Inscription Purpose Question

I'm asking out into the void for genuine guidance/support because I feel like I'm genuinely missing something: What is the goal of Inscription in 2.1? What 'cool trick' is 2.1 inscription supposed to have?

I've thrown a handful of builds into trying to make inscription 'feel good' (recognizing this is a purely subjective thing). Focusing on Evocation bolts (flexing down, channeling recharge, etc.) felt like pitiful damage (Celestial magic issue.) Didn't seem cost effective (if I want bolts channeling gives me more oomph for XP than inscription).

Doubling up on protectives runs into the issue of, if I'm a scholar in the back I'm not likely using my protectives or if I'm a spellsword in the front may not have the mental bandwith to note who next to me is down protectives.

I've done a shield spellsword with intercepts, mettles, inscription and (no more than 4) columns and had significantly more mileage out of mettles and columns than out of scrolls. (and a mettle is cheaper XP wise than a spell shield scroll, and I can choose what I mettle where as spellshields get popped.)

It may be worthy to note that I often end up buying most scrolls from treasure splits because most people don't care for them and so I've got a collection of 100+ scrolls (and the ones I want more of e.g. dispels cost a lot of xp to make). But ultimately I'm struggling to see what purpose (aside from an artisan that loves the crafting type) inscription serves that isn't better served by more Cscholar skills?


Chicago Staff
There are things about 2.1 inscription that I really like - and then there are things that I don't know how to feel about them because i really just don't get them, or get why or when you'd use them or even want to. So I too wouldn't mind a discussion on the topic.

Though I feel like your question might be in two parts, at least from my reading of your phrasing. first - What makes inscription fun and worth having versus not having it and spending that xp into spells or channeling. Then second, because you (or others) may not feel that its fun and worth having - the logic in 2.1 where you feel like other professions got a solid face lift and impact of desirability, but Inscription didn't or not as much of one. So as a result still feel as if its not fun and worth having.

Feel free to message me on discord or hit me up when we are in voice chat together and we can talk about it some. I have lots of different ideas thoughts and feelings both on inscription as a whole, and also 2.1 inscription (not to mention celestial in general and celestial damage). Ive been doing inscription since Character creation at 2.0 live in late 2017 and constantly growing and using every event since across Chicago, SoMi, MN, Denver, and Nationals 2021. trust... I got some thoughts & feelings on the subject... But before I would want to craft a response for public forum discussion I want to make sure I understand your question, its origin, intent, and goals so I can attempt to filter my thoughts and feelings to be relevant and impactful to your question its goals and why you asked it.