Feast '24 Favorites


Rathfall: The First Dance is all wrapped up!
Thank you ALL for coming out to make it a weekend to remember!

What were some of your favorite moments from the event?

I loved the mechanics of the Madrillkyn captain/corpse field mod, Monster Camp shenanigans (always), the wedding itself, the Archduke's quiet death, and the madness of late night mods.

Let's hear yours!!
I didn’t get to do much as I was not feeling my best this market it was very difficult for me to do inaction with any of the mod and mine of my friends as I was in my own head but I was able to sell my goods and things and I was ok with that.
1.I love the wedding
2.loved the fact that everyone loved my cake.
3. I got to Dancing with a few people.
4. talking with the dryad that came to talk with me and few others while the big battle was going on.
All in all a good weekend for me hopefully 🤞 I will be able to do more next time.
Thanks to the kitchen who made all the food it was very delicious 🤤

Yours truly
"What is easy to pick up but hard to put down?" "Ha, ha your mom, draw your mom!" That whole mod was wonderfully silly and was the perfect end to a long but great event.

Getting a chance to talk to Countess Bengalao and getting to speak plainly and honestly with her. Astraea definitely has a new role model and I have feeling I am going to enjoy being her Whip.

Becoming an Onder and officially getting the necklace symbolizing so (and being completely blind-sided with how pretty it was!)

My Brother Mountain discoveries and my continued path with the Avatars.

Everything with the wedding and the Archduke. Watching over him as he passed with a smile on his face while he watched his daughter dance with friends. He will be terribly missed. May the stars always remember you my friend.
Hooooooooooo boy. This was a good one. In no particular order:
  • Of course, ridding the world of a few more vampires was a highlight. Good riddance and good bye, fanged bastards.
  • Bancroft at the feast, trying to take home phase bear blood. Thanks to Xelver, Gavaria Year 3 will not involve fighting Strigoi with the phase ability. Thank him when you see him (But she's mad now so get ready).
  • The whole Overgoat mod was incredible. "Seneschal Hippo Hawk! Sir yes sir!"
  • The Tournament of Arms was a lot of fun. Aiden's not a duelist, but it was fun regardless.
  • The Gavaria-Rathfall negotiation meeting was very productive. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
  • The wedding was tense but very good. I'm glad that Archduke Rumil was able to see it. May his spirit find rest.
  • One of the things that excited me the most of was Montague's toast (what is his title now? Prince-Consort? Duke-Consort?). I look forward to hearing what tangible plans he has for enacting the reforms he wants to see.
  • Brother Mountain giving us a small showing of his power. We need to wake him all the way up.
Very much looking forward to Gavaria Year 3 and Rathfall Year 2. It's gonna be a wild ride.

EDIT: Oh my god, how could I forget -- having Korē show up as a surprise (as far as Aiden was concerned) was great, even if it was at the most tense part of the evening!
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The plot and staff of this event were amazing! So so many last min changes that could totally have derailed an entire event and people just kept figuring it out. Ana, Derek, Alex, Jared, Stephanie, Brian and Jon just did fantastic. They navigated the challenges with such professional skills - people couldn’t even tell!!! Thank you- from the bottom of my heart thank you!!!

Roff stepping up to actually teach the waltz with oog skills was amazing! You made me so happy- thank you!!!

I’m glad I am a person people can come to when they need something - it’s an honor and I love all y’all.

New people did such a fantastic job. Jumping into the game is not easy. The lore is deep the rules are extensive but I’m so proud of every new PC and NPC!! I so hope we continue to see you.

Star was a wonderful Idris rep to the countess! And as always a lovely friend!

“We are supposed to hate each other.” Ana and Sarah needing to hug each other even tho our characters wouldn’t … “we will blame the wedding wine”

Ffs Alexander - thank you for stepping up and as always looking amazing as you did!

Trying to find gluten free cake in Dixon IL came up short .. sorry Stephanie. But almost accidentally stealing a wedding cake with Ana was kindof priceless. The Walmart thought it was a real wedding then we show up in our NPC scrubs to pick it up…

Sid’s Count never spoke to Countess Idris but she was talking about him a lot and very confused a couple t would act that way.. “My husband would never act like that!” But it was hilarious - I loved his loud joy!

