Event Review: Endtimes - May 2016

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Welcome back to the Breach, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the opener of your 2016 summer season!
Remember - IBGAs and MI requests are due in two weeks, by June 12th.

**NPCs - Do not post here. We have our own review, which I will be posting to the FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. Too many moments! The two big fights were great, finding out more about my character (second last one through the portal, just to make sure everyone was safe? Yeah, didn't expect that), running from a necromancer while going for a walk with Briony, drinking Gabriel's 'special drink', and being a dance champion!

2. I would have liked to have seen some of the non-top bounties come out. And I would have liked to have gone after one of the top ones, but never found the time to do so (next time though!)

3. More instamods! Maybe one or two more battles in the town. And for sure, more player vs player RP conflict. That was the best.

4. Ruki, starring down Gabriel and Sevill, saying "I'm sorry, I can't let you can't you cut up a sleeping woman. I have orders."

"And you're going to stop us?"

"Well....", he says, unsure, "I'll try."

And then...fade to black, as he is knocked unconscious.
1. Finally taking down Kara Vale, even though Phal didn't have much of a grudge against her beyond "She's a necromancer who infected my friends with a Blood Plague", which might actually have been a good reason to hold one in hindsight. :p Being stuck in her realm and dealing with the reagents late into the night was also fun, even if it was a bit exhausting for all involved.

2. This was more of a PC-to-PC thing, but we really need better dissemination of important information; not knowing how the candle mods went down and how the aftermath was supposed to work caused a couple of problems, most notably when a bunch of low- and low-ish level people went to check on one and got a Gift of Death to the face. (I would have grabbed a couple of high-level people to come with us if I'd been told that monsters of any kind might be there, but as it was, I was only told we were checking on a puzzle and making sure the candle was still lit. Partially my fault, since I should be prepared for just about anything, so no blame being placed here.)

3. More morally grey choices, such as with the Sleeping Beauty/Sleep Elixir mod. I personally really liked listening to the reactions and arguments for and against taking one of her body parts, even if in-game Phal felt very strongly one way and felt the opposing side was being foolish.

4. Phal had watched the argument in silence, sure of his own decision but both unwilling and unable to force others to his point of view. And now the strongest proponent of each side had drawn weapons and come to blows at the Princess' bedside before moving outside where more room was available. He watched with silent fascination, and a growing pit in his stomach, until Gabriel had fallen; he offered to patch up the Gypsy, but Hamish pulled a roll of bandages from his pouch and began First Aid in silence. After watching for a moment, he looked at the fire and those sitting around it; Kara Vale's body reduced to ashes, a schism among the Breachers that had to be resolved if they were to leave her realm, and blood on the ground as that argument remained unsolved. He shook his head slightly, then turned and headed into the dark facsimile of the tavern of the Breach, leaving the tension behind in favour of relative calm.

Tyler Sadler
1. Favorite moments: Have to be all the battles. Including the warm up on Saturday morning. Definitely got the blood going! The mood that was set on Friday for the Dark Reaches mod. Fog rolling in, eerie music playing in the background and great RP done with the NPCs. And we cant forget the fireworks! :D

2. Not being able to see Katie's awesome work on makeup on the Dark Reaches run (Friday) :( I know you worked hard on it, but we were instructed to stay at bay while the heavy hitters got in. I know it was mentioned in the debrief yesterday, but the candle mods. There were a few hiccups, but after running to get clarification, it was good. I thought that Marshals were suppose to be present while we checked?

3. Hmmmm, what do I want to see more of? I would like to see how far we can go with the darker side of things. What are we willing to sacrifice in the end? Our morals? Our integrity? Ourselves? Our fellow comrades?

4. Arylne being able to be vocal on the battlefield (which surprised me personally as Arylne is the quiet type)
After the Dark Reaches mod, Arlyne realizes that this place is not for the faint of heart. Seeing babies being killed and others being tortured to death is not her cup of tea.
Seeing her fellow comrades (Hamish and Gabriel) fight in the Sleeping Beauty mod. It was interesting to see how far people would go because of what they believe in.
Arlyne was quite surprised with Boris wielding Necro magic.
She does admire the love and bond between Shin and Scarlett. Even though **** (pardon) was going down, they stuck by each other and fiercely so. They would stick by each other no matter what.
EDIT: Forgot to mention the Hanzel and Gretal mod. Arlyne waking up to fairy children burning alive will haunt her for the rest of days.
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I thought that Marshals were suppose to be present while we checked?

