Information Exchange - Monstrous Regiment


Though Johann and I were called elsewhere, there was some information I have been able to aggregate. For ease of understanding, I will share my notes as follows: the night of Ascension will be listed as Ascension 1, and the day following will be known as Ascension 2.

Ascension 1:
A green-skinned creature called a "goblin" bearing a green tabard approached, without weapons, to warn us of Blood-Spillers ahead. They were hesitant to approach in the ruins scattered about the exit. Goblins bearing red tabards were immediately aggressive, wielding weapons and shields, the aforementioned Blood-Spillers.

Scouts later apprehended one of the curious green-tabarded goblins and gathered information. They seem to be aligned against the Blood-Spillers, as well as what sounded like feral Wylderkin. I have gathered that they are called Mind-Eaters and may make use of traps to defend their territory.

Under the scant light of the stars and partially hidden moon, the barracks we set up residence in were set upon by aggressive and feral Winnowers. They struck hard, but it seems they were especially vulnerable to flame. They also struck out with binding vines, and attempts to use magical binding against them caused great aggression.

Ascension 2:
In the morning, there appeared a blinding and searing light in the sky when we left our barracks. Professor Mallory Morgan assured us that this is a common occurrence on the surface, and that there is no merit to attempting an attack upon the Son.

After scouting for resources, our scout from the Collegium lead a group to a potential clearing through which we could clear lumber. A group of the Mind-Eaters were present, none bearing weapons, and broke away from their own lumber collection to speak with us. Some appeared to be able to call up aura, and others had trap globes at the ready. One in a green and blue tabard identified themself as General Eek of the Mind-Eaters, and after some talk we were able to invite them to speak to their Chief regarding something of a tentative allyship. They showed no outward aggression, and taught us a tradition known as "rock, leaf, knife" that is similar to the rock, paper, and shears (or scissors) game we engage with.

They showed great ability for logic and reason, and were invited to join us at the night market to further discuss intentions.

While another scouting mission was sent out, the camp was set upon by strange animals, including a large creature with a long trunk, whose jumps shook the ground. We recovered one of each sort of creature to stabilize and study. With the help of those who have been above ground, three of the creatures were recovered.

One, named the "thunder rabbit" by Prof. Morgan, seemed the most dangerous. Each of its blows with its long prehensile nose slammed into furniture with great force.
There were also a long-necked and blunt-nosed animal that the Professor described as resembling a hybrid of a giraffe and a pig, as well as a creature with tusks resembling a "walrus" with antlers and other characteristics of another animal. Later, they were explained to be "Ley Touched" creatures.

A man who was rescued and brought back to the camp had a strange mask with him and seemed surprised that we had Null, or Humans, among our number as well as "protected" races. His name is Cassius, and he disclosed to us that he lives in exile with others, to include elementals. Of note were the "Forge Father", "Lady of Storms", and "The Rock". The Protectorate, precursor to the Collegium, seems to still exist on the surface and it is apparent they have no use for Null despite their resourcefulness and work ethic. Cassius also warned us of the existence of a group known only as Outlaws. These Outlaws later attacked our camp, with some slain dissipating before our eyes. We do not yet know where they go, as there is no known Earth-aligned apparatus on the surface. They seemed skilled with magic as in matters of martial combat and stealth.

A group that explored a grove away from our camp reported more of the Rot. It seems to be quickly spreading. Others encountered a group of the Blood-Spillers (or Blood-Letters - it is unknown to me if these are alternate names for the same group, or sub-factions, but they are the goblins in red) that called themselves the "boom crew". These ones have the potential to explode if their bodies are sufficiently damaged or disturbed, and they were said to use flame as well as conventional weapons. Please proceed with caution if engaging these elite Blood-Spillers.

During the time of the Night Market, the Chief of the Mind-Eaters, known only as Chief, came to our encampment and struck an alliance with our forces, henceforth known as The Ascended. Though they were at first hesitant to make an alliance when they did not know who to hold accountable due to our current leadership style of rule by consent, the Chief shook hands on an agreement with Yagahad.

More Rot descended upon the camp as Johann and I were preparing to make our way to where we were needed, and my notes are incomplete. I will summarize some of the above information below:

Problems of the Surface

The Rot

Make use of binding vines to shackle the arms with their crushing attacks
Vulnerable to flame
Attempting to use binding magics drives them into a homicidal rage

The Vreech

Though I did not see them myself, the Vreech are said to be a present threat upon the surface


Dangerous and multi-faceted humans that strike and take what they can get out of desperation

Blood-Spillers or Blood-Letters

Green-skinned humanoids known as "goblins" with long noses and broad, flat ears protruding to either side of their heads, wearing red tabards and wielding conventional weapons. They are generally aggressive toward our people.

"Boom Crew"

Blood-Spillers that use flame as well as conventional weapons, and are prone to explosion upon being cut open.


Large rabbits with long trunk-like noses that swing it with great force. When they hop along, the ground trembles.

The "Menagerie" or Ley-Touched Animals

Other animals such as the Thunder-rabbit that have aspects of different surface-dwelling animals. They are apparently more common along the sites of exposed leylines. None met thus far have been immediately aggressive.

Feral Wylderkin

Although I have not encountered them, they have been said to be aggressive but possess their faculties and could have dangerous skills that our own combatants wield.

The Protectorate

From information gathered from Cassius of the Haven, they bind the Null by their laws but exile them rather than protect them.

Allies of the Surface

Appear to have skill in alchemy as well as calling up magical aura, rumored to use traps to defend their territory. These goblins wear green tabards and do not wield weapons and shields.

The Haven

A group that engages in trade with the Mind-Eaters and opposes the Protectorate and the Outlaws. They are exiles from the Protectorate and include Null and elementals living and working together. Some humans that are aligned with particular elementals consider themselves siblings under the guidance of their elemental and will wear the colors of their patrons.

My records are incomplete. If others have amplifying or clarifying information, please add your findings.

-Keyrwynn of Kysvae, who is known as Jackdaw