Build Cap, Ritual Cap, and LCO Carryover Policies

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    It has been decided by the staff of Alliance Videa that for the 2018 Season the following policies will apply:

    Build Cap

    For the 2018 Season of Alliance Videa, there will be a build cap of 214 total build, spent or unspent.

    All characters that exceed the build cap can be played, but at a reduced build amount to conform with the build limit. The first time a player wishes to play a character that is over the build cap, they will need to contact logistics and let them know. Logistics will then work with that player to create a “scaled down” character card. This “scaled down” card will be at exactly 214 available build to spend, have the same race as the full card, and can have no skills purchased on it that the full character card does not have purchased, nor can it contain a skill in greater quantity than is on the full character card. Once created this “scaled down” character card can not be altered (unless the full card is altered in some way, such as through a Spirit Forge) and will be the character card used for any further events that character is played at Alliance Videa, until the build cap is raised. When the build cap is raised, any “scaled down” character cards will be granted access to any further build their full card has, up to the new cap. While playing a “scaled down” character, you will still earn experience and build on your full character as if that full character had attended the event.

    For purposes of Back Attacks and Critical Attacks it is possible to have purchased them on the full card but not actually have an instance of the skill available due to trading them in for a Backstab or Weapon Proficiency respectively. In this case it is assumed that if you have purchased a Backstab or Weapon Proficiency on your full card, you have purchased at least 4 Back Attacks or Critical attacks respectively. As such on your “scaled down” card you will be allowed to purchase up to four Back Attacks or Critical Attacks before trading them in to purchase a Backstab or Weapon Prof.

    Example: Brian has a Human Fighter named Frank C. that is 292 build and homed in the Alliance New Hampshire Database. Brian would like to play Frank C. at the upcoming Alliance Videa event for the first time. Brian contacts logistics for Alliance Videa and works with them on creating a “scaled down” version of Frank C. at 214 build. Since Frank C.’s full card is comprised of One Handed Edge, Shield, Weapon Proficiency x16, Parry x8, Teacher x1, and Craftsmen: Bodyguard x4, these are the only skills he can purchase on the “scaled down” card. Brian decides that for the scaled down card of Frank C. he will purchase One Handed Edge, Shield, Weapon Proficiency x11 (first he must purchase 4 Critical Attacks and trade them in 11 times), Parry x5, Teacher x1, and Craftsmen: Bodyguard x4. Since this only puts him at 205 spent build, he asks if he can purchase four more ranks of Craftsmen: Bodyguard, putting his total at 8 ranks, and one additional rank of Teacher, putting his total at 2 ranks. Since the full card for Frank C. only has four ranks of Craftsmen: Bodyguard and one rank of Teacher his “scaled down” version can not have any more than four ranks of Craftsmen: Bodyguard and one rank of Teacher so Brian is unable to purchase these additional ranks. Instead he decides to spend the nine remaining build on Critical Attack x3, even though he has zero ranks in it, having traded all previous purchases in for Weapon Proficiencies. Brian has now created his “scaled down” version of Frank C. that he will use at this and any subsequent events he chooses to play him. Even though the “scaled down” version of Frank C. that Brian will be playing only has 214 build, it is the full card version that will gain experience for the event.

    Ritual Cap

    A player can only bring up to 30 total rituals of magic items into initial logistics with them for a given weekend.

    Certain rituals are considered to be on the Exempted list; these rituals do not count against the 30 ritual cap in any way. They are Investiture, Mark, Cloak of Darkness, Preserve Duration, Permanent Duration, and any rituals flagged as Role Play Only, such as Cosmetic Transformation.

    This policy applies to items or ritual effects brought in at initial logistics. Items or ritual effects that were either found or created during the event in question are allowed for the duration of that event even if they would otherwise violate the policy.

    At this time no rituals are completely banned from the New Hampshire chapter, however the staff reserves the right to do so if we believe it to be necessary. Previous versions of this policy had a “Limited” list in addition; there is no such additional restriction at this time. We will be monitoring the policy going forward, and may make changes, but we will endeavor to be as fair as possible in doing so, both in the timing of and accessibility of any such announcement.

    If a player has more than 30 rituals of magic items that are all Spirit Linked or Spirit Locked on their person, they will be required to choose and hold items “in the Mists” where they will be inaccessible for the entirety of the event, until there are fewer than 30 rituals worth of magic items Spirit Linked/Locked to them. If a character is required to carry an LCO plot artifact, that item will not count against their cap.

    Example: Frank C. has a Master Construct, a 20-Ritual Item, and a 7-Ritual Item that is Spirit Linked. Frank is required to bring his Spirit Linked item, and must choose between his 20-Ritual Item or his Master Construct (which, by the ritual, is considered a 20-Ritual Item).

    Example: Sean has a Human Artisan named Daniel P. that has two 20-Ritual Items Spirit Linked to him, and an 8-Ritual Sword Spirit Linked to him. He must hold items "in the Mists". He can choose to hold the 8-Ritual Sword, but will then also have to hold one of the 20-Ritual Items. He can also choose one of the 20-Ritual Items and be under the cap. He may not choose to hold both 20-Ritual Items in the Mists.

    LCO Carryover Policy

    Please note that the LCO Carryover Policy only applies to characters that were played in Alliance Deadlands that will also be played in Alliance Videa.

    Any LCO magic item from Alliance Deadlands is also valid in Alliance Videa if it contains only rituals that exist on the National List. No Plot Artifacts or Plot Effects will transfer between storylines. All LCO items brought into play in this way must still fall under the Ritual Cap outlined above.

    All Deadlands Scrolls and Catalysts will still be valid in Alliance Videa. Catalysts may change names for storyline reasons. Scrolls affected by Catalyst name changes will be updated upon notification of staff to list both the Deadlands and Videan Catalyst. Deadlands Catalysts can be exchanged for the equivalent Videan Catalyst.

    If you think this policy doesn’t cover a strange item, scroll, or tag that you have, please feel free to contact us. Please bear in mind that the Alliance Videa team has put this policy together without perfect knowledge of all of the LCO items and effects that were staged in the past 10 years.
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    Yes. In the event of a permanent death any spirit linked/locked items held in the Mists will reform with your permanently dead body as normal. As such, it is required for any player playing a character with spirit linked/locked items to bring those items to game, even if they are unable to bring them into game per the ritual cap policy.
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