Costuming questions!


Thanks again!! I would love to ask about it more but I'm pretty anxious about it, especially since the soonest I'll be able to go to an event is June (My birthday is in May, and I'll be the minimum age req. for HQ after that) but I'll try and steel myself to do it!


I would suggest either contacting Ashbury's Plot team ( or making a post in the Ashbury Out-Of-Game section to discuss backstory stuff.
I NPC at HQ, so I can try to answer questions as well, though I'm not as familiar with the history of the land as some people are...
We're all friendly, so don't worry about asking questions


I play in HQ but as an Elf. I would for sure contact Plot before nailing down a backstory.

I created a character and backstory before I got the race or culture packet. I just had a general outline of the race. It has created some interesting RP as I missed stuff that was in the packets. My character now jokingly refers to himself as an "Uncultured Elf". Reactions to parts of his IG past run from pity to distaste.

If I had it to do over again I would have had the packets before finalizing my back story. There are some people who have been playing a while and have more lived experience in bordering lands then is written about.

Getting a the .pdfs from plot is no biggy , Specialy with the lead time you have. They are good people and will help you out. Email back and forth a couple times and done.


As a new player you also get a free do-over once, so if you arrive at your first event and decide you would rather be playing a slightly different race after the fact, that's absolutely accommodated. I've not seen it happen before, but I imagine they just sort of hand-wave it as a retcon so that you don't lose your limited roleplaying progress from only having 1 event under your belt (having to spend your second event reintroducing yourself, rejoining guilds, etc. would be pretty stale).