I'm glad I got to see so many people I knew

-My application and request to join the Mages Guild was fun. The vault module, I fully expected to be answering riddles but it turns out we were too late. I'm glad was was able to get Vox and Mayhem out... it was hairy there.

-Fighting in the dark while under the effects of Paranoia. Man talk about rough escort mission


This was my first time not only in Gettysburg but my first time out of my home chapter in well over Seven years and I must say it was worth doing. I had an absolute blast! From the majesty of the camp, to the comfortable electric cabins and let's not forget that AMAZING kitchen staff!

Some of my favorite moments in no particular order...

-All things No Code! It was awesome to bust out the old school crew! That old school crew ALMOST got there old school bad reputation back when some gold went missing ::wipes sweat off of brow:: Good think we nipped that one in the butt!

-The, just wow. I forgot what it is to pay IG money for food because it had been so long. I don't think one person on our team and traveling companions were not impressed! And the prices were out of this world! I think the last time I paid Copper for any type of food or drink was in Syrendorr over ten years ago! It was a HUGE selling point.

-Having our whole mod crew under the effect of "Paranoia", nothing crumbles the walls of friendship like every single person being paranoid!

-Seeing some faces I have not seen in years was awesome! It made me remember why I should travel more often.

-Rolling up in the dead of night with Majid and Black Winter and having the town back up because they thought we were bad guys!

-Seeing how happy all my friends were and having no drama, this was priceless. All in all it was a good time and we will most certainly be back!

Thank you to everyone who made it a fantastic weekend and a special shout out to the most amazing kitchen crew I have ever seen in this game! Thank you for sending me to bed with a full tummy!

See you all soon!
Oy, better late then never, but where to start?

First a big shout out to Staff. From plot to GM thank you for all the hard work you guys put into producing a amazing weekend! One of my favorites of the season. Well done!

NPC's!! you guys went HARD all weekend long and the player base thanks you for it. Its amazing what can be done with so few. Thank you!

Kitchen Staff! My sincere hats off to Amanda and Darkan. They really are the utmost word on quality food at any Event I have been to. It was my pleasure to help serve meals with you guys. Also, since I am on topic, please remember to hit DONATE to food committee when registering for a event. Every little bit helps, and its not being wasted as evidence by the quality we get. Thanks!!!

Ok on to Favorites,

Going well into Saturday Evening until I realized that there was HUGH racial plot going on for my character. I had no idea that the Light Bringer was another name for a BIG guy in the racial Story packet for GBurg MWEs. After the mod I went on I came back feeling like a first year player and wanted to kick myself for it. Just glad I didn't completely miss the bus and that Michelle's Character arrived in game before it was to late.

Speaking of which, Michelle!! Her character is the Ying to Charlais's Yang ..giggity.. and the game is always so much better when she is there to lay the sexist smack down on him. Mich, I honestly can't describe how great it is that we synergize so well in game, your role play is top notch and adds more to my events then you will ever know. Thank you.

Getting High and Tripping Balls on Euphoria. Lots of Fun role play and humorous character interactions with that one. Really need to learn to make that stuff, would be great to sell at bar.

Stupid O'clock conversation with some very lovely ladies "and Frisco" about Dicks. Yes, I know, its "stupid and juvenile", says the grown man in elf ears and selling grape juice for plastic coins... looking forward to many more talks, about.. you know.. Dicks

Seeing a bunch of new faces and some faces I haven't seen for years! PLEASE keep coming back!

Jess Bender. She inspired and then managed to break my character. Well done, well done.

Brewers Guild mod! Hats of to Tyson and Amanda Troy. I knew I brought smart people for a reason. Go figure that the Orcs save the day with answering the riddles. Next Event I will bust out some of the awesomeness that comes from special crafting and Brewers guild membership. Santo Wine any one?

Frisco... you have so much crap dropping on you in your life, yet you still manage to make it to game and do it amazingly. You sir inspire me. Good luck and best wishes.

Mid day Shenanigans with Emily O'Neil. Yes, we in fact did punk a couple of innocents who were NOT brotherhood spy's, whoops! At least they didn't leave empty handed #charity. Also, yes, I'm glad the mean old Asp never got me either. Well done girl, I know I can count on you for the sly ****. Oh.. and no, I will continue to rebound your sexual advances. OH MY.. Count on it!

Kris Kitts.. you're character is fucked up. DON'T EVER CHANGE!!!

Misfits, it was a pleasure to be out and about with you once again. As teams go, we technically count as one. Much loves.

There is so much more, but I need to crash. Looking forward to next event. Plot, expect some major write ups coming your way. Thanks again to everyone who could make it, you all added to the game and contributed to its success. Once again, Thank you!


Your chapter rocks. Staff run a busy, fun NPC camp. The food was delicious. I'm looking forward to making the haul down again next season, maybe on the other side of the fence.

-The PC reactions when I unloaded all my curses, missed, and did not much better with necromancy. "That one's excited." "And you get a curse! And you get get a curse! You get it out of your system?" That was definitely more fun than all the times the reaction was keeling over dead.

-Entertaining a player by annoying his character. Noldric is such a hero.

-Santet doing a dance and getting waylaid for it.