So the way this worked was by a game of "cat and mouse". Our NPCs were instructed at times to go to a candle (and we left which candle up to the NPCs walking down there) and either a) turn it off or b) replace the Fey Line Puzzle. Once that was done the NPC would radio up to Monster Camp to tell us this was done. We noted the time.

PCs had 1 hour from that time to turn the candle on, or solve the new Fey Line puzzle.

In an hour's time, our NPCs would go back to the candle/puzzle and let us know if it was on/completed. They would then head over to another candle and repeat the process. If PCs ran into NPCs at the candles a fight would happen. If not, no party was the wiser. This was literally up to the players to police the candles and no marshal would be present (at least not a full marshal in a tabard) when a fight broke out. Otherwise that would give it away.

Hope that helps clarify how that was supposed to work. ;-)
So the way this worked was by a game of "cat and mouse". Our NPCs were instructed at times to go to a candle (and we left which candle up to the NPCs walking down there) and either a) turn it off or b) replace the Fey Line Puzzle. Once that was done the NPC would radio up to Monster Camp to tell us this was done. We noted the time.

PCs had 1 hour from that time to turn the candle on, or solve the new Fey Line puzzle.

In an hour's time, our NPCs would go back to the candle/puzzle and let us know if it was on/completed. They would then head over to another candle and repeat the process. If PCs ran into NPCs at the candles a fight would happen. If not, no party was the wiser. This was literally up to the players to police the candles and no marshal would be present (at least not a full marshal in a tabard) when a fight broke out. Otherwise that would give it away.

Hope that helps clarify how that was supposed to work. ;-)

Yes it does thanks Cory! :)
1. Favorite Moments: Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and friendly, it made for a fantastic first time experience! I absolutely loved holding the line with the rest of the shields and all the teamwork associated with the Kara Vale fight.
Other memorable moments include restoring a siren to her rightful form, going on a walk with a stray corgi and sprinting across the commons in a state of genie induced paranoia.

2. Less Favorite Moments: It was a bit tough not knowing how long it would be till our group's lair run. I know that everyone behind the scenes was working tirelessly to keep things going steady, but I did feel a little nervous going out on patrol and not knowing whether the lair would start up without me.

3. What you would like to see more of: Everything! I am just so excited to finally be able to get out and participate.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character: Dain sits in his bunk counting through his coin. When his father told him there would be no raiding while the peace with the frost giants remained he was furious. He felt his chance at fortune and glory was gone like the snow under the midday sun. Imagine his surprise when he was told that there was another way to achieve his goals. "Go South" they said " It is said that the breach is in near constant turmoil, a worthy place to practice the warrior's trade. Go there and return a champion worthy of your name, or break and join the endless ranks of the fallen. Only you can decide your fate." At the time he thought this was meant to scare him, but he was beginning to think that maybe they spoke true. Dain has had a taste of war and glory, and he is ready for more.
1. Post your favorite moments
I don't particularly like late night mods, I don't see very well once it gets too dark, packet attacks become fairly unreliable, and scrolls are right out unless I use a light which may ruin various players night vision.

That said: The Dark Reaches mod was so very good. From the seriousness of knowing we were sacrificing some of our vitality to enter and leave, through some excellent roleplay and a bit of riddle solving, and riddle asking (that was brilliant and unexpected) The potential for freeform play, who knows what could have gone down in what order if we had not decided to try getting the first creature we encountered to act as a guide? The creep factor was high, especially with the ambient sound effects. I found it added so much. I'd say it could have used more combat, except that potential was there, but we really stuck to our guns that it was a recon mission and combat was to be avoided if at all possible, which we all did, often against our better nature/judgement. Just excellent.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I don't really know that I had any less favorite moments that count. All the elements I disliked were story/RP conflicts that made sense in their places, and at those times.

