Impending Destruction of the Island of Great Hunt

Nate/Nyio Sorn

Wisconsin Staff
Greetings Adventurers,
As we all know its almost time again for the great hunt to begin. With that said, I sent my best scouts to prepare the site on the island and get ready when they noticed something horrifying. There seems to be a lot of monsters changing with a grey substance on them and even some completely changing their color to black. Anything of this color seems to be attacking or moving in sync and in great formations. This is great cause for concern. I linked with the land itself and that was one of the most painful experiences of my exitance. The Island itself is being harmed and warned me that if this is not taken care of, then it will sink and cease to exist. There is a tremendous amount of magical energy being drawn into the island.

This is where I reach out to you adventurers and ask for aid. Please at your next gathering follow my Lt's to the boats and travel to the island and save it. They will meet you at your tavern at the beginning of your next gathering and escort you to the riverbank where the boats are. We will have a stable camp set up for you all to stay at and work out of. We know leaving your town can leave it defenseless so we will send over some of our best defenders and even some of the Forest Trolls that we know to defend it in your absence. You have my word that no harm will come to anyone in your town. Again if you choose to help, my gratitude will never be enough but its a start. I look forward to meeting you all again and ending this threat to the island. Thank you!

- The Great Hunts Shamon
I will be there to help you with your island and apperciate your defending our town while we defend your island. I only ask for clairity if you are sending your best defenders to us, cloudn't they take care of the island's problems? I'm missing something? Is this a adventurers are better at dealing with unknown threats and your defenders better at regular martial threats?

-Stone Elf Adventurer