IGBA's for June Event

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Gettysburg Staff
Hello Adventurers,

This is your friendly plot reminder for IBGA’s. Please follow the information below.

Each player may take one actions over the course of this monthly IBGA. If you're new to the game, you're probably wondering what that means.

» Going to a location to research something

» Working with the people of a particular town to reach a certain goal

» Practicing your character's craft (whatever that may be)

» Military maneuvers, deployments etc.

» Arranging meetings with NPCs

» Being a sneaky git

When is the deadline?
June 24th at 11:59 PM.

We want to make sure we have plenty of time to respond/include your shenanigans..

Players are welcome to combine actions with friends/teammates. (Please make sure you get their permission from the other people, They need to add it to their write-up as well.)

Things to keep in mind:
» Be as specific as you can. If you know someone's name, use it. If you want to work at a specific location to do something, tell us where it is. Not "I want to go talk to that guy about a thing." Seriously, give us something to go on, here...

» Time is still a factor.

• Tell us what skills/knowledge/background/connections/assets you have that might be pertinent. Do you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy? Own a big fancy ship to help you get around? Do you have the Widget of Hooptiness +7? Tell us this stuff. It can impact the outcome of your submission. Please don't assume we know these things.

• Not every submission will be successful. Do a little homework beforehand to help ensure you're at least looking in the right place.

• Depending on the depth of your submission, your response may be a "You will receive an in-game encounter." We are, first and foremost, a roleplaying game. If the thing you want to do would best be done in person and we have the means with which to do so, we will.

Got questions? Drop us a line here, there almost anywhere. (So… Discord, The Alliance Forum, or Facebook)

You can send the plot write-ups to: barranplot@gmail.com
Not open for further replies.