Calimacil or something better

I'm hoping that someone can share their experiences with foam latex weapons. Calimacil or is there a better alternative? I'm looking for a medium length long sword that doesn't cost 150$. It's for my son, who is harder than normal on pretty much everything, so it needs to be durable. He has a light touch during combat.


I know bj is pretty good with latex knowledge. I would message him.


Traverse City Staff
You could message Mike Nordby (Track star Mike) he makes latex weapons. lukeskywkr is his name in the forums.


<humble brag> South Michigan has given out 2 latex Long Swords this season, maybe you could get one for free for him if you showed up :p </humble brag>

I have two or 3 that sit in my closet that I don't ever use Mike. I'm happy to give him one, he's a good kid.
Here are the 2 I have. I think the third one is Elfy as well. But, it might be a short sword.

1418.jpg FOAM_Barbarian_Greatsword_Latex_Wildling_Weapon_LARP_King_Slayer_Sword_Cosplay_Prop_1.jpg
Thank you for the offer. I was thinking of Christmas. We can talk at the next event. My wife is having surgery at the and of the month. And will be off of work for 5 to 7 weeks. So that will put a damper on any thought of traveling until September or October. I do really want to make it down for one of your eventS.