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Drew AGB Co-Owner

Gettysburg Staff
Hey Everybody,
We have 3 more Full Events this season, and 1 faire day in the future. We know some people have heard over the past year that things will be changing next season. Next season Jack will be the new Head of Plot, and with that new storylines, new horrors and new NPCs. Jack is working on new packets of information for everyone to enjoy. We will be in a new setting away from Barran. Plot and the Owners have made ways for any holdings such as schools, keeps, and such will travel to the new area. Guilds will be able to be created and ran by PC characters. New race packets will become available when the people in the new area are discovered and interacted with. There will be teasers, and beginning plotlines scattered in through the next few events, without giving away to much information of the new setting.

Head of Plot
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