Calling of Apothecary Local 1497 Guild Moot


Greetings to all. I am Thaumaturge Nashira Azraq of the Swirling Dust Scarabs.

I welcome one and all of well-meaning and positive aim.

At the last gather within the Overlands I was placed as acting head of our Apothecary Brotherhood Chapter 1497 by the present members.

In this capacity, I am calling a Guild Moot to take place at the upcoming gather in the month of Penhayir. Most likely late morning or noon on the Day of Death.

I ask all members, who are able, to attend.

In particular, a hand is extended to all those who have in the past pursued or begun initiation within our guild. I welcome you.

I also welcome any who are interested in our proceedings to approach me post-meeting.

Should you have any statements, questions, or concerns that you would rather not have in the public expanse, I meditate fairly frequently and will respond to individual contact.

Stars guide you.

--Thaumaturge Azraq

Lanna Rose

Thaumaturge Azraq,

I will plan accordingly as I am hosting a guild moot for the local chapter of the Jewelers and Gem Crafter's guild. Please inform me of the bells you wish this moot to take place so that I am able to attend and so that the Jewelers and Gem Crafter's guild moot does not conflict.

Thank you.

Sapharia Barran'i
I fully intend to be there to show my support, I've been practicing my alchemy too.

Trel Jarina


If no one otherwise objects, the moot will be held at the midday bell on the Day of Death ((Saturday, at noon)).

--Thaumaturge Azraq


I thank you for your congratulations.

Though your advice is unnecessary, I thank you for that as well.

I have yet to begin the length to which I shall succeed.

Good day.

--Thaumaturge Azraq