December Event Feedback/Best Moments

Share your favorite/memorable moments from the 2017 December event!
Also, negative or positive, we appreciate any and all feedback from our players!
Let us know how we did! Thanks!!
favorite moment, by far "By the power of my voice Arcane Paranoia, Arcane Hallucination"!!! Great job overall everyone!
I had an astounding time!! It was super cool getting to meet all kinds of people from a new place!

All the falling asleep in the tavern over the weekend was super restful. I felt like I was a bit too powerful for the most part, so I was trying to keep things fun for everyone and focus on healing.

I LOOOOOOVED having Josh as my Water Elemental companion for the weekend, he was super on the ball roleplay wise and just looked like he was having a great time!

Going out to Lucian's fire and having some meat and veggies was exquisite, I wish I would've returned Saturday night, but things just got busy. I want to hear how the tea and whatnot was!

Waking up Saturday morning to find things inside of my circle that spirits had placed was REALLY surprising and also totally awesome!

All the goo that came from the pirates and was on the shores and whatnot was suuuper cool too.

I liked the mimic wall!! I've never seen content like that before, it was totally fun (even if we all wiped on it) Then spending the next half an hour cowering form the onslaught of orcs that were pinning us down in the tavern .

Really really really cool roleplay with Lia! It was super cool to have someone else in the cabin who wanted to stay IC for the duration of the weekend even in the bunk room! Big props to her for carrying on how she was!

I also really adored just wandering around the site and seeing all the locations and views.

All in all, absolute A+ game for me! Thanks to everyone who participated in the event!!
Ok, according to Puck, I didn't fill this out properly :p Ill try again. haha
The yurts were awesome and the view was beautiful. I think my favorite thing was all the new PC's and NPC's Zakar got to meet, Lucien, Maddy, Oli, and Val in particular. As a player, I loved the mimic hat, but Zakar wants that thing dead yesterday, so yeah... My slave mod was... not what I expected and I loved it. haha. OH! Nick as the Jester was amazing and made me super happy! I still hate those fricken spiders and all that controlling crap -_- Lets see... The view from the top of the Dam is something to see if you didn't walk up it yet, just saying

-Zakar - Nicholas Syvertsen
Top moments this past weekend:

- Litch King training ground was fun. Sorry for trying to silence you Jack.
- Josh as Diatastasus was great! Absolutely hilarious to bounce off of.
- Beautiful site, absolutely gorgeous, but I'm not able to walk on all those huge rocks. Those hurt my feet....
- Dee and her tree was fantastic. I loved those puzzles and riddles.
- Laying with Gova across my lap and taking a nap just there, that was nice.
- Hallucinogenic muffins... Pretending to be a cat was startlingly fun.
- Jessie: "Burn that Bird!"

I know I missed a lot this weekend, but I had a blast nonetheless.
Hey everyone! I had a blast at game last weekend!

It is a very beautiful site! I liked how there were lots of different terrains. Although, the rocks they use as roads are a bit hard on on the ankles.

I admit to feeling a little over powered as well, then plot decided to crank it up to accommodate me. Had some great times fighting from this and getting to use my skills.

The RP was great! Need to interact more, but it was awesome finding another Ravenkyn! And interacting with with everyone was great!

Some specific highlights in no particular order:
Standing on the porch of the tavern and taking on Jesse at a distancr of 30 feet amd still tagging him while he is in motion.

Keeping the pirates busy at a simular distance but uphill with a stiff breeze. Not as many hits but still fun keeping them occupied :)

Dee and then Dee's tree. I enjoyed the puzzles and the interactions with that character. A wonderful set of creative misinterpretations :)

Facing the spiders. That was one where I was glad I was along. And then using skills to midify the fight some. Finally a use of stun limb!