3. What you would like to see more of
The ambient sounds on mods, the whole freeform mod thing is great, I like it a lot.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Cato sits in the small library of the Arcane Sanctum building of the Breach, Darien standing beside him. He's determined to fill his spellbook. "Are you sure? It's going to cost a lot!"
Cato look up from his own book and Darien's, side by side. "Yes!, Yes, I have the money I just want to get it done, I know I can afford it!" They approach the clerk, explaining their need, and after some calculations, the clerk presents them with the required and heavily regulated ink, and a bill for the total.

Cato's eyes go a bit agog. "I..... I'm not going to be able to afford tonight's meal."
"Well, do you still want to do this?"
"Alright, lets get it done then."

Scooping up the ink and leaving a prodigious pile of gold silver and copper on the table for the clerk to count, they move back to the table where Cato begins the labourious work of copying spells into his book. Darien checks the coin in his purse, just to be sure he can spot his initiate a meal tonight.
Post your favorite moments

The battles were very well done, thanks to excellent NPCing! But it is the RP that I recall the best and that helps most to define our characters.
· Debating with Gabriel whom Isawda would or should see as less worthy. Those he would be forced to bow before by the curse laid upon him. Finally conceding that someone who terrorized a land with his music, cast necromancy, and seemed unwilling to even try to understand the common laws of the land would qualify. And then bowing to that person all event. :)
· Having ten minutes when the spirits of Boris and Isabel gatherd to explain to them in excruciating detail the dangers of the slippery path of chaos and Necromancy.
· The new players joining the Earthcircle, and those that did not! I really appreciate how they took the oath seriously and played that in character. Well done!
· The ritual with Scarlet. His role play of concern with the risks and seriousness of a Ritual casting was terrific!
· The choice in the Ironroot dream. Wishing to pick the symbol of my people, but knowing their flaws all too well, being compelled to choose another, kinder, symbol.
· Getting "fudged to the feathery eyebrows" on Friday! My thanks to Kumari for the fudge, to Magus for walking/supporting the Sheriff all the way to his cabin safely, and to everyone that played along!
· Walking away from the Cinderella mod. While Isawda has no authority to enforce the Breaches laws there, concealing a murder is beyond what he is willing be to a part of. In any land.

Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
· The minor confusion in a couple of places. Some thought they would be hooked to the candles to check up on them. Some thought that the list of components was a scavenger hunt rather than a list of components that would come from mods.We coulda shoulda shared information better.

What you would like to see more of
· Mods like the candle mod that leave us able to control the pace and own how active we are. No blaming anyone but ourselves if we are not active enough.
· That kind of weather!
· New players that jump in and played with gusto. The shield wall was outstanding!
· Someone who can explain where all my gold went! I had a mitt full for a brief shining moment.

Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
· “Do Biata lay eggs?” asked Boris from the midst of a group of smiling faces hanging about the tavern. Listing to one side, with maple fudge heavy on his breath, Isawda considered the somewhat insulating question for a moment. Then arching suggestively one feathered eyebrow, he responded with “Why? Do you want to be the mommy or the daddy?” There was no immediate reply...
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1. Post your favorite moments

The trials were really good, I know some people thought they were unfair and in some cases unjust as well. They had a harsh reality of that style of the time period in my mind. People also owned up and took their deaths with honourable flair, which I thought was very defining for those characters. Fudged Isawda was a lot of fun too.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).

I had a couple but they all hindged around the list of items for the ritual, several of which were mundane sounding. myabe because I gave up a lock of hair, or maybe because someones house was made partly of gingerbread, etc. The list could have had much more entertaining and clear items Example: A hat worn by a hatter, potion of 100 year sleep, a lock from hair use as rope, etc. It is frustrating wasting time either looking for things that won't exist until the mod, or having a mod were it seems like you should be able to get two items and can only get one.

3. What you would like to see more of

Mods that could bridge gaps in the world, I liked the Goblin mod very much but would have liked to exchange and RP with it more. we had a good group to do that with. I like more chances to not have to kill "Enemies" but see them as people that are just trying to get by in life, just like us.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Bogar finished repairing Shiv's armour again. he charged out circle so he could return to the line, a gnoll was causing trouble again behind the lines, likely from the forest. She struck Shiv and the flair of the magic store reflected her blow back to herself [reposte item]. Frozen in her pose, Shiv calm slit her throat.
"Loot her.' said Shiv those around him. {someone would do it.} thought Shiv as he returned to the front lines to rejoin the shield wall.
Fav moment was the battle for finally killing off Kara Vale. (Maybe)

Least fav moment. In all honesty after having a day to look at the event from all angles even those as a previous npc I really can't say. I should have known that the list given to us from the mist ment more mods because that is how things run.

