High Orcs! I bring a gift of battle!


The High Orcs of the Bleeding Eye tribe seek out any High Orcs and High Ogres to join us thru the mists this May (oog NATIONALS!)

Who will join us in our hunt for glory and renown? We seek only those of the green and yellow skin and their honored allies. Join our camp, which will be massive, as we share our circle and employ great music, food and glorious combat! We will be bringing our drums, you should as well! We will be bringing massive amounts of meat, you should too! We will have our coming of age ceremonies, a great hunt, and a fighting pit to test our strength!

Our camp will be surrounded by tents and hopefully spikes to fend off the enemy (oog, still making our foam spike wall, bare with us) We will have our banners and our flags... bring yours as well.

I, Thousand Bones, Chieftain of the Bleeding Eye, wishes to make this a yearly thing. When the people gather, i want them to know that the green and yellow skinned warriors mean business! Join us for this meeting!