Clarification on 9th level scrolls/potions. Life? Ward?

Willem Rivet

I saw a "resolved" thread that brought a related question to mind: If you can make 9th level Evocation/9th level cure/cause wounds potions, does that mean that other 9th level effects are allowed in the same way? Could you make a Ward scroll or a Life potion, for instance?

Thank you.

-JT Engstrom


Please see the "Production Skills" section of the rule book for the list of available potions, scrolls, elixirs, weapons, traps, and armor available to be crafted.
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There are multiple spells that cannot be made into scrolls or potions at many levels. You cannot make a Ward into a scroll, nor a Banish. You cannot make a Life potion, but neither can you make an Earth Blade potion.
These, are by design, spells that the game does not want stockpiled as production items. Evocation bolts and healing potions on the other hand are designed as being able to be stockpiled, so stocking 45 pt vs. 40 pt. versions isn't going against design ideas.
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