As Dar'nath talked more to the Fariy it became more and more clear of what needed to happen. As he stood and walked to the building with the sleeping princess in it he drew his sword intent on cutting her hands off for the reagent to get us out of this cursed land. As he neared the door he saw a number of his fellow breachers standing guard. Looking into the room seeing more in there. He realized that there was no way to get the job done with out doing famage to his friends. So he withdrew from the scene to allow this comrades to deal with what was happening.

Ben Jackson (Dar'nath)
1. Post your favorite moments
I had a -lot- this weekend, it really snuck up on me but this was by far my favorite weekend event to date. From the vast amounts of roleplay that both the PCs and NPCs offered, to the use of the candle puzzles to dictate the hectic pace of Saturday, even to the KV fight where the shield wall had to start using our brains and figuring out how to damage the creatures we were fighting; everything this weekend was amazing and perfect and I can't wait to see what's in store next month.

Also I loved being able to take some of the character progression I had established at nationals and bring it to our game. Roleplaying a 200 year old character means roleplaying what he believes he's learned in that amount of time and what he considers wisdom, which lead to some great (albeit frightening) roleplay situations. I actually had a lot of trouble sleeping on Saturday night because of all the scenarios that were running through my head about how to act accordingly on Sunday.

I met a unicorn! O.O
This was a really big moment in Siegart's life and it didn't disappoint, he's a man of many craftsmen however his highest ranked is his fae lore and the roleplay that this experience yielded was impeccable. Considering she was able to help Sarryn with his 'tattoo' I don't think it's going to be the last we see of her.

Huzzah the wicked witch is dead and burned! I remember my very very first event 4 summers ago KV wasn't there in person but she was an etheral being that flitted from one person to the next, whispering horrible nothings into their ears and I thought, "Holy guacamole, this larp knows how to make a villain" and I'm glad to see how that conflict ended.

....even if it was our second try ;)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I think this is a personal folly, but trying to figure out moral win scenarios for a lot of those fairy tales was daunting, and a few of them seemed absolutely impossible. I'm sure I just misheard or forgot some of the information but I felt like we collectively couldn't think through some of them when we put our heads together.

3. What you would like to see more of
Intuitive fighting like the KV fight, this monster has a reverse threshold while this one is taking damage from magic, but that other one is only taking damage from silver. I love having to use my noggin in fights like this. At Nationals they had one fight where the monster would alternate, hit him with normal and he'd take it and then be immune, it took a considerable amount of time to think that one through and it was awesome.

More of the ingenious mods like the candle mod. I thought it was an interesting and harrowing way to fill any and all downtime that we would have had on Saturday. During a normal event I would have more then one opportunity to say, "Hey not much is going on, want to head on a patrol?", this event was the complete opposite. Worrying about whether or not we were about to lose another candle kept us all on our toes and made for some rather interesting roleplay.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
The backdoor to the tavern burst open and Cevil was at a near run to the closest table as he started turning out his pockets muttering, "Where is it... where is it?" under his breath.

Still furious with the mortals at the fire Siegart cocked an eyebrow and looked up from his coffee, "Something wrong?" he exclaimed in the bards direction.

"I can't find find my restore potion."

Siegart scoffed derisively thinking to himself, 'oh how wonderful, they've actually cut the girl up and now they can't even heal her'.

"So you've gone and cut her up then?" Siegart asked coldly.

"Nope, we haven't yet but don't worry, Stig is going to be the one doing the cutting."

The squeak of the chair was the only response afforded the last comment as Siegart stood up and began storming out of the tavern, his thoughts a swirling vortex of contempt for these morally corrupt mortals. If their wish was truly to become as dark and evil as Kara Vale they were certainly well on their way, however before that happened they would get an earful of a thoroughly disappointed Tari Nor.
Phil Bacon/Hezekiah

1. Post your favourite moments
The big fights were awesome and something I'd never experienced before and it shifted my perspective on my character and what he is all about.

