Camp Directions

We are taking the back way for sure since there will be little cub scouts running around.

When you pull into the drive way there will actually be sorta two drives, one unpaved that goes to the left and one paved that goes slightly uphill to the right; take the right. Shortly after that you'll come to a T intersection, go to the right, this will lead you sorta of a little junk area and right at the end of it should be a woodsy road to the left. Follow that road all the way down till it ends (watch out cause there is roots sticking up in some places, so go slow). You should come to a nice sandy well worn road, if you take a left you will find a building at the bottom of the hill. That is where we will be parking our cars most likely, and that's generally where logistics is, and tavern. I am not quite certain on sleeping arangements as of yet.
Also wanted to add, about the junky area, the road continues to the left. It doesn't look like it (there will be a garage/shed building in front of you before you make the left), but there is.