Favorite Moments thread Season2 game 2 2019


This weekend was a ride on the crazy train for Saoirse! Loads of favorite moments, but you'll have to ask me about most of them In Game. The ones I'll offer include:
  • Singing around the fire with Petra, Karenza, Shroo, Graven, and NPC Tom
  • Playing the log balance game with Shroo
  • Teaching Corso how to play "Gentleman of the Court"
  • Sitting on a log with Spectre
  • laying on a log with my toes in the river by myself
  • overhearing the hilarious quips of Faux
  • spending more IG interaction with Juda, Giilu, Axel, Mory
Thank you NPCS!! Thank you PCS!! Thank you new players and volunteers!! Thank you experienced players!! Thank you Michele!! Thank you Plot!! Thank you Paul!! Can't wait to play again in May <3
Favorite moments for Riven!
-Being introduced to both other Stone Elves in the camp because we "have so much in common." (Faux)
-Trying desperately to keep a straight face around the Brothers.
-Tarot readings. I genuinely love giving people readings for their characters and you all make it even more enjoyable.
-Seeing everyone's responses to Riven being a Human now.
-My sword. (Jeff is freaking amazing.)

This was an amazing event and I appreciate all of you for wonderful characters, NPCs, and content.
I was only there a short time, and I'm grateful for it.

  • Carenza's immediate response to Askeksa's interest in an Intoxicate
  • The folks around Saorise's fire singing Happy Birthday to Pa
  • Realpolitik conversation with Corso
  • Meeting the wise Ramenhotep, the mysterious Tezrin Forestborn , the world-traveling Orsolya and the sharp Juda.
  • Trying to reason with corrupt lizardfolk.
  • Faux's casual reminders: "I'm not a bigot."
  • Setting up camp with Aziza, Valentine, and Pa. I got to cast my first Ward!
  • Valentine & Pa's new trick with the commandeered Bleeding Eye drum
  • Shroos...shrooness.
So much to love about this event.

  1. The location was so perfect. Being in tents near the river… I was able to incorporate a lot of character into Aden’s lodgings. Will definitely be bringing that setup to all future tenting events - especially the hat-rack.

  2. Having Drake (Brooks) around so much. Being able to bond and speak with him to such an extent is a real treat. Seeing other people suddenly becoming that much more interested in one of the major plot arcs because of his character is delightful.

  3. So many incredible roleplay moments: politics with Askeska, morality in war with Apostate, long conversations with Dry Rot and Spectre. Showing my feathers to Baroness Thane was particularly charming.

  4. Boar hunt! (It was delicious!)

  5. Interacting with Aden’s Shadow and North Star. A lot happened this weekend between the three of us. Liz and Mark always wrest the rawest of emotions from me!

  6. Letters, letters, letters and prophecy, prophecy, prophecy, all fortelling one thing:

  7. Death. I knew it would happen someday, and I definitely didn’t think it would be at the hands of ‘mere’ Litimore raiders, but pride goeth before the fall. Emerging from the circle only to see Saoirse reforming next to him has broken Aden a little, but also focused him. He has gone through a crucible and emerged with a keener, more focused edge.

This event has led Aden to grow in so many different ways. Thank you so much, Paul, Bri, Josh, Darren, Laura, and all of the NPCs for all you have done and continue to do.
Usually my favorite moments are explosive battles, or scenes where I get to traumatize players by sobbing in their arms, but this event had a lot of unexpected gems for me.
  • Sitting in meditation on the fallen tree over the river, basking in the late morning sun. I could feel the entire river moving the tree-trunk like the pulse of my own blood. I could have sat there in sukhasana until I turned to stone.
  • Getting to understand Lieutenant Enzo Lucaris better. I love playing her and I feel like I've finally found the rhythm for her character. Talking small-operations tactics, the nature of honor, and celebrating the warrior spirit made real-world Bri SO HAPPY.
  • Playing undead and just plowing forward towards players is so much fun.
  • Laughing with the drunken-humor of exhaustion back at NPC camp.
  • All of Andromeda's interactions were really interesting... it doesn't matter how long you plan out a character, once you jump into them there are ALWAYS surprises. She was unexpected. Awkward, terrified, resolute, tender.
  • I love seeing relationships grow as Baroness Thane. I love cheering on the players, making new friends, and getting to feel her evolve.
  • The Poker Party with The Brothers. Pretending to be drunk and high playing Texas Hold 'Em, staggering off to eat brownies and giggling under the starlight was the levitous cherry on top of an emotional evening. Thank you for the cinnamon drinks, for buying me into the game when I lost every hand, and for the all of it.
Whew... ok. Lots to write about. So little time...

1) Coming into game as Ivan Koval and just helping people. Watching others come and ask him questions about healing and even hearing Brother Maule say "Yeah, that is what he does. He helps people." was just so perfect for that character.

2) The talks I had as Rodrick Thane. From introducing myself to the new players, to the wielding the political power he once had. It is just nice when I see players GRILL me for information. It means I am doing something right with the story to have so many people involved.

3) Goblin time! So much fun watching players just crunch goblins.

4) Silver-Tusk and the Bleeding Eye. I loved that role play! I loved explaining the mission and how Aden was like "NOPE!" and the rest of the people were all over the sneaking and assault of the "enemy town" to rescue their target. So good...