Seeing players chase a lone gnoll down the hill, only to hear them scream and run back up being chased by a horde.

The big march in for the Saturday night fight. Felt very inspired, very much part of something.

The desperate last fight and push for the gate. It was tense, unexpected.

2. Post your less favourite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Could have used more clarity around the items needed for the final ritual, whether we could gather them from our own stuff or not.

The executions at the beginning set an ugly tone. Unless that was the plan, of course.

3. What you would like to see more of
Chances to interact with many different people, random groups I don't normally hang with. Events that throw a group of diverse people together, as well as events you can plan for.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Rat lycans: "She's an evil witch! We need to kill her!"

Me: "She knows how to make cheese."

Rats: "...okay she can live."
1.Post your favorite moments

I loved the dark reaches mod. It felt like we could be ambushed at any moment.
I also loved the interaction between PC's. As this was my first weekend event it
felt great to be in the breach but I loved that I was not ignored.

2. Post your less favorite moments
An extra hand(no pun intended) or two with the dishes would have allowed me to partake in more
of Saturdays mods.

3. What would you like to see more of
I loved the candle mod. It left us to keep it going and we had to pay attention to it all day.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Getting ready for the big fight on Saturday Cato stands waiting.

Boris: You are with me!
Cato: Okay
Cato thinks of when he will be able to write home and tell the tales of being useful in battle.
He can't wait to prove himself. He may have lost his hand but he still can fight even if his people
don't think he is a worthy fighter.
1. Post your favorite moments
Using my hammer for the first time after a short talk with Sam at logistics that dwarves should be using axes or hammers and not swords... and finding out that my hammer is pretty good at hitting arrows.

The KV fight and hopping in the circle when needed to repair mine or one of the new fighters armor.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
The confusion around the ritual components... spending too long looking in the woods for the lamp when it was never there to be found in the first place.

3. What you would like to see more of
Things like the candle mod where we are in charge of the flow.

Reverse threshold so it feels like I can actually contribute to the battle with my measly 4 normal lol

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Sitting around the fire trying to figure out a way to get around the fracking fairys puzzle I had a thought.
"Is there any magic that can regrow a limb?"
"A restore will do that"
"Then there we go, cut off her hands and give her a restore" I said to those gathered, though it seems like it had fallen on deaf ears... well if no one was going to listen then I will leave the desision to the powers of the breach.
Favourite moment. All the combat. After the event i felt like fight more gnolls and other NPCs

Least favourite moment. Forgetting i had a spell shield when i got hit by a death spell. And fighting that necromancer trying to relight the candle was bad. He throw 4 death spells and most of us were low level/inexperianced. It was a disaster of a fight but i learned several things from that one fight and next time i know things will go differently. Thankfully talon and thistle showed up to revive the fallen and help defeat the necromancer.

Reverse thresholds. During the karavail fight i felt i wasnt doing much to the NPCs. I ended up just fighting the same 3 people over and over again.

Fighting Logan who was swinging a 70 lighting slay.
Me: thinking oh **** im going to die.... Wait i have a resist element and an elemental sheild and a magic armour. I got this! Bring it on!
Favorite moments:
Singing Sword was great, Brooke sung her heart out, it had humor and we were all so freaked out it was very odd no attack and no one died. Once again with the trap in the treasure box, the reason Nazrat is the rat you want to bring with you.

The Sleeping Princess - Had Clover completely torn up. I really wanted to help keep poor freezing Nicole warm, but Clover insisted, and loudly that she was an innocent and she shouldn't be touched, what the hell are we doing listening to a twisted little freak of a fairy? There HAS to be a better way to go about this. Moral Dilemma. well done.

Least fave:
Jordan exhausted, and us attempting to complete a recipie for Gingerbread cookies that was not all that well planned out at 10:30 or so at night. The NPC who was running the challenge was trying to tell us that he couldn't locate and ginger or molasses, and I seriously thought that the items were hiding and needed to be found, I jokingly said I could just bring in a couple of ginger snaps if we were back in Parsons Breach and we could make that work.... and that is exactly what we did as, we really were missing those items, Jordan was kind enough to clarify. I know it wasn't intentional, but this needed to be thought out a bit better.

