I love the CMA!


For all of those engineers who have worked endless hours on the CMA, I wish I could give every one of you an awkwardly long hug! You know, the kind where you begin to wonder if it would be impolite to signal to let go just before letting go. It is seriously the super awesome.

Between the ability to experiment in the Freeplay, the ease of use to spend Goblin Stamps / Dragon Stamps, all of the reference information for all the Skills and Chapters, the online pre-registration, the fun data reports Chris posts, and the history for each character, I am usually thinking to myself, "Man, this is awesome" every time I access the tool.

Thank you for your gift to us!


I'm not much of a hugger but, I appreciate posts like this. A hand shake if you make it to nationals, or if I make it out your way will do.

There's a lot of folks who have contributed over the time, not all of them are still active.
They deserve a ton of thanks.
@Ken / @Kevar / @Paige / Shawna / @Mori / @Durnic
@Auric covers a fair amount of other technical stuff so I can focus on coding.

My partners at South Michigan also played a large role, who covered a lot of my responsibilities (like covering my plot slack) because they saw value in this project (@Mathis / @Chad Schaffer / @Seabass ), and who paid a lot of gobs to folks before we had Dragonstamps to cover the project.
@Mathis specifically helped sell the idea that we didn't need an offline mode at symposium 2 years ago, and if we left that on the table, we could do a lot more.

Back then it was a much harder sell but, you're starting to see a lot of my vision mature, with seamless gob spending across chapters, magic item preregistration, etc. A lot of that would have been impossible, or impractical for a volunteer team to implement.

We've certainly slowed down a bit but, I've got plans for a lot more stuff in the future.
High Magic Memorization, Ritual scroll support, etc.

So I share your excitement it can be a bit surreal at times to have gotten this project off the ground, and in a place that I think it's probably the best system a LARP has.
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This is really really awesome to hear!! <3 sometimes there are a lot of dissenting opinions, much like yelp, but it is always so encouraging to hear someone give positive feedback on a change. Thank you so much!


It would be neat if the monthly info graphs could just be reports we could view on the website at any time. I also geek out about data like that. Thanks for all the work, I can’t say it enough, the CMA is amazing.