Big West 2019 Pre-Registration


Hello, Big West Attendees! Here is the first edit of our Pre-Registration for Big West! More information will be edited into this post and included in others, so please keep coming back. We wanted to get this up as early as possible so people can start planning! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or and we'll happily assist you!

Event Dates
Game On - 9:00pm Thursday, June 27, 2019
Game Off - 9:00am Sunday, June 30, 2019

Millersylvania State Park ELC
12245 Tilley Rd SW
Olympia, WA 98512

  • $120 - PC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $140 - PC Pre-Registered after deadline or did not pre-register
  • $80 - PC Page (Age 8-14) Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $100 - PC Page (Age 8-14) Pre-Registered after deadline or did not pre-register

  • $30 - NPC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $40 - NPC Pre-Registered after deadline
NPC Rewards:
  • 25 Dragon Stamps
  • 360 GS from Seattle
  • 360 GS from Oregon
  • 360 GS from Utah
Payments sent to

Meal Plan Notes:
  • The Meal Plan is included for everyone at the event. If you have special dietary needs, please include any allergies in your Pre-Reg notes and if you require a completely specialized diet, please contact us at and we will forward your information to the Chef!
Pre-Registration Notes:
  • We are using the CMA. If you do not know what that means, please read this thread!
  • If you are an Out-Of-Chapter player who hasn't used the CMA, please contact your local logistics team. They are aware of this event and can help you get set-up in the CMA. You can always email us at if you have any further questions!
  • If you're a New Player, please contact our New Player Representative Evan Rawson at
  • If you are an Out-Of-Town Player, please refer to this forum post!
  • Please fill out the Notes section as prompted in the CMA. Examples are provided as to how I would like you to format your entries. The Meal Plan Allergy question is required by both NPCs and PCs!
  • If you are a caster, you will need to make a Memorization List. The CMA will prompt you on how to do this, but if you'd like assistance, please contact us at
  • If you are experiencing problems with the CMA, please contact us at
The Pre-Registration Link:
Big West 2019 Pre-Registration

Pre-registration closes Wednesday, June 12 at 11:59pm.

Pre-Registered PCs

Your name is Red - Your pre-registration is not complete. Please refer to this checklist.
Your name is Orange - I left you a personalized note! How special! :)
Your name is Blue - You have not pre-registered in the CMA. Please refer to this checklist.
Your name is Green - You have properly pre-registered. Thank you! :)

