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Minnesota Staff

Health Form & Release and Waiver

A Health Form and Release and Waiver must be filled out and submitted to the Minnesota Alliance LARP staff by every player before they may participate as either a PC or NPC. Forms will be available to fill out at Logistics at each event.

Membership Policies

Each player who attends a Minnesota Alliance event must have a membership with our chapter. This helps cover the cost of maintaining our insurance and paying for the reservation fees for securing sites each year. Memberships expire at the end of the season and must be renewed each year. The cost is $10.

Membership fees can be sent over Zelle (preferred) PayPal to In the notes include your name, the purpose of your payment, your character name, and the chapter the character is housed in.

A membership is not required to blanket our events or to get monthly blankets on your character. It is only required if you wish to attend an event.

New Player Policies

New players are a necessity to help grow our chapter and ensure its health for years to come. With that in mind, the following benefits are offered to new players and to players who help recruit players to our chapter.

New Player Benefits:
  • Your first two events PCing or NPCing is at half cost.
  • You are not required to purchase a Membership until your second game.
Note: If you have never attended an Alliance LARP event, and decide to immediately purchase a season pass before receiving your new player discount, you will be credited with 400 Goblin Stamps, or 200 Goblin Stamps if you have attended one event, as compensation for the discount. Please note this in your season pass purchase e-mail.

Magic Item Policy

Restricted Magic Items:
  • All Restricted Magic Items will be allowed into our chapter without limit.
LCO Magic Items:
  • We will be accepting all LCO items with standard effects, regardless of the chapter of their origin. All characters will be limited to 20 rituals worth of LCO items, even if those items originated within the Minnesota Alliance chapter. These items should be noted in your pre-reg for an event or written onto your character card at logistics.
LCO Crafted items:
  • We will not be accepting LCO crafted items from other chapters.
We reserve the right to deny any Restricted or LCO Magic Item on a case-by-case basis.

IBGA Policy

The Minnesota Alliance chapter is accepting IBGAs. After each event, a deadline will be posted on the forums indicating when these must be submitted. IBGAs are meant to be a supplement to a character’s in-game actions, and as such should be limited in scope. Unless otherwise noted, IBGAs should consist of one Major Action and one Minor Action. Major actions may include things such as meeting with NPCs, investigating an issue, or performing research, and should be the focus on your character’s time during that period. Minor actions are things that are unlikely to influence the game, but that you would still like plot to note, such as spending time at your character’s favorite bar, hanging out with your character’s family, or spending time helping orphans.

Non-standard crafting and materials

Recipes and items made from recipes that came into play prior to the 2023 season are being sunset and will be retired by the end of the 2023 season.

Old LCO materials can be used in place of the following LCO 2.1 Crafting Materials:
  • Animal Byproduct -> Leather
  • Elemental -> Ink or Ore
  • Herb -> Herbs
  • Necromantic -> Any
  • Poison -> Herbs
  • Metal/Ore -> Ore
  • Wood -> Ore or Leather

NPC Rewards

This season, we want to encourage players to come and NPC for us. Players who volunteer to NPC for the entire weekend will be rewarded as described below. Also, fence hoppers, players who spend time volunteering as NPCs, will be rewarded for completing their scheduled time.

Players who NPC for the entire weekend will receive:
  • 250 Goblin Stamps
  • An Event Blanket for their character
  • A NPC Blanket per logistics period of the event
If there is a need for Fence Hoppers volunteers will receive:
  • A Meaningful Variable Goblin Stamp reward
PCs should never be penalized for deciding to fence hop during a weekend, other players should not demand explanations for why the volunteer’s character was missing.
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