First Edition Monster Guide

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Here is my first version of the monster encyclopedia, if you have notes or additions to it please write me or see me during trade meets. - Salix Reed

Animals or Animal-esque Creatures

Mist Hound: Vaporal hounds that can switch between being a solid and a gas. While in their solid form they will attack prey. In their vapor form they will stalk or disengage with the attacker. They use pack tactics and will usually be seen in groups of 2-5 hounds, though more than 5 is not surprising. They have large claws and sometimes are able to claw through armor. If they have glowing gray eyes (see gray eyed creatures) they will be the strongest in the pack, being very difficult to fight and will definitely be able to strike through armor. Once a hound strikes someone down, they will grab the person and escape with them. To fight them, banishing works well, they are immune to any kind of binding ability. The best strategy to fight them is to separate them and attack them until they go vaporal, from there, the hounds will regroup. Repeat until they are defeated or retreat. Additionally it seems like strong gusts of winds or fanning them while in the vaporal form will push them. Gases can work on them, but it’s recommended to only use gases on the harder to fight hounds due to cost of production.

Stone Crab: A large crab whose shell is hard as a rock, shielding them from most attacks. Attracted to food and noise. Using a shatter or disarm to remove the shell or weaken it helps. A weapon that allows someone to cut through armor should also be able to work. They have strong claws that will pinch you. Usually slow to follow.

Land Shark: A large shark that swims around on land. Will burrow underground then once above ground can quickly chase down and engulf someone.

Worms: Vary in size, shape, color, and environment found. Are able to burrow, and engulf you. They have a vibration sense, so loud noises or movements will lure it towards you. Platforms are a easy way to buy yourself time to recover or make aim at the creature, however if you create noise while on the platform they will try to strike through it. They can be gassed. Recommended to have ranged fight attack from afar as more fast and agile fighters lure it around. These creatures are dangerous.

Blue Dire Wolf: A wolf the size of a house, a dark vivid blue color, face having six eyes, as well as more eyes throughout its body.

The Beastmen

Troll: an intelligent beastmen, can sometimes be violent. Not as smart or quick witted as an average human. Can be very strong. Due to their size they aren’t always quick, attempting to waylay them seems like a good way of fighting them if necessary.

Gnoll: Human sized Hyena/Wolf creature. Pack mentality. Smart. One of the beastmen.

Kolbold: A smaller sized being that looks like a large red rat. Smart, like to sneak and use alchemy and traps.

Goblin: A human sized being that act similar to kolbalds (see kolbold) usually green skin tone.

Creation Creatures

Pantergast: A cat like creature, whose creation required killing a lot of a specific race. Once created the pantergast will go and hunt the race used in its creation. It will only hunt them, and the race can only hurt it. Strong hunters, it appears that depending on how much energy used in their creation goes into how strong they will be. Can be summoned

Pantergaunt: Similar to the pantergast (see pantergast), however they are created using alchemy and magic. They are usually as strong as a pantergast, however it can switch the race it hunts for.

Constructs: Creatures that are usually made of one element or object (example metal, ice, ectect). They are programmed upon creation to follow certain orders. Sometimes a person's soul will be inside of the creature, sort of like a suit of armor. They can vary a lot, knowing what they are made of so you can properly counter them. You can subjugate them usually as well.

Immortal Plane Creatures

Shadow Doppelganger: A creature created by the Immortals (from the plane of chaos). It first appears as a shadowy creature that can copy a person's form and skills. They also are able to take some of that person's memories on as well. Once copied they will use any offensive and defensive abilities the original person had. Also to note, they do not seem to be able to use any sort of passive ability, things like healing arts, first aide, earth magic (they will use necro), or production abilities. Binding them seems to work for a short period of time, they are able to phase out of it due to being a shadow. When fighting on the field against them having people monitor them and interrupt their gaze. It seems to take a few minutes before they will copy you. Getting some of the support or less offensive fighters to be the one copied will make fighting them easier. To be tested, we need to solidify one of them when they are in the shadow form. Additional testing to see if Earth enchanted weapons do more damage to them.

