August game

Jesse Grabowski

Hey folks,

Like I mentioned at closing ceremonies, the August game will be in Fort Collins and will run from Saturday 10am to Sunday 4pm.

More details as to address and directions and plot info to follow soon!



Our game is lucky to welcome a lot of new players this year, which is wonderful! For them in particular, as well as for returning players, and anyone who didn't attend the July event, or didn't attend Closing Ceremonies, maybe it'd be great to just start a rolling post with all available information about the August event, updated live as you can contribute more. Then we don't need to worry that word of mouth won't carry to new players who see the Beaver Ranch event listed on our website, or otherwise get confused about what's going on. Requests for more information derive from player excitement, and that's a good thing that we all hope for!



Content will be run both days, correct?

Jesse Grabowski

There will be mods and npcs and things out and about on both days, yes!
We are going to have both blue info cards as well as mod cards out and about on the ranch.
Most mods will scale as to who goes on them... allowing for low, mid, and high level threats.
Some of the adventures will be your standard 6-8 PCs, while some of these will be for "anyone who wants to go.... like up to 50."
-We will post titles, blurbs, and rough time estimates for these once we have them all.
-This is a more laid back event, with no wave fights coming to the tavern area. All fights will take place either in a mod setting, or away from our "tavern."
Plot meeting tonight will determine more!

Location: 7300 N County Rd. 15 Fort Collins.

There will be two logistics periods. I will announce when the second one begins.
-New minted coins will be given out as treasure!

Hi Jesse~! Follow up questions:

*Will there be a solid, actual structure for a tavern?
*How/where are you planning to run NPC camp?
*How far back from the road will the event actually occur? I'm trying not to be a stickler about immersion/noise/people stopping to stare, but I have some definite concerns.
*Can I assume it's safe to NOT schedule an afters for this game?


Jesse Grabowski

Solid? No. We are using a large military tent with celtic images on it. Please bring chairs and the like if you wish to sit. :)
NPC camp will be run out of my red and black tent with lanterns, ya know, like we do.
It will occur VERY far from the road. We will park our vehicles close to the entrance, but once game begins, we SHOULD be ok. They have run a few small ren faires here before as well as their jousting tournaments. In addition, this is a remote area where there isn't much traffic at all on the road. As it is private property, no one will be staring.

Last one is totally up to you folks. There are many restaurants in Fort Collins, but again, I leave that up to you. I have to pack up NPC camp and make a 3.5 hour drive back home so I can't make it.


Here are some of the mods we will be running:
merchants guild mods looking for new recipes (mod team)
mods into the Lost City (mod team)
mods to help the builders of Watchtower Inspiration (mod team)
Saturday Night- Assault on Forestwatch! (This will be where the reset takes place) (ALL PCS!)
Mod cards and resources scattered around site
Sunday- Help Lt. Reginald - (ALL PCS!)
Vexo's Settlers of Death's Islands
Repeater mods (mod teams)
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Jesse Grabowski



Feel free to show up as early as 8am Saturday morning. Content will begin at 10pm with a Loremasters Guild Meeting, followed by a merchants guild meeting. Planned and random Mods will ensue throughout the day and night!

Please bring:
tents if you plan on staying overnight.
coolers and ice - to store your food things that you bring that you keep in your car or in your tent. We have no access to a fridge.

NPCs- I will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers Saturday at dinner as well as a continental breakfast on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please ask here and I will monitor in the days leading up to game.

So excited!!!

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Hi Jesse! Can I assume you meant 10 am? I'm hoping to get there right at 8 so I can set up. Please forgive me if this is a really dumb question; will you be running content straight through until 4 pm Sunday, or is game off earlier with a requirement to be off site by 4? I'm excited! Thanks! <3