Help us reclaim the Deadlands

Brothers and Sisters,

The undead scourge of the Deadlands is not gone, but it is no longer an endless, insurmountable force. In kind, the realm beyond the Harvestlands is fertile, so it is time for us to begin the long, hard task of reclaiming the continent of Laerthan – not with otherworldly aid, but by our own hands.

We need your help. I’m gathering resources and developing plans to retake a section of land large enough to be a protectorate under the Crown.

I will be traveling about the baronies of Authenrai and Lothian looking for families, farmers and skilled craftsman interested in owning their own land outside of Eire, but I will need help from my fellow adventures first and foremost.

If I have ever helped you in any way and you wish to repay that favor, or if you just like helping folks interested in making better lives for their families and fellow citizens, please contact me.

Citizens from other lands will be welcome to settle in this protectorate as well.

Thank you,


(Feel free to post in reply but please also email me at .)


I have witnessed the devastation the scourge has brought and I have witnessed the courage of the adventurers willing to risk all to reclaim this land.
I can no longer sit by and watch others fight and die. From this day forth, I lay down my music and take up arms. You, good Sir, Have my sword.

Humbly, Jorrdadar the Bard



I'm with you.

In Service,
Sun-Li Yin


i have been working on a few things that may aid in your quest. seek me out when you land in the hollow again.


As someone who used to work the lands, I understand reclaiming fertile ground. I will put myself at your disposal for this once I've returned to the Hollow. I have heard mention of rituals called Bountiful Harvests. Is this an area we may practice this to help alleviate the food crisis?

Some scouting needs to happen before I can say anything for certain, but yes, Bountiful Harvest scrolls are likely to help.

Safe travels
i have been working on a few things that may aid in your quest. seek me out when you land in the hollow again.

Please feel free to send me a missive beforehand.


Of course I'll join you!
You've been nothing but kind, and you barely even know me. It's the least I can do.
Also, Curtis and I have spent the last handful of years traveling the Eire in the places that were overlooked, and we might be able to help you find farmers and settlers who want to relocate to the new land you carve out.
Thank you, Anja. I welcome your help.


Ivar and I are making sure that supplies the farmers need are being delivered to them so the preparation of the land can begin along with seeds for the farms to grow crops........Anja......see me for arrows when you arrive in the Hollow