Face Stealers: A black form covered in what looks like masks. These are faces from past victims. It uses a combination of paralysis, sleep, calming, and entangling to trap the victim. From there the monster will remove the face of the victim, sometimes devouring them whole. The victim does not have a mouth or eyes and can only be fixed via gas, or restoring limb. The face stealers are resistant to magic, so up close combat from multiple combatants is the best option. The amount of faces on the creature will be the amount of times it will get back up after being killed. Shattering multiple masks at once does not seem to affect it. Multiple people killing blow the monster at the same time does destroy multiple of the masks. Additionally we have found that these creatures are from the Immortal Plane, which is the plane of chaos. Additional testing to see if Earth enchanted weapons do more damage to them.

Flesh Eater: A humanoid creature with a sharp toothed maw. Created by the Immortals (from the plane of chaos). They are smart and strong hunters, fast with basic intelligence. Their goal is down and consume you. They have the ability to paralysis you, as well as grabbing and running away with a downed person. Once they have a person they will consume them, once a bite is taken they will first aide the person back, and repeat the process for as long as possible. They constantly laugh and cackle, their calls are usually the first indication they are near. Gases and waylay work against the creature. If in a group battle, once they have an opening they will take it, to grab a person and drag them away from getting immediate help. Additional testing to see if Earth enchanted weapons do more damage to them.

The Immortals: A group of beings from the Immortal plane of existence. Necromantic in nature due to the plane they are from. There are at least two of them known to us, they are strong beings who capture immortal creatures from other planes and corrupt them into a beast they can control. It appears they have created a thing referred to as the promethean suppressor. This creature is massively strong and fast. It exerts such a powerful force it suppresses the power of those around it. The two known immortals are known as “Brookes” and “Zalgo” (these are place holders until we find the actual pronunciation of the names).

Brookes seems to have a curiosity for how the other immortal creatures not from their plane work. This curiosity seems to be presented through torturous ways. He was referred to as a teacher by Zalgo, and in reply Brookes replied that Zalgo was one of his students. Based on this information the assumption that there are more of these Immortal beings. Brookes is extremely powerful, and seemingly a pompous know it all.

Zalgo, the student, is a hyper egotistical creature with a love for making mortals miserable. He used necromancy and the mental abilities of the Biata and Stone Elves to do this. He treats his actions as acts in a play. Though it seems like his stories aren’t refined enough and only filled with overly macho scenes to show off how cool and edgy he is. If he was a true creator and a refined story writer he would know that most times being overly cool and edgy isn’t good. A well written story requires drama, heartbreak, romance, friendship, ups and downs, new unities, and of course a fulfilling ending. There is a lot of doubt that he knows how to make a good story for the ages or how to take criticism on his work.

We are still looking into more information on these beings and their plane.

Graveyard Plane or Undead/Undeath Creatures

Tarbear: A corpse of a bear covered in what looks like tar. Is hard to fight and only the strongest weapons seem to do any damage. If the combatants set the bear on fire it becomes much easier to fight. The recommendation of pinning, webbing, or a similar entangle to the bear, followed with setting it on fire, then either leaving it to burn to death or wailing on it with weapons is the best method to fight the bear. While on fire its claws with burn you, since they are also on fire.

Tarskeletons: Similar to tarbears (see tarbears), however they do not burnout as quickly. Similar fighting issues come up when facing these skeletons as you have with the bears. Try to pin, web, or bind the monster first, then attack with flame and let it burn out however this will take several minutes todo and if the skeleton can release itself then attempting to outrun the monster or re-trapping will probably be a good idea. Due to its undead nature, using earth magics should hurt it more. Earth blade or having a enchanted earth weapon to fight the creature is a good plan as well.

Gray Eyed Creature: Strong spirits that possess non living things. These spirits are will keep reforming no matter how many times you put it down. The best way to defeat them and make it harder for them to reform is to slice up the body into bits. Spending a minute or so, stomping and chopping it up as well as separating the pieces separately seems to do the job best. These creatures have the potential to go vaporal similar to the mist hounds (see mist hounds). They also seem to be connected to the Graveyard plane (we believe this is the Death plane), sometimes they can talk though it doesn’t seem like you can question them. (more info needed)

Lesser Undead: An undead version of something that was once alive. Will have similar abilities as its alive counterpart. Use earth against them to finish a battle quickly. Gasses sometimes work.