5) The Spider Fight. Whew. When I told all the players they were about to fight a Vuka Wolf Spider, and that it was an uncapped mission... and when they were like "Yeah, we are grabbing reinforcements..." HA! Priceless. That was a tough fight for everyone! Shame she had thousands of little baby spiders all over her! ;)

6) All the small missions players wanted to go on. The bounty board was great at getting people out of their shell and getting some adventure done!

7) The ants and the bees. While I didn't go on that mod, I heard a LOT of "buzz" about it and people just came back smiling!

8) Playing Marcelo Jupiter and taunting the players during the FIRST Litimore bandit encounter. I wont lie, I was stressed out when 2 of my players made some questionable choices and got dropped... and then died... and then, they retreated when we were all so close to dying...

9) ...only to have the bandits run away and heal up with the potions they had on them. THEN a 2 woman group tracks down 8 bandits and tries to negotiate with stone cold killers? And then having 2 more PC deaths... ugh. It was real nerve wracking for the plot team. But a GREAT experience overall.

10) The Knights of Wodain Tomb, and the riddle combat we had, plus the various bits of roleplay. Whew. That was another intense battle. Plus watching Maldir dissipate... ugh.

11) The roleplay of the night. Holy hannah! So much going on Saturday night. So much roleplay and chatting. It was awesome.

I love this chapter so much!
Oh, boy...
This was my first-ever full weekend event, so there's plenty to say, both as Axel/Kune and as Richard!

Meeting all the Brothers for the first time. I'd been in the group text with them all month, but to finally put a face and person to the name is awesome. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the group!

Also on a similar note, people realizing I was with the Brothers. "That...okay yeah, that makes perfect sense," was a line I heard quite a bit early on!

Playing Saoirse in chess. "And I have mate in two after check here." "Well what if I go here?" "Then I capture with either queen or bishop for mate." "...yep."

Getting up early Saturday morning because I was cold and meeting/exploring with Riven. Finding the top hat and manacles on said exploration adventure. "More of those bloody dice again. That can't be good." Only to find out that the dice and squares were a typo on literally *all* of the lair sheets....

Also with Riven, being the first-ever tarot reading with all face cards. And then other Brothers getting similarly interesting readings.

Running Fight Club! However, next round I will personally be supplying the prize so it doesn't suck! (Sorry Dryrot...)

Also speaking of Dryrot, being accused of theft alongside Graven and denying it, only for Dryrot to charm us into telling the truth, and...we didn't do it. No idea who did, but I didn't steal anything! Funny how that works out; just because a guy dresses in black, now you all think he's a thief. I'd never actually steal! Run a business for profit, absolutely. But extortion, blackmail, or outright theft? No, never! Far too messy....

Getting dropped by a Lizardfolk that I was trying to lead into an ambush. Apparently they can be powerful spellcasters, not just melee fighters. Whoops. Thanks goes to Electi for saving my hide that time around!

Playing word games while waiting for modules to start. Me: "Petra, would you shroo me?" Petra: "Yes!!" Apparently shrooing at that time meant licking. So...well, it's Petra. Figures.

Asking Graven to invite influential people to the poker night and having him come back multiple times. "I spoke with the Emperor; he's coming," or, "Baroness Thane will be attending tonight." We were hoping that the games wouldn't be shut down for being an illegal gambling operation, but with the most influential people in town attending, I'm pretty confident we have the official OK!

And of course, the poker night itself! Some of the most fun to be had all evening, especially follow such a tense encounter with the Ashen Maidens accusing my Brother of murder! Watching Baroness Thane getting drunk for the first time ever was perhaps one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen! Riven's stone-faced disapproval of the merriment, all while trying so hard as a player to keep a straight face. People coming, going, and just having an all-around good time!!!

Meeting so many new people, getting to know so many people I had only met briefly, and sharing the experience with everyone. It's the people that make this game fun, and we have some of the best! Big thanks to Paul, Bri, and the rest of the plot team and staff. And of course, an equally big thanks to all the players and NPCs who made this weekend a blast! Looking forward to the next one; see you all in three weeks!!

And finally, as my time is running short - accidentally slipping into character having gone back into the real world. I moved into a new apartment yesterday and was meeting other people in the complex when one person remarked, "Whoa, is that accent real??" Didn't realize she was talking to me for a few seconds; didn't realize that I had gone back into Brother Kune and had been going in and out for much of the conversation, completely on accident. I don't know that I will be entirely out of character before the next event begins, and if I'm being honest, I'm completely okay with that.

Thanks again for such a good time and so many great memories! Until next time I remain, faithfully yours,

Charles-Eugéne Axel-LeBlanc, AKA Brother Kune
So many things! Let’s see if I can do this in a non spoilery (?) way.

Thank you all for a fabulous game, and I look forward to playing with you some more!
  • My first ever resurrection! I have been playing boffer fantasy (NERO, Alliance) since 2005 (with some breaks) and never rezzed. I knew it was probably going to happen going into the scene, and it was so worth it. I said to Jess as we were walking to have the scene that I wanted this to either end up with Orsolya trapping Hildr in a Circle of Power timeout, or in a chaos resurrection. Welp, got my wish!
  • Talking quietly and seriously with Bekkur, and Faux comes up behind Bekkur just as the light in the clearing goes off. We joke about that, chat a bit, and as Faux leaves at a dramatically appropriate moment, the light goes back on. Just a very theatrical moment of synchronicity.
  • Taking the Oathsworn oath in a cold but lovely nighttime ritual.
  • Telling the Baroness about what was going on with Hildr and watching the confrontation that ensued. Bri is absolutely brilliant to roleplay with.