This coming market faire I intend to do something a little new. I will be hosting an open forum, of sorts, on Saturday Morning. I will provide a traditional orcish breakfast drink (and probably some food to go along with it, though I do not wish to take away from the breakfast the tavern is providing) while my supplies remain.

In addition, I invite anyone who wishes to ask me anything they want while we eat, drink, and socialize. I will do everything I can to answer truthfully unless the information puts people in danger. This can be pretty much anything you wanna know from me, about me, or about my goals and ambitions.

I am not putting any specific timeframes on this, to allow for extenuating circumstances to play out but wanted to make it clear that this is an open invitation among the adventuring community.


Chicago Staff
It seems that we have chosen a good time to help spread the culture of New Zenith through our breakfast. If you wish to provide something extra, I would suggest a sweeter breakfast item, as the bowls we plan on providing are quite savory and hearty.

Kettle Croquet Flank Kolrabi of the Guilderncage III of his Clutch, the Apothecary of the Aviary


I am quite excited for your fare, which is my hesitation on bringing food at all. I hope you and yours will have an opportunity to join me, even if you are only able to share a quick drink. I think you particularly may appreciate the nature of my offering.


Binar, I look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your great past adventures this market. I also look forward to meeting the members of your clan you are bringing. I'd like to if possible offer up myself as also available to be asked any question people would like to know of me, of course if you feel this infringes upon your initial plans I will refrain. I also greatly look forward to learning your customs of your clan and see what this drink consists of.