Going out with a BANG!!!!!


SoMI you rocked my world! Thanks.

NPCs your tireless efforts in the wind and cold are very appreciated.

Plot, I can not wait till next season. Thank you Josh, Amy, Chris and Blake...Was also great to see Ray again
I loved reforging the sword!!!!
Josh, read my back story!!!

PCs your consistent RP is amazing. I felt in character the entire time I was out and about.

Thank you to you all, will miss you till next year,
daver aka Bob the Baker
BtB said:
SoMI you rocked my world! Thanks.

NPCs your tireless efforts in the wind and cold are very appreciated.


Thank you.

But we had a pretty rawksauce time, or at least I did. Coming in and pwnin' y'alls and then bein' pwn'd by y'alls. :D

See you all next season!



WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing event!!!!!! The most fantastic season closer EVAR!!!!!

Plot peepz - An amazing closer to an even more amazing season. Figuring everything out just in time to not be able to do anything to prevent it. Absolutely fantastic. The prosperous and inviting lands that we have come to love for the past year are now filled with Dark Elves and despair, I LOVE IT!!!!

GC Crew - You guys have done a fantastic job this whole year. Thank you soooo much for all your efforts to help shape South Michigan Alliance. It is going to suck to NOT have you guys NPC for us but it will be AWESOME to get to fight along side you as PCs.

Newbiez and Oldbiez - It was great to see sooo many new faces and sooo many old faces this event. This was such a perfect event to have all the new and old faces show up so they could get a taste for what South Michigan has become. Thank you all for you efforts in NPCing because every single one of you were FANTASTIC. It makes me even MORE excited for next season then I already was!!!

Again, thank you all for making this season fantastic and the closer even more fantastic. I cant wait till next year!!!!!

Thanks again to the dedicated plot team, NPCs gallore, and Logistics crew from SoMI for making it a good one. I had a pleasent time this weekend, got slapped around a little, slapped back a few times. I want to thank Josh and Louis specifically for the Lowbie Rat Mod with a longer term Arc twist... The mod was well scaled and well put on and Louis sells any role he plays but did really well as the cute "rat scavy teen".... very interesting.



The Fear

The constant Edge between whats right and wrong.

Getting locked in our ward and finnally getting around to doing that stuff we've been promising we'd do for 6 months.

Seeing Ray and Louis again :) Though Louis you cannot keep calling me Sir!

The rammifications of not working together from the start...so many dead.

The Cave battle to kill Sless.
I'd like to start by thanking everyone for coming out to our closer, it was really great to see some people I haven't seen out in a while and meet some new folks as well. I think that this event had our highest overall attendance between PCs and NPCs.

First, I'd like to thank all of the PCs that came out for what was quite possibly the worst weather of any event I've ever been to, it was cold, it was muddy, and it was raining most of the time. I had a great time and the rest of you did as well.

Second, I'd like to think the horde that came out to NPC for us. You made my job so much easier and made us look so good by doing such a fantastic job. I'd like to especially thank Mike, Amber, and Elliot, you guys were so instrumental to our staff team running the season that we did, it was so great having you around and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side next year.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, I look forward to seeing all of you again next year.



Wow that was prolly one of the best events ever!!! Thanks to all the NPCs that came out, ya'll were super sweet! Thanks to the plot team for making this event amazing, you guys rock! I cant wait to see what you come up with next year! Lookin forward to more death and destruction :p

Event Favs:
The crazy amount of NPCs that came into the cabin on the first night....one thought came through my mind; "Yep im gonna die"

Spooning in the woods for warmth while hiding from Sless for bout 2+hrs

Killin Sless, but was petrified through most of the fight *tear* She got me..

Comming back to the cabin to find out that I forgot to let some friends out of the ward...oops

Being deathed and then rifted by the "fishy man"

The what seemed like a neverending cabin fight against the dark elves.

Hope to see you all next year,

Liza J


Crap, I can not believe I forget to shout out to Louis!!! So great to see you and those beautiful eyes again. Wish I saw more of you this event, but from what I did see you were kicking *** and taking names.



I would like to start out by thanking all of you who came to our event, PCs and NPCs we could not have done it without you. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the event and cant wait to top it with our season opener..!