I know there are more but those are my highlights currently :)
I loved Chester's Joy, and my new lil CHAINMAIL OWL. Love hiiimm. I enjoyed roleplaying, and I think my favorite moments were... Being Laugh-gassed, dying via mimics, the hat mimic, Madrigal's adventure with Lia, and Mr. Grey :3.
There was a lot I loved, the first night we went out looking for undead and found some other scary stuff (mud elementals?) instead. After that we went to rescue a friend, who turned out not to need rescuing, but that was our first encounter with oil elementals, which, we learned, grow if you hit them with ice. Then we went to rescue some miners and ended up getting our butts kicked, and when we went to regroup we got attacked by orcs. Not that I would know about that, seeing as how I was stuck in a cave being TORMENTED BY MIMICS!!! Who then forced me to bring their evil sadistic leader into the tavern, where he became a CELEBRITY! Because apparently, NOBODY SEEMS TO THINK THAT MAYBE MAKING FRIENDS WITH SOMETHING THAT ONLY CONSIDERS YOU A SOURCE OF FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT MIGHT BE A BAD IDEA!!! But Val's not salty about that at all, or upset about that fact that her clothes were replaced by other mimics, or mad that Hat stole her cookie...

The next day we had a couple pirates sell us a trapped box of oil elementals, which we lit on fire while fighting them inside the tavern and then discovered that hitting them with ice after they're on fire makes them explode, so that was fun... And since the pirate were trying to get us murdered, we decided to go teach them a lesson, by murdering all of them. While we were on our way over, though, we heard a commotion and thought there was a fight going on, so we charged down the (extremely thorny) hill to see what was going on and found a very strange woman handing out out muffins which we declined due to the fact that every person who ate them was acting VERY strangely. Then we went and murdered the pirates, who had a TON of oil elementals with them. Then later we tried to help free some slaves from a caravan but that went horribly wrong because they turned out to not actually be slaves. The tavern got attacked several more times, flame elementals, shadow creatures, etc...

By far though, the most memorable fight was when we went out to fight some star golems. After we killed the first wave they all dissolved into star metal which, when touched completely refreshed anyone close enough. In the second wave there were a couple of them that were red, and the metal from them forced anyone who got close to live their worst nightmares and the person who touched one ran screaming into the night. Right after that a figure rifted in and, in a SUPER CREEPY VOICE, thanked us and gave us three chests as a reward. The moment we opened the chests everyone in range was hit by arcane paranoia and arcane hallucinate, and three monsters stepped from the chests. It wasn't until the effects of the spells wore off that we realized that the monsters we'd been fighting were actually three of our friends, which led to some lovely dramatic moments. Including Val calling on chaos right as the effects of the paranoia and hallucinate wore off, and then realizing immediately both what she'd done, and the fact that the person she'd been attacking was Sandro. The rp afterwards was awesome! I had a ton of fun playing out the reactions with everyone, especially Lucian, Kipp, Sandro, and Zakar. Thank you all!
I loved the weekend,and apologize for so many out of game questions. My favorite thing was the healer's guild trial mod, and one of the NPC's asking what vorpal coating did, and him getting told "You'll know when it happens." Some more of my favorite memories from this event are the conversations with goat mom, DEE IS SO ADORABLE, and the Star Golem and Mr. Grey.
Hello!!! This will be Renynn's piece followed by my own!

Good afternoon. I see a lot of positive feedback, and a lot of it would be repeated by me. As such I will probably be scene as a negative Nancy.
Number one.
Please do not have big boss battles at late hours of the night. I am old now, sorry to be that guy, but Jesus guys I can't stay up for 20 hours each day anymore. I ended up throwing up Saturday evening from exhaustion, and there is no way I can keep up with the rapid fire events that kept taking place around the tavern.

Number two.
Where are the mod notes? I missed those, and it seems like it would have removed the need for such rapid events play.

Number three.
Can we please give a proper lay on at the set time? Regardless of whether everything is set up or not, this will at least give the characters a firm time that they act in character. I was confused as to when I should be Joe, and when I should be Renynn on Friday night.

Number 4.
This will be contrary to number one. I apologize for the hypocrisy. However despite how many events descended upon me, I found myself absent of some of the main quest lines. It seems if I did not follow members of plot around, I missed out on really fun important stuff.

Number 5.
It seemed like plot was in conflict with itself. Multiple storylines conflicted and overlapped at inopportune times throughout the weekend. It seemed like there were two plans that disregarded one another.

Number 6.
This isn't really a criticism but this is been bothering me. Absence of endow spells, how did the plot team truly expect us to defeat the pirate encounter? We could not climb we could not destroy we only jumped and or were thrown on the wisdom of one of our spell casters. I loved the encounter besides that.

This was, reading back on it, kind of a mean review. Please don't take this as discouragement. I still had a wonderful time. However it was not as good as my first experience with Alliance a couple of months ago.

