Feb One Day Favorites!


I have to admit, I'm a pretty large control freak. I was largely worried about how hands on we'd need to be for shattered realms to ensure the games were successful. I was absolutely wrong to worry.

Walking into the giant puzzle room was great. Watching the negotiations and trying to figure out if I could sneak "Taios owes Vert 10 gold" on to the doc would be doable (It wasn't).

Lock picking! I love it. I love that there were hard and easy locks. Everyone who had lock picking had tools out. It was ******* great.

Being able to use the Fae's rules against them was really great. Getting Fuzzbottom to answer questions by not saying anything was great, the fact that we used that instead of having to deal with him really made some of the Faerie weaknesses shine. It was really satisfying to be able to do that. Like incredibly.

I didn't hate having to deal with the Fae this weekend. There's like 1000 pounds of garbage baggage attached to Fae. Everyone hates them, and interacting and dealing with them generally sucks. This was not that.

The full tavern was great Evan!

I also saw a ton of costume improvements.
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Granted I've only attended 2 one-days now, but puzzles seem to be more prevalent than I'm used to. So, I wanted to figure out how semi-literate Rodarr could still engage with them in some ways, because Ben does like puzzles to some degree.

Missing number puzzle (Sudoku) was a good answer and helped guide me towards a way that I can interact with those kinds of things.

Enjoyed interaction with Winter, having to think about trust, agreements, oaths, etc, cycling back around with Hal later.

Regret I didn't find more chances to interact with Fuzzbottom - Blue was absolutely right to say "NO" to Rodarr coming to negotiate for the town though, would have been a lot of suspicion and hostility.

Talking to the elderly "Gafildon"? was quite entertaining, and that new Selunari "Ilu" ... also a lot of fun!


I had a really good time.

As my other character, I rag hard on Fae but I actually like them. It was great seeing Fuzzbottom again, even if it wasn't a character who knew him.

The tunnel was cool. I wish I could have got to the other end of it to see the other side without being dead as hell. I never do puzzles and I got to do a couple this weekend and I managed to help out a bit in my lil' capacity. I set a couple of things on fire, which I enjoyed. Using a 2 hander was also more fun than I thought. I kept having to remind myself I was a scholar and I should hide in the back. Playing a low level character again was great.

The PC's were all great and patient with Illumyni. One of my favourite moments was when (good) Phoenix tried to explain what the word 'killing' meant. She just stopped, blank stared at me for about 15 seconds and then said "I.....don't know if I should teach you this' and basically ran away from me. It was great.

Thudd was a total bro this weekend. It was great. I'm glad Ardos wasn't too annoyed by my hanging around him. Whoever called Glyph's nonsense caused me a hilarious headache trying to explain what I was trying to tell people.

Thank you to all our NPC's and Matt and Lisa for running the event!



First of all seeing everyone step to up keep amping up the costuming was very satisfying. Lots of great improvements out there.

I sat down right away on the puzzles but before long I had to step into the fight along side Thudd, Ardos, and a few others dedicated to the fight. The whole thing was kind of hectic and that made it fun for me. We didn't stay organized long but we kept moving forward. It really felt like a weekend's worth of challenges crammed into a full afternoon, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Between the last two events I have learned a good deal more about what we can do with our own one-days.

Highlight points:

-Brooks and... Nate I think? Ray David's friend, apologies for my name memory. Both of them turned it up on me a few times while fighting. Really made me work for it when it was just one on one.

-Making the change from earth to celestial still has me adjusting in big ways to how to solve problems. Over doing it and Prisoning Lumie right in front of me to deter a potential four monster assault was both funny and eye opening in a over-response to the threat... still working out how to play this guy.

-Little smith Jake, it was nice to see him leap to his job. Good work.

-Evan, thank you so much for feeding us. I have quite a bit of pork at home to see me through this week. Excellent work.

-The last box. So this is a new one for me. I paid for the unopenable box. I look forward to the next time I am in game to find out if I will make my money back when I blow it to pieces as if it was some kind of wooden money pinata.

Excellent work, I had a great time. :)


As an npc I have no stories to tell, because they are pc’s stories. :)

but it was nice to see Raymond and Josh. Can’t wait to see them more!

Lisa. You killed with your summer one liners.

it felt good to rp a npc again. Haven’t done it in a while. I got to talk this time! Instead of being the guy who ate people.

So I did enjoy playing “taps” at the end. Yonkie would never play with the flat of his blade, so it was an easy way to distance myself from him. Dave! That was great. I had never actually just fought only with a spear, and against another spear. That is interesting combat! Thanks to TC and her Suggestion brandon sanderson way of Kings. I was able to channel Cal the spear fighter. Nosies added for fun. Someday. I’ll get a rematch.

thanks to the tavern folk for providing yummy food for everyone! It’s allways fun to have a bar keep around.

Matt and Lisa. Thanks for the weekend!
I promise I did have a good time even if I seemed grumpy and cranky! Blue was grumpy and cranky!

High Points for the event!

1. Fae Talks - I didn't say much mostly because Blue was terrified to say the wrong thing. Having heard so many horror stories and gotten so many warnings seemed fitting for her to be like "I'm gonna sit here and shut up". On the plus side though she didn't let Fuzzbottom or Winter bully or pester her into things she didn't want to do so yay character progress!

2. Insanity - Can't lie, tried to be organized and just gave up eventually when it all hit the fan. Poor Blue is starting to understand why some people always walking around looking grumpy and cranky. Those pops though were nuts man! Seemed like everytime I turned around there was one of those attacking buggers.

3. Blue loses her temper - Blue has never lost her temper really, but eviscerating a spirit thingie and then seeing people all kinda staring with these wide eyes like "Oh ****!" was hilarious and it was really hard not to laugh my *** off and maintain my grumpy fed up bunny self.

4. Jake the Blacksmith - Completely adorable and helpful as he ran about trying to refit everyone. I started telling people to hunt him down if they couldn't refit.

5. Puzzles! God puzzles for days here! I do love a good puzzle though Matt might need to remember not to go so hard on them. No Matt we don't know Morse Code by heart here! o_O I'm actually trying to know it by heart for bunny reasons but I ain't that good.

All in all a good weekend! Can't wait for the next!


Good event! I particularly enjoyed vert in a healing storm in front of the bag of chips eating away and refusing to move cause "storms up, cant move"...crunch crunch crunch.

Gris and his trying to get free food shennaigans was awesome. As was having a variety of tasty add ons for sale that I could peddle.

Stark bringing me scrolls he wanted to sell, then leaving them on the bar cause he got attacked and never came back for em. Then about 2 hours later turning around and selling them to ardos and radi had me chuckling a little on the inside.

I loved seeing all the locks and getting to watch people do the lockpicking!!

I loved watching all the puzzles and how the clues to them were spread around the building and on written works.

I was not a huge fan of the constant infinite poping monsters that could go anywhere. I totally get the urge to stickjock be strong with many and that sort of thing is great for them, maybe a division of some sort. Like make the area with the tables a puzzle area, but then to get the clues have to venture into the monster side of the building. Something to allow folks who want to just RP and work on puzzles to do so without getting constantly attacked, but still allow for those who want to engage to do so. Add in something like a, it takes a 10 count to cross between zones so they cant easily play the "safe", "not safe" attack attack, "safe" game.

Overall that is my only suggestion for improvement going forward. I had an excellent time and am very impressed with the amount of work that went into the puzzles, the locks, and the boxes for the event!! <3

Sad that I will be missing march and possibly April. I want to play more!!