The recruitment of people to House Idris was exciting!

Cookies banana cake!!!!

I forgot the speaker Jon!!! I’m sorry!

“Brian will do that” and he did! Great job Brian!

Mother of Waves moments are always epic for me as I try very hard not to giggle or smile too much! Jared thank you - you’re very fun to do an acting scene! Even when I was real surprised to turn around and suddenly see a crowd!

I was very excited to give Asher that magic item!!!

All the magic items!

Everyone looked beautiful!!!! People putting so much effort into their looks just so helps our game.

Adlao making all those beautiful green and white flags ffs …. They were PERFECT!!!! The decorations for this game are 10/10 with your eyes on them.

I wanted to buy things!!!! I saw so many things I wish I had more time to just go shopping!!!!!

So much more - I had a wonderful time! Thank you everyone for helping make our game so wonderful!!

Briar coming up to me with the roundest eyes I’ve ever seen going “Sarah… Sarah I um.. still have a block….” I do like being the person people can come to tho!!! Love you so much Briar - top 5 moment!

Emma- Emily and Sarah being wedding guests and “you know what happens on your wedding night? Han. Ham and rice.”

Dramathin and the tailor shop and how his real dad voice came out

“Alex! You did an amazing job!!”

“I know.”
Wowzers, I was able to make it to Feast and mandatory is over. Being able to see everyone was such a delight. These aren't in any particular order.
  • Building the AXIS Mundi. All things in the mists.
  • The incoming fallout of the heart wanting what the heart wants and Marmalade. I'm interested to see how this evolves and how even adult children are children and parents are parents.
  • The ritual to try to find Joseph, and the immediate dark spiral that followed. My character is always up for trying diplomacy yet, sometimes diplomacy doesn't work. Hard lessons were learned from the Vornae Civil Wars. And muscle memory sadly is easily and regrettably had a reawakening.
  • The discussion between Dram, Penn and DeSylvia. Yikes.
  • Mistweavers making monsters and the Phlaming Pheasant aka Flaming **** module. So much fun. People pigs give puppy eyes and we still eat them. Don't let the creature bred for food and flame out of the cage.
  • Taking two extra hours to sleep and the absolute **** show I woke up to.
  • The Wild Hunt. Damn I was lucky in my memorization list. Being stuck while feared and thusly no skills would have been horrible.
  • Elder Brother and Sister on Law, aka the Moon Father and Mother of Waves. I didn't glimpse Jared or feed him this time around. Don't worry it's gonna happen next time. I really enjoyed meeting the Mother of Waves and her not looking at me with disgust. It's the small things. Voice radius 'Doom' from a hug. Welp that's gonna suck. Also, what the heck? Dang it! Just rifting away with the it's going to beba while before I see you all again. 😞 I want more family time. Beam me up. I'll bring a picnic basket.
  • Watching the dance module.
  • Things going sideways with Alpha Phase Bear Blood.
  • Dinner and the contest.
  • Many a conversation before dinner.
  • Dancing. I was so dang happy to fill some of my dance card. Especially Constantine and Fortinbras. I'm gonna get those follow up dances. Dang it.
  • Screw you vampires and not having nice things.
  • The dryad conversation as pieces fall into place.
  • Rivers of blood.
  • Drinking at 01:30 with the Arch Duchess. Nothing wrong with letting your hair down.
  • I look forward to more Rathfall.
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  1. Glamor Chicken (how dare you take all my tail feathers)
  1. Dooming the **** out of some PCs in the town mod on Saturday
  1. Monster camp shenanigans with my fave NPC peeps
  1. Getting to come out to the wedding as Swan Lake Barbie Korē! I loved surprising Aiden and loved seeing all of my lovely friends (AND I GOT TO WEAR MY CIRCLET). Being able to be a part of Gavaria plot developments as my PC definitely helped me feel a little bit better about not being able to be at the Gavaria opener.
  2. Having a scrap with Aicha at Star and Marmalade's wedding (Lima Bean ended being a lot hornier than I originally intended)
  2. Dancing with Cookie! Definitely a highlight!
  3. Dancing with my boyfriend (OOG he's my husband)
Finding a way to underdark