  1. Amaral Michael - San Fran
  2. Azzaria John - San Fran
  3. Bainbridge Nathanael - Seattle
  4. Benike Ryan - Minn
  5. Berg Emma - Minn
  6. Bird Seth - Seattle
  7. Boston Ryan - Oregon
  8. Brown AceiLyn - Utah
  9. Brown Alexander - Seattle
  10. Brown Denise - Seattle
  11. Callero Tricia - Oregon
  12. Campbell Andrew - Crossroads
  13. Campbell Elizabeth - Calgary
  14. Chase Sean - HQ
  15. Chase Tif - HQ
  16. Cheatem Hannah - Kansas
  17. Collins Casper - Oregon
  18. Dayson James - Oregon
  19. DeBruhl Ben - Oregon
  20. Doyle Luke - Seattle
  21. Duble Chris - Seattle
  22. Dustin Katt - Utah
  23. Farmer Corey - Seattle
  24. Farrar William - Crossroads
  25. Fesler Robert - Oregon
  26. Ficklin Dane - Utah
  27. Finnigan Moira - Calgary
  28. Flemming Jordan - Seattle
  29. Fliegel Cory - Calgary
  30. Ford Erik - Oregon
  31. Ford Heber - Utah
  32. Ford Sariah - Utah
  33. Fultz Heather - Seattle
  34. Gable Marley Sage - Utah
  35. Gallimore Connor - Utah
  36. Gardner Codie - Seattle
  37. Gigante Jessica - Seattle
  38. Glascock Chris - Seattle
  39. Gourdine Anthony - Seattle
  40. Gregory Amy - Seattle
  41. Gregory Bryan - Seattle
  42. Grey (Hoekstra) Derrick - Calgary
  43. Hagen Lauren - Seattle
  44. Harrus Isaac - San Fran
  45. Hastings Jimmy - Oregon
  46. Hastings Sori - Oregon
  47. Hemm Amber-Rose - Seattle
  48. Hertzog Matt - Seattle
  49. Hudson Brian - Oregon
  50. Hunter Jodi - Seattle
  51. Hurtt Jacob - Utah
  52. Hutchins Nancy - Seattle
  53. Johnson Kyle - Seattle
  54. Kelley Jorbie - Seattle
  55. Kenneally Tabitha - Seattle
  56. LeBlanc Brandon - Seattle
  57. Lee Eric - Seattle
  58. Leveille Kelly - Crossroads
  59. Leveille Ryan - Crossroads
  60. Lewis Brad - Seattle
  61. Lewis-Kooring Katie - Utah
  62. Macomber Shane - Seattle
  63. Marion Bill - Seattle
  64. Miller Rachel - Seattle
  65. Moody Ruudy - Seattle
  66. Moyle Bree - Oregon
  67. Mungo Tony - Crossroads
  68. Nametka Nate - Oregon - Please list the effects on your MI
  69. Oberlin Erik - Seattle
  70. O'Donnell Erin - San Fran
  71. Olson Chris - Oregon - We've been in touch. We'll get those items worked out.
  72. Oostman Matt - Seattle - Got the email, thanks!
  73. Osborne Lisa - Seattle
  74. Pankow Megan - Seattle
  75. Papageorgacopoulos Eleni - Seattle
  76. Pariury Holly - Oregon
  77. Patterson McKenna - Utah
  78. Perez Daniel - Crossroads
  79. Pick Tyler - Seattle
  80. Price Sid - Minn
  81. Randall Josh - Seattle
  82. Rawson Evan - Seattle
  83. Rector Joel - Seattle
  84. Reed Michael - Seattle
  85. Renner Kathryn - Seattle
  86. Renner Shane - Seattle
  87. Rogers Rebecca - Utah
  88. Ruddy Greg - San Fran
  89. Rye Andrea - Minn
  90. Sage Travis - Seattle
  91. Scott Brandon - Seattle
  92. Shamis Alex - San Fran
  93. Shettel Emily - Seattle
  94. Staiger Adam - Oregon
  95. Stana Stephen - Seattle
  96. Stollery Ginger - Oregon
  97. Stowell Andy - Seattle
  98. Straughsbaugh Anna - Seattle
  99. Sturm Rolf - Seattle
  100. Sullivan Katie - Calgary
  101. Swanson Brittany - Seattle
  102. Swassing Sylvia - Utah
  103. Sweeney Brett - Seattle
  104. Syring Jason - Seattle
  105. Syvertsen Nicholas - Kansas
  106. Trujillo Paul - Seattle
  107. Wagner Chantell - Seattle
  108. Wagner Matt - Seattle
  109. Warlock Jason - San Fran
  110. Weir Bryan - Calgary
  111. Wessner Ryan - Seattle
  112. White Craig - Seattle
  113. White Thomas - Oregon
  114. White Jessica - Oregon
  115. Wiesman Jerrod - San Fran
  116. Wilson Richard - Utah
  117. Woodward Brent - Seattle
  118. Worley Andrew - San Fran
  119. Wright Preston - Utah
  120. Zimmerman Tori - Seattle
Pre-Registered NPCs

NPCs, ya'll are great unless you've got an orange name. Thanks! :)

  1. Bond Amber - Seattle
  2. Bond Nick - Seattle
  3. Card Alice - Seattle
  4. Card Katie - Oregon
  5. Edwards Dakota - Seattle
  6. Graczyk Sean - Oregon
  7. Gregory Etienne - Seattle
  8. Hanks Andrew - Seattle
  9. Harris Jamie - Utah
  10. Holman Layn - Seattle
  11. Iverson Paul - Utah
  12. King Cydney - Oregon
  13. Koppenhaver Michael - Seattle
  14. Krauss Brian - Seattle (Saturday only)
  15. Lokholm Annastasia - Seattle
  16. Lynn Corin - Oregon
  17. Martin Barbara - Oregon
  18. Meiwes Kevin - Oregon (Friday arrival)
  19. Newcomb Seth - Seattle (Saturday afternoon/evening only)
  20. Newton Paul - Oregon
  21. Nocturne Re - Seattle
  22. Pappe Amianna - Seattle
  23. Pelletier Williams - Seattle
  24. Potter John - Seattle
  25. Raab Jessica - Oregon
  26. Raddue Rick - Oregon
  27. Rosca Veronia - Oregon
  28. Roseling Ellie - Oregon
  29. Sheppard Kelsey - Oregon
  30. Sleight Nathanael -Seattle
  31. Steele-Sierk Emma - Seattle
  32. Stratman Jennifer - Seattle
  33. Thayer Ben - Oregon
  34. Thomas Jason - Seattle
  35. Vaughn Gavin - Oregon
  36. Woodward Kristin - Seattle
  37. Yovel Zarazaiel - Oregon

