Biata feathers help

I've been playing a Biata for a while now and I've been finding that I just can't do spirit gum for a whole weekend. They will inevitably fall off and need to be reapplied several times a day due to sweat or catching on glasses or whatever and if they fall off at night I never end up finding them. Does anyone have any tricks for keeping them on or (preferably) any alternate ways of repping the feathers? Pictures are welcome!


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Hey Josh!

Couple tips, try mounting the feathers on to a fabric backing. You’ll want to cut it so it follows the curve of your brows and will be hidden by the feathers when they are on your head.

You also want to make sure that you are applying the spirit gum correctly. You want to make sure that you are putting some on the fabric backing and some on your head and then you repeatedly tap them together until they start to get tacky.
I usually do a strip of duct tape attached to the feathers but I've tried the fabric strip before as well. I don't know if it's my skin or the amount that I sweat but it never seems to work quite like I feel it should. After several hours, they start to slowly peel away and eventually fall off


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I strongly prefer liquid latex for my feathers. I know a lot of folks swear by the fabric backing but I don’t use it. I build my feathers up from a single larger base feather, attaching them to each other with a small amount of the latex. Unless it’s very hot they generally stay on all day, and the eyebrows last 6-12 events.



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Oh also: just saw that you mentioned keeping them on at night. I always remove them to sleep and reapply in the morning.
Oh also: just saw that you mentioned keeping them on at night. I always remove them to sleep and reapply in the morning.
I meant when fighting at night. I remove them when I'm sleeping and reapply in the morning.


Josh, do you use barrier spray? I've always found that putting down a layer of that over clean, dry skin first makes spirit gum last a lot better without rotting because it keeps you from sweating beneath it.
Late to the party while hunting other things but here! Might I recommend pros-aide? It’s a stronger adhesive than spirit gum and stayed pretty well for my husband’s latex orc prosthetics in August. We only had to reapply 1 time and that was after a close to 24 hour period of it being on since he slept in it. It does have a con of being a pain to get off. You need make up wipes (we use target brand ones) and you’ll want to save your brows by putting some washable glue stick or Vaseline on them to protect from the pros-aide sticking in them badly.
I tend to use pros-aide type adhesive with my feathers, but I do have a sturdy fabric backing a layer of hot glue under that protecting the feathers. Mine stay all day even in high sweat conditions, but the adhesive stays tacky and can damage the feathers over time. I tend to replace mine every 3-5 weekend events to keep things looking pretty/sanitary. You trade off having them fall for making new ones pretty regularly.


Spirit Gum and the like severely irritate my skin (and my nerves!) so my solution has been stage/fake glasses and hot glue the feathers on them. I am making about 10 of these for my NPC Biata in Utah. They work great!


Eyelash glue works great for me.
It's real cheap to buy, and the tube is small and handy enough to keep in my bag/pocket, jic. Mostly for emergencies tho; I'm not a super active person, but I've never lost my feathers with this stuff holding them on.
**Note: Definitely get the white/clear stuff. The black glue is a bit of a mess, unless your feathers are also black. And even still... black goo. Yeck.