Remnant: A strong undead and restless spirit. Usually someone who passed away without completing a goal, so in the afterlife they use that rage and regret to complete that goal.

Will-o-wisps: Small lost spirits, they will usually appear in the dark as their light attracts people to go forward and investigate what it is. The wisps will usually be in groups, or close to dangerous conditions. More information needed

Banshee: A strong restless spirit that lets out a deathly scream of pain. Anyone close by will be affected with a death carrier or death itself. They usually appear very white in form. You need a earth carrier or something similar to deal damage to it. Banishment should work but needs further testing

Malwoken: Intelligent dryads who woke up wrong. They were somehow corrupted during the great sleep. When they awoke they became crazy, filled with anger and pain somewhat like the Grey Eyed Creatures (see grey eyed creatures). It is almost impossible to sit down and converse with them as the madness they are sick with doesn’t allow it. They are people who are in pain and they need help, at the moment there isn’t much we can do. More info needed

Other Creatures

Tentacle Monster: A large ball of tentacles that wiggle around and attempt to engulf the victim. They are immune to gases. You can disarm, pin, web, or anything that entangles, impairs, or removes their tentacle. They sometimes can entangle you, so having a comrade to cut you loose is important. The best way to fight them is using range, remove or impair their limbs, then attack them from multiple sides. They will also pair up with other tentacle monster, eyeballs (see eyeball), mist hounds (see mist hounds), or other creatures. They do not appear to be that smart of fast, but do try to stay grouped up near each other.

Eyeball: Giant floating eyeball that reflect and repoiste attacks. They sometimes can use magic to entangle you. Will usually appear with other monsters, things like the tentacle monsters (see tentacle monster) are their most common pair up. Attacks from the front are always reflected. They can also reflect attacks that happen near them as well, it seems any attack that is within arms reach of the creature it can send back at the attacker. They are weak to gases. The best method of attack, is to separate it from other creatures, have one person lure it around while someone else wails on it from behind. Attacks from the front are always reflected so keep you big hitters behind them. Gases also work if you don’t have the numbers, making it nauseous or unable to attack, then wailing on it while it's in that state works well. Currently needing more research to see if they are from our plane.

Leggy Monster: A non-violent mist monster. Other mist monsters don’t seem interested in the creature. It appears as a white pair of legs, as tall as a person. They have a small face where the crouch is located. They are able to put someone to sleep with their sight, as well as from a distance. They cannot be waylayed. They can be gassed. They usually have a specific item attached to them. Once this item is removed it will vaporize. Don’t seem interested in food or drinks. (more info needed)

Big Maw: a huge, house size, set of sharp teeth. Similar to a leeches mouth, its slowly approaches and attempts to consume and engulf anything nearby. Only has been scene in the mists so far.

Star Mist: A celestial creature that seemed to have fallen from the sky. A bundle of stars, it uses celestial magic. More info needed

Griffin: A powerful being that resembles a lion and a bird. Related to Biata as an ancestor. Strong mentally. Considered immortal.

Elementals: Creatures from specific planes who are pure energy of it. An example a life elemental is from the plane of life. More info is needed on them.


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
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September 6, 1018 PVF

Mx. Reed,

Thank you for your dedication in collecting information on these threats and sharing them.

Please be aware that “Beastmen” are not Monstrous. Within Derrin's Pass, people from the Outlands are protected by the laws of the Kingdom. This extends to people such as Gnolls and Goblins, and does not pertain to creatures like Howlbears. The information on their tactics is relevant to self-defense, but it is important to bear in mind that the Outlanders often called “Beastmen” are free to do business in Derrin's Pass.

In Service to the Kingdom of Videa,

Sheriff Ellen Lott
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Sheriff Lott,
I add that information to the collection.
I was urged by others in the town to include that information. And from a recent "expedition" I found that other shards (I believe that is the term) have different experiences with the beastmen.

-Salix Reed