Current Issues (September)


Storm Dragon:
Lightning and Ice drakes came in last market day trying to get to their leader, a Storm Dragon. The drakes and minions were rather rough for the town to handle. A deal was made to help get them to their leader or free their leader. He is apparently in a mountain. The mists would not allow us to get there. The mountain has some horrendous name no one can pronounce.

Hill Dwarf split personalities:
The mountain dwarves has a relic that allows them to literally split someone in two. Light half/dark half? Not sure exactly what line the split is on. They use a relic to achieve this effect. Gideon is working on relic research and options. There is concern that when one half dies, so does the other.

Elven Kings Return:
All you Emerald Flame. Perhaps this has already happened?
The Elven Duchess (and our town) are both in peril if the king is not returned.

Missing person Bob:
Needs to be found and sent home. He wants to go home. Maxwell can send him home. Just need to find Bob.

Hollow Elves:
The Stone Elf White Wyvern Leader (sorry my notes with names aren't in front of me) has offered to try and help restore these elves. This has not been attempted before. Not sure what will be required.

MWE Children:
Their ordeal has left them aged. Find a way to return their youth to them.

This known necromancer is a pig kin that has taken offense to his death (punishment for necromancy) and sworn revenge.


There are 4 sleeping dragons.
One is the Storm Dragon, unsure of the other 3 but I spent some time researching them. I'll report my findings at the gathering.

They are in the Dwarven Mountain of all things interesting.

I visioned them. I believe the mists not allowing us to go there last gathering was a quirk of the mists.

The fortune teller was also involved. If she comes into town, she might know more.



Don't forget the plethora or more accurately nation of of snake people living underground/ in the ocean.

The snake people saro mentioned are the ones who are kidnapping the children. Maxwell as a way to allow a small group of people to breed underwater.
Also now that the heartwood forest is no longer a forest, the stone elves who no longer share a common enemy, have decided with the exception on one clan To no longer create hollow elves. Don't ask me which plan I have no idea. All their names are unpronounceable. In addition there is on clan who doesn't like me, he rattled his zipper at me. He only survived because he has a tremendous amount of dodges and he can run faster than I can.


Clan Gru (lines on headbands) is the core of the Hollow Elf issue.
Clan (XXX on headbands) are the assassins that Havok played with.
Clan (fire on headbands) are primarily warriors and includes the White Wyvern guy.
Clan (lightningbolts on headbands) are more of the intellectuals.
I don't know the other clans offhand.
As a point of interest, I did find a dragon under the lava in the heart of a Volcano. It was sleeping on my Word, I barely got out with it before it broke my Astral Projection. To my recollection, the dragon was Red and Black.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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