Please take this with a grain of salt. Still wants to come back and play again, butts without some of the chaos that seemed 2 denote the weekend. Thank you for your time, and please note this was written with voice to text and some of the words may be incorrect. Please use context clues to figure out thank you.
All right! So this next one is mine. *inhale.....exhale*

First off, as always I freaking love this site.
It's huge, there's a lot of varied terrain, and because it was so nice and cool and frosty, there were about no biting insects which was very nice I'm sure for everyone.

I love working with Miss Loli in the tavern with Doug as always, and it was wonderful meeting all the new people from out of chapter as well as seeing all the cool Advanced characters and costumes.

Sadly, that is honestly the bulk of my player experience. The most interaction had in the environment was as an NPC so I can't say that I had much Adventure this weekend.

I really wanted there to be mod cards.
No matter when I went out and about during the entire weekend event as Lia, I could not get involved in a single Adventure.
There came a time when I got so frustrated I just wanted to go and get to fight with my two friends I had driven down with, But it was in that moment the healer is Guild event was also going on.
I had to choose between those two for my character.

While I chose to go and do the healers trial, it turned out that we had been left unprepared by the other event which was going on at the same time.
The end result of that, was a few moments of actual combat I got to enjoy with the group followed by more of me waiting at the tavern.

While waiting for my actual healers Guild trial to begin, a new massive event popped up in front of us with giant spiders.
Using roleplay as a guide, it seems like the town might be doomed if we didn't do something and that this was much more important than me finally getting to join the darn healers Guild.

So me and a wonderful group of players stayed to participate, following this mod to see where it led.

Although the situation was incredibly dire, or at least it had been presented that way through Roleplay, the team made it seem like we could do absolutely nothing about the problem presented to us.
Although I understand logistically that there may not have been enough people to put on this mod and that issues may have arisen setting it up, I will be frank.
I was heartbroken. This was the only Adventure which I was able to participate in the whole weekend. And it ended in nothing.

Completely closed off from options left and right, we returned to the tavern to find out that I had missed my opportunity to do my Earth Guild joining Quest.
Not only did I end this weekend unable to Adventure with my friends, but I also was unable to join the Earth casters Guild.

A question I would like to honestly post you, is why did you even start such a big, world is going to end, sort of mod if it could not be followed through? Why not wait until next time, or whisper it through the dreaming? I'm just sad because I got my hopes up.

As a character, I will come back again because I love this chapter and I love this game.

As a player, I was really disappointed. It honestly seemed like because I was not involved in any side plot prior, or was not counted as a member of one of the other groups that actively Roleplay s with plot via discord between events, that unless I followed those individuals continuously, I would never get to see any Adventure or growth in this game.

Yes that may be a little melodramatic, but I was really really..... really hurt that I didn't get to experience even one of these things were mentioned above.

Everyone else got to be part of such awesome adventures, you all came back with such great stories.

I think the biggest stories I have, my character can't tell, because I had them while I was an NPC. My Adventures, where had as the muffin man and as Dee the Sphinx.

I think I had more fun playing Dee than my actual player character that I had paid to come and play. I got to interact with all sorts of people, be Whimsical and silly, and everyone else had a lot of fun with this character too. I do hope plot will allow me to play her in the future so that I can set up more games and puzzles because gosh darn it, that was a heck in lot of fun.

While I was disappointed with the results of this last game, it was honestly the result of me trying to help out at the tavern. We had such a large group of people and I wanted to make sure that our Tavern mistress and her crew had everything they needed as well as that's a part of my character's job in town! I'm not just going to abandon them to a massive group of players, I'm... I have a hard time being that selfish.
But I may have to if I want to actually Adventure next game.

I know some of this was unavoidable because of what happened with the NPC's who dropped out.
I still love the game,
I still love the chapter,
but this event left me wanting, sad, and heartbroken.

Dee however, had a heck of a lot of fun and can't wait to meet everyone again and play new games!

Yeah... That was a pretty somber feedback, and I do realize how dramatic some of that is. I am not going to lie though, and I will always give you my honest opinion.

If there is anything that I can do to keep some of these things from repeating next event, please don't hesitate to tell me.
The wonderful thing about this chapter is that the populous here are very dedicated to it and I'm sure that each one of us would be willing to help if delegated a task. Let us help you help us ......if that's something that we can do.....

I'm sorry, I think that's the only sort of positive note I can spin on this right now.