Event Favs:
oddly enough i really liked the rain on Sat night, it really gave that extra kick to the mood and atmosphere while the army's were approaching and taking over.

C/o Leadership to hook mods FTW......!

The PCs in town realizing that alone they are weak and vulnerable but stand together and you can face a army

Sless and the General, Dark Elf Army

And most of all our players, we have the greatest players in all of Alliance LARP you guys make it so easy to run a great game all of you are so into everything that is going on and so active in the town Good and Evil i just love it.. i truly hope that everyone continues to join us and continues to bring friends that are as great as all of you i cant not thank our player base enough for being such a wonderful part of a game that i love so much!


So, any idea what next year's schedule will look like? :mrgreen:


I must be going crazy. I totally swear I posted yesterday and it’s not here!! Ok, for a second time …
AWESOME EVENT!! I’ve never had the privilege to be in on something so absolutely apocalyptic. Thank you Plot and NPCs!
Josh, Amy and Chris – you are all fabulous and add so much flavor with your RPing. And I’m sorry if I’m missing anyone cause I don’t know their name, I’m awful with names.
I agree with you Chris – the rain added to the atmosphere. And I love it about NERO that no one let the weather stop them.
My favorite moments
• Getting to join the healer’s guild
• Getting the rituals cast on my sword – thank you Jehan for your perseverance.
• Swinging 12s against undead – Wooh!
• Earthstorm – love it.
• Sitting in the healer’s circle to rez all those killed by the dark elves, and watching the numbers
Of perms build. Josh you made that come to life (no pun intended), the extent of the disaster.
• Norena in our cabin the last night talking about the dark elves, what happened, how she felt. In that hour she became a real person to me, one that I will always respect.
• Watching Rezzik have fun – nuff said.
• Getting to know some of the other PCs better and feeling like we’re starting to be accepted.
• Havok’s alphabet!
• Watching TadRon laugh – always makes me happy.
Can hardly wait until Spring. Thank you Tom and Plot and NPCs for a great season!

Arlene V


Thank you so very much for this season.
Amy, Josh, Tom & Chris: You all are incredible. You helped me enjoy the game again. Thank you so much for putting up with me. Im fully aware you guys all lost sleep because of me (and I love you guys for that). I could go on and on... and on about how much I appreciate you, and what I loved about this event and the season, however I dont want to talk your ears off. So i will settle for a humble thank you, and hope you know all in which it contains. (if not then write me and ask)
NPC's: you are as always fantastic. 'nuff said.
Newbies: Thank you for coming to play the game! Come back.... or I will hunt you down ;)

Havoc.... Your alphebet is amazing. I want a poster of it. I would not trade that memory for anything.

It was amazing to see the people I haven't seen in quite awhile. Come back or the same threat that applies to the newbies will be bestowed upon you.

And again to Amy... Thanks again, your amazing and I'll miss you!


P.s. sorry for the rampant swearing, believe me that I will be getting many bruises for `falling off the wagon`this weekend.... It`s worth the dreaded smurf pinch
Thank you everyone for making my last event a great one. I am really going to miss everyone next year...and hopefully I'll be back the year after to finish were I left off (pwning face!). :)

HUGE thanks to all the NPCs - it was great to have so many and as Josh said, really made things a lot easier. Garden City Crew - it's been a great year and I wish you luck next year on the other side; it really is a different game over there! Ray, Ashley and Lou - I'm so happy you guys made it out and hopefully you decide to stick around; Josh, Chris and Blake have some amazing stuff planned next year that you guys will love. Nate, Christy, Andrew and Cassie - thank you guys so much for coming out to join us in our nerdliness...it is a shame that I have to wait so long to play with you again. It was a tough event with the cold and rain, but everyone helped to rock out our vision for the season closer by really having an army to assault the town. Thank you so much.

And of course to all the PCs; I can't even pick out everyone because there were so many instances, small and large that were really great moments. Thank you all for making it out, I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did. I might make it to the season opener, depending on weather...we'll see, otherwise....it has been a great season, see ya'll in a year or so!

Josh, Chris & Blake - TAG! Your it!



Any word on a schedule for the coming year, folks? I'd sort of like to get up there for a game, for old times' sake, but need at least a little lead time as I've got to rebuild all my props from scratch. :D