Pre-Pays Received
Bainbridge Nate
Benike Ryan
Berg Emma
Bird Seth
Brown AceiLyn
Brown Alexander
Brown Denise
Chase Sean
Chase Tif
Cheatem Hannah
Dayson James
Doyle Luke
Dustin Katt
Edwards Dakota - NPC
Ficklin Dane
Finnigan Moira
Ford Erik
Ford Heber
Ford Sariah
Fultz Heather
Gable Marley Sage
Gallimore Connor
Gigante Jessica
Gill Faolin
Gourdine Anthony
Gregory Amy
Gregory Bryan
Gregory Etienne - NPC
Grey (Hoekstra) Derrick
Hagen Lauren
Hanks Andrew - NPC
Harris Jamie - NPC
Harrus Isaac
Hastings Jimmy
Hastings Sori
Hertzog Matt
Hudson Brian
Hunter Jodi
Hutchins Nancy
Iverson Paul - NPC
Johnson Kyle
Kenneally Tabitha
King Cydney - NPC
Koppenhaver Michael - NPC
LeBlanc Brandon
Lee Eric
Leveille Kelly
Leveille Ryan
Lewis Brad
Lokholm Annastasia - NPC
Lynn Corin - NPC
Martin Barbara - NPC
Miller Rachel
Moody Ruudy
Mungo Tony
Nametka Nate
O'Donnell Erin
Osborne Lisa
Pankow Megan
Papageorgacopoulos Eleni
Pappe Amianna - NPC
Patterson McKenna
Perez Daniel
Pick Tyler
Raddue Rick - NPC
Randall Josh
Rawson Evan (1st Payment Received)
Rector Joel
Reed Michael
Rogers Rebecca
Roseling Ellie - NPC
Rye Andrea
Scott Brandon
Shettel Emily
Sleight Nathanael - NPC
Staiger Adam
Steele-Sierk Emma - NPC
Stratman Jennifer - NPC
Sullivan Katie
Swassing Sylvia
Sweeney Brett
Syvertsen Nicholas
Wagner Chantell
White Craig
Wiesman Jerrod
Wilson Richard
Woodward Brent
Woodward Kristin - NPC
Worley Andrew
Yovel Zarazaiel - NPC
Zimmerman Tori

Updated 6/22/19
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I've pre-regged! The section about Magic Items... are those the items I would be bringing in from out of town?

Also, is there any chance I can pay the $120 in multiple payments?


Hey There!

I am waiting on my logistics team to update my character before I pre reg so I can do it properly.

I did have a question....

What is the difference between the $80 price and the $120 price?



Hey There!

I am waiting on my logistics team to update my character before I pre reg so I can do it properly.

I did have a question....

What is the difference between the $80 price and the $120 price?


Looks like the cheaper event is for paging


I've pre-regged! The section about Magic Items... are those the items I would be bringing in from out of town?

Yes. These items need to be converted to the 2.0 system before they are pre-regged. I cannot do that here in Seattle, so you have to work with your local chapter to make that happen. I'm not expecting everyone's pre-reg to be perfect right now, but we wanted the pricing and information to be posted so everyone can be thinking about the event!


Re: Page pricing -

Our page pricing is for youth participants who are automatically pages based on their age, which would be those under 14.

This does not apply to players who are Pages for other reasons, such as medical purposes.

There should be clarifying updates to our announcements, but I wanted to make sure you had an answer. :)


  • $120 - PC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $140 - PC Pre-Registered after deadline or did not pre-register
  • $80 - PC Page Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $100 - PC Page Pre-Registered after deadline or did not pre-register

  • $30 - NPC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
  • $40 - NPC Pre-Registered after deadline
Payments sent to

Is there a Vemno option for Payment?


I am excited to attempt to kill you all throughout the weekend!




Who makes up the plot team for this event? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, is the a discount if someone can only attend 2 of the 3 days?


Several questions that keep coming up:

1) What happens if I'm not in the CMA yet?
- Send us an email with this information
1) Player Name
2) Character Name
3) Home Chapter
4) Food Allergies/Preference
5) Cabinmate Preferences
After June 1, you will HAVE to register using the CMA!

2) What is the best way to reserve my spot at the event?

- Give us money! Send your pre-payment to and you will reserve your spot

3) What if I haven't converted anything yet?
- Still pre-register! We want you to reserve your sport.
However, before June 12, you will have to resubmit your preregistration WITH your items!!! It's ok to resubmit and we encourage it.
If you do NOT resubmit with your converted items before June 12 you will NOT get to use your magic items!

We will be updating the list by the end of the week, so look out for confirmation of your pre-registration and pre-pay coming soon!


Raddue Rick - Oregon - Re-do Pre-reg with a non-discarded character! Thanks!
You're not the boss of me!

(I still did it, though.)
So, I'm not sure how to update the information that I have pre-reg'd with. There isn't an "Edit" option. Should I remove and re-do the pre-reg?


Think I have it in there correctly!

Paul N.

so i am Pre-Registered as an npc, but when i check my the character i have signed up to get the xp it says invalid. what did i do wrong?

New, never mind i fixed it. my bad
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