More of:
People have all these "skills" that they can do, but how many actually RP them? our newest Bard can actually play, and did fantastic, and Dayna with his accordion that we all want to run screaming from, but I know there is other talents out there.. we need to figure out what talents are out there, and not just have them as a craft, but actually USE them in game. I'm Sure there is a ton of more talent hiding in the Breach.


"You will not harm her! She is an innocent and even in sleep, anything traumatic can be felt, and leave her emotionally scarred."
(clover getting ready to physically place her body on top of the sleeping Princess to protect her).
"But we have a Restore.. it will grow it back...."
"No! why are we listening to a Fairy? There has GOT to be another way!"
"Clover, Its ok, no one will harm her, I will make sure of that" -Siegert
" OK Siegert.. Thank you" - Clover leaves as people are calling for a Baker.....
1. Post your favorite moments
So many to choose from … the Singing Sword, Isawda under the influence of Fudge, following a rabbit to a Hatter’s Tea Party, rescuing a Unicorn, thing I am not mentioning at all (Thank you Phillipe :)), not getting denied entry to Fern’s grove as I was last time approached …
I do got to say, my *proudest* moment, is that team Triage not only kept the Breacher’s alive during the Kara Vale fight, not a single person had reason to be resurrected.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
The cold on Saturday night. I finally “found” a cloak. Also, stumbling over my reply to the Unicorns questions. As was mentioned in an earlier post, a bit more refining of item descriptions on the list would be appreciated. We honestly thought we had all the items but 3, then the rabbit came out...
Something I found out about later was the issue with the Saturday night dishes. I don’t know the whole story, but I hope someone is looking into fixing it.

3. What you would like to see more of
I liked the fact that the candle mods kept us as busy as we wanted to be. After the initial confusion that is. I also liked that we are getting better at keeping ourselves entertained (Fudged up Isawda :)). Thistle is still collecting money to put out a hit on that accordion by the way.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
“It’s all your fault!!!” (Thistle) yelled
1. Post your favorite moments
Briony faced some very hard personal growth this past weekend. She was broken at one point, shaking in a corner of the tavern. So many people contributed, both positively and (IG) negatively (still oog positive) in her getting through this and figuring herself out. I know it was a lot of inner rp for me with only snippets coming out to those around her, but Briony is irrevocably changed after the last event.
Being drunk while Tengu and Becky tried to present her with a very serious gift. Sorry, not sorry?!
The shield wall! I felt like a proud mama...something that tears faces off. Honeybadger?
Ruki and I going on a patrol and having to run for our lives. I matriz dodged like three packets and no one will ever believe me.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Just interpersonal stuff

3. What you would like to see more of
Instamods! Do I ever say anything different?
I loved the candle thing, I think it was a great way to keep us on our toes.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
She wasn't worthy of this. Of any of this. She wasn't worthy of what she had in her friends, in the Irregulars, in the ritual that Tengu and Becky had done. She wasn't worthy of her dreams. She had had the foolish thought that she would be a hero, a beacon of light for those who needed it. She had had the hubris to think that she deserved to be such a thing. She tried. She tried so very hard to command respect, to show her bravery, to make the hard decisions, but these were roles that perpetually seemed to be for others. Perhaps hers was only meant to be the life of the invisible soldier. To die on a field, be buried in another, only remembered vaguely by her family.
Briony sat in the corner of what passed for a tavern in this accursed place. Her knee was bouncing, head sunk in her hands. She felt like weeping. She wanted to go home. Not the Breach, that had never actually been home for her, but to her parents' farm. She wanted the comfort of knowing where she fit and she wanted so desperately for her mother to hold her and tell her she was worth something.
She didn't deserve any of what she sought. She wasn't willing to draw a blade to protect innocence. She had, instead, walked away. Her temper, her frustration with those she had considered friends, had got the best of her. She didn't deserve any of what she had. Her heart was breaking inside of her and she dared not tell a soul. So she sat and mumbled half explanations to the few that passed and asked and her guts felt twisted like wool on a spindle and she wanted to retch and she wanted to scream.
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