Bathrooms are always Out-of-Game


Got a question about this issue today:

Bathrooms are always out-of-game at Alliance.

There are no exceptions to this rule, ever, for any reason.

You may not run into a bathroom to avoid combat.
You may not store tagged game items in the bathroom.

At Alliance's previous home, the bathrooms were pretty nasty, so this was never an issue. Choose between horde of orcs outside, or lingering in the "murder house" biffy? Nope. We'd all choose the orcs, every time! Here in Old New Acarthia, the land of heated bathroom floors, windows streaming sunlight, good lighting, and space to stretch out, well, this issue might come up.

This includes no having secret meetings in-character in the bathrooms. If you're standing at the sink, and happen to chat in-character with the person next to you, okie-doke -- but the moment your bath business is done, please take your in-game conversation back outside. (The rule applies to kitchens and other OOG areas, too. If it's an area not eligible for IG activity and combat, please don't take advantage to steal away in-character.)

Please roll with the spirit of the rule here so that everyone can use the bath in privacy away from game activity -- and no Marshal ever has to knock on that door to ask if you're still in-game in there. Just let's not.

Thanks bunches for just rolling with this and moving on,

Trace Moriarty
Team Prometheus
2